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by Tom McBride and Jason Little on the Soft-Tipped eCigarette

There is an argument to be made about eCigarettes that look and behave just like analog cigarettes. They could be just the thing current smokers need to kick the tobacco habit once and for all. As new as they are, we tried them yesterday and shared one with an unlikely user. Opinions may differ, but one thing is clear; 43 million tobacco users need something different than the current vaping industry is offering. The realistic eCigarette may be it. Soft-Tipped eCigarette

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While veteran vapers like their mini-eCigs, particularly when vaping in public, at the same time they want to make it known that what they have in their hand is NOT an analog cigarette. Perhaps current smokers are not ready for something so different. We understand that. It’s a valid point. In fact, just yesterday we gave a current hardcore tobacco smoker one of these new soft tip eCigs (courtesy of our friends at Premium eCigs), and her reaction was, “Now THIS I could get used to!”. Clearly, this new eCigarette made a difference with her. A good sign that the market is ready for something different. Soft-Tipped eCigarette

Soft-Tipped eCigarette are here

When we heard that there was a new type of eCigarette that was getting ready to drop on the vaping public, one with a soft “filter-like” tip, we didn’t think much of it. We thought it was a gimmick, not much to think about and certainly nothing to write about. But we were wrong. We’ve seen it do exactly what it was meant to do and our thinking has been turned around.

This new eCigarette was deliberately designed to look and behave like an analog cigarette. It is scary-accurate and something that, we now believe, will become a much larger “hit” than most vapers ever thought it could be.

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The Who, What and Why

The new ‘life-like’ Soft-Tipped eCigarette is so much like a natural analog cigarette that there will be no doubt that it is going to be mistaken for an analog by just about everyone that sees someone vaping one. That was our main criticism about them, but as it turned out, it will be the main selling point for these new eCigs.

In a nutshell, these soft tipped eCigs are;

  1. Lighter than a mini-eCig.
  2. Has a real paper feel to it.
  3. Has an orange glowing tip that lights up about .25 inch INTO the white paper tube, giving off the appearance of a burning cigarette.
  4. Has the same ‘draw’ that an analog cigarette has.
  5. Produces the same amount of vapor that real cigarettes give off in smoke.
  6. Feels like real smoke on the ‘inhale’ and ‘exhale’.
  7. Tastes like a real cigarette.

And, we wouldn’t vape them for anything for those very reasons, but others will flock to them.

 Here’s why…

When we took the Soft-Tipped eCigarette out of the glass tube it comes in we were immediately struck by how it felt. Lighter than the mini-eCigs we have around here, with a natural feel of cigarette ‘paper’. It felt like a real cigarette.

When we took drags from it not only did the tip glow orange, like a real lit cigarette, but the glow reached into the white paper as if the white paper were burning. That was a shocker right there. We got a natural throat hit that reminded us of smoking tobacco. All of a sudden all these many months of discovering different eJuice flavors and new vaping devices went out the window. Our brains told us we were smoking again, and we felt like we were doing something wrong. Like we had relapsed into smoking.disposable soft tipped ecigs, vaping, ecigs

As we passed them around we all felt the same way about them; they were real enough to be strangely appealing and yet it made us all a bit nervous. Since we’ve been working with flavors and devices that were purposely designed to satisfy without looking like a real cigarette we wondered how a real smoker would feel about them. We didn’t have to wait long.

Our neighbor Diane, a woman that runs a card shop here, is a “died in the wool” smoker who has told us time and time again that all these ‘fake’ cigarettes that we were always pushing on her to try were something she would never give up her tobacco cigarettes for. Naturally, we wanted to get a real opinion from someone still in the grips of evil tobacco on how closely these soft tipped eCigs are to real cigarettes. So a couple of us walked to the card shop with one of them in tow.

Diane is used to us coming over and convincing her to try some new product or other. Our appearance in her store was just another “Got something new for me today?” moment to her. Only this time we really did have something different.

We’ve shown her many white eCigs with tan filter tips, so that wasn’t surprising at a distance. What were different were the weight and the feel, which she immediately noticed. She started handling it like a cigarette and she told us that it felt “like the real thing”. Then the moment of truth; she took a nice long drag and let the vapor out. “Now this is more like it!” she said, “This is something I could get used to”.

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We stayed to talk to her for a few minutes and she proceeded to tell us how good it was, but more important how close it felt to the real deal. She loved the soft tip; she bit down on it and held it in your mouth without any hands to support it. That was critical she said. “If a smoker is going to switch to one of these things it needs to be able to hang there without pulling your lips down.” And we agreed one of the problems of mini-eCigs is that you can’t use it as you would an analog, its too heavy to keep in your mouth without using your hand to support it.

What was encouraging most of all was that the entire time we stayed there talking to us she vaped on theSoft-Tipped eCigarette. This was something she never did before. Whenever we came over to get her to try something she would always try it once and hand it back. This time she held onto it, and took several drags. You could tell she was enjoying the hell out of it.

Upon returning to the office we decided that we didn’t need a few days of using it before we could decide how we felt about soft tipped disposables. This was going to be easy; everyone but us thought it was a step backwards. We thought it was going to be huge because of how our neighbor reacted to it. As long as this new soft tipped eCig was marketed as a, first step replacement for smokers, a single step off the tobacco wagon and onto the electronic cigarette bandwagon then it was a major step forward. Going even further, Tom believed that this Soft-Tipped eCigarette would be huge for smokers who still intend to smoke cigarettes and need an electronic cigarette for occasions when tobacco cigarettes are unwelcome. Parties, bars, boat cruises, anywhere that forbids analog cigarettes this new eCig would be the ideal way for a smoker to get the nicotine they need without having to sneak off somewhere to smoke a tobacco cigarette.

After thinking about what Tom said, we thought he got it right. This wasn’t about us; this was about real smokers. He was right, this new soft tip eCig could be a real boon to smokers either looking for an easier way to make the transition to smokers that refuse to give up tobacco cigarettes but who might need a short-term solution.

We informed Wendy (Premium eCigs) about what we learned and what we decided as a group.

50% Off?

For a while, Premium eCigs is allowing us to offer you a 50% discount on one of these soft tipped disposable eCigarettes. We believe these new eCigs will appeal to the stubborn tobacco smoker. All you need to do is visit the website ( and type in the coupon code “Spinfuel” and you’ll get HALF OFF on your purchase. (Limit ONE to a customer).

If you’ve heard about these soft tipped disposables and wondered what they were all about, don’t wait until they are all over the place at $10 a pop, pick up one at Premium eCigs for $4.50. We can’t promise she’ll have them at this price for long, but while she does you might want to be the first one in your own vaping community to try one, or give one to a smoker you know, someone you’ve been trying to convert to eCigs but who has been too stubborn to make the move. (Vendors looking to stock them can contact Premium eCigs for a wholesale price.)

This Soft-Tipped eCigarette could make a real dent into the segment of the smoking public or are dead set against switching to eCigarettes. It is amazingly realistic, and as such would naturally appeal to that stubborn smoker. What was at one time a non-story to Spinfuel has suddenly become a bit of a big deal around here. Goes to show that it takes fresh ideas to keep the industry growing. Wendy Bivona is fortunate to be one of those vendors that can look beyond the obvious and see potential where it exists.

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Tom McBride and Jason Little