BLUE - SMOK MAG P3 Mod Kit ReviewThe Review of the SMOK MAG P3 Starter Kit – In a world that’s trying to remove all guns (and vape devices for that matter), it’s interesting to see that SMOK once again brings forth a new upgrade to their original SMOK MAG (reviewed here back in 2017!)  vape device that’s loosely modeled after a gun’s pistol grip.

However, no one can deny how popular the SMOK MAG series has been (SMOK bought out a 100W 2X700 model in 2018) among high-wattage vapers; so we’re still excited to check out the semi-massive and powerful 230W SMOK MAG P3 kit. In addition, to be fair, SMOK has played down some of the pistol grip design elements of the original.

This isn’t a kit for dainty hands or stealth vapers. But if you’re looking for pure power with a nice selection of bells and whistles, the MAG P3 might be what you’re looking for. Let’s dive in, specs first.

SMOK MAG P3 & TFV16 Kit’s Official Description

Discover the performance masterpiece of the SMOK MAG P3 230W Starter Kit. Integrating the brand’s first IP67 Waterproof & Dust-proof construction with a smart IQ-S Chipset and ultra-fast 0.001s Firing Speed, and paired with the 9mL max capacity TFV16 Sub-Ohm Tank.

The SMOK MAG P3 230W Box Mod continues the legacy of the aggressively-designed MAG 225W, featuring a trigger-inspired design now with an ultra-durable chassis upgrade with IP67 Waterproof implementation.

SMOK MAG P3 Mod Kit Review

SMOK MAG P3 230W TC Box Mod Features:

  • Dimensions: 91.6mm by 72.3mm by 36mm
  • Weight: 251.5g
  • Smart IQ-S Chipset
  • Dual High-Amp 18650 Battery – Not Included
  • Wattage Output Range: 1-230W
  • Output Voltage Range: 0.5-8.2V
  • Min Atomizer Resistance: 0.05ohm
  • Temperature Range: 200-600F
  • Supports Ni200 Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Steel Heating Elements
  • 001s Firing Speed
  • Precision Memory Modes
  • 9″” HD Touch Screen – Ultra-Responsive
  • Input Keyboard – Password Protection Option
  • IP67 Waterproof & Dustproof Design
  • Oversized Firing Switch – Trigger-Like Design
  • Bottom-Loaded Hinged Battery Door
  • Balance Charging
  • Intelligent Atomizer Recognition
  • Battery Series Connection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Over-Heat Protection
  • Over Discharge Protection
  • 12 Seconds Cut-Off
  • MicroUSB Port – 1.8A Charging Current
  • 510 Connection

SMOK TFV16 Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank Features:

  • 28mm Diameter
  • 32mm At Widest Point
  • 9mL Bulb Glass Capacity
  • Pyrex Glass Reinforcement
  • Superior Stainless Steel Construction
  • Rotating Top Fill System – Child-Safe Locking Mechanism
  • High-Temperature Resistant – Explosion Proof
  • SMOK TFV16 Coil Series
  • 17ohm TFV16 Single Mesh Coil
  • 12ohm TFV16 Dual Mesh Coil
  • Threaded Base Connection
  • Improved Airflow Chamber
  • Dual Slotted Bottom Airflow Control Ring – 14mm by 2.6mm
  • Gold-Plated 510 Connection

SMOK MAG P3 Starter Kit Includes:

  • 1 SMOK MAG P3 Device
  • 1 TFV16 Sub-Ohm Tank
  • 1 0.17ohm TFV16 Single Mesh Coil
  • 1 0.12ohm TFV16 Dual Mesh Coil
  • 1 Bulb Glass Protective Silicone Sleeve
  • 1 Spare Glass Tube
  • 1 MicroUSB Cable
  • 1 Spare Parts Bag (O-Rings & Top-Fill Gasket)
  • 1 Instructional Manual

There’s something decidedly cool about a 2019 vape mod that isn’t designed solely for stealth and convenience. Maybe this has been the year of the pod mod — and SMOK has definitely dipped into those waters — but we kinda love that the monstrous dimensions of the MAG P3 raise a proverbial middle finger to the disposable vape craze.

Initial Impressions and Aesthetics of the SMOK MAG P3

SMOK MAG P3 Mod Kit Review - Mod and TankWhen we say “monstrous” we’re not kidding. However, in a vape world filled with pod mods and AIO’s, the term monstrous reflects the comparison of the previous 1200 pod mods of the past 18 months.

We won’t bother going through the MAG P3’s dimensions, because those basic specs don’t account for the trigger-like form factor, massive top plate, and ridiculously huge companion tank. In other words, check out the pics and start making some size comparisons to ensure this is a device you can handle. (Oh what the hell, the dimensions are 91.6mm by 72.3mm by 36mm)


Looking past size, we should mention that the P3 is extremely comfortable, even with the expected heft. With a softer-touch coating, nicely implemented carbon-like panels, and a natural feel in the hands, the MAG P3 continues the series’ legacy as ergonomic, easy-to-use vape mods.

Touchscreen Done Right

SMOK MAG P3 Mod Kit Review - PackagingAdditionally, there’s the matter of the gorgeous, 1.9-inch, touch-enabled screen. While it’s a well-done, high-res display, with responsive  touch features, it’s only visible when using the mod in your right hand. Yeah, we suppose lefties could simply fire with their thumbs to see the display when using it, but this is a TRIGGER design, and it seems like a shame to cover it with a palm when a top- or rear-positioned display would have made more sense. (ed- I am a right hander, so I see the display all the time)


The screen is fueled by an updated IQ-S chipset, which doesn’t mean much more than a new face for the simple, linear menu system you’ve come to love from SMOK products. Like the rest of the device, it’s all done well, without much fuss or any notable flaws.


Finally, the MAG P3 kit is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof, like so many other devices of late. Which leads us to believe that companies feel vapers are either really active outdoorsy people… or just really clumsy people from bad weather environments. But, given the size of this behemoth, you’re more likely to break a floor than the MAG P3 if you drop it.

SMOK MAG P3 Mod Kit Review - TFV16 TankIf I can, I’d like to mention that some of the criticism of the original SMOK MAG came from the act of pushing a metal button on the side of the mod (much like a Glock) which shot out the battery chamber in a very similar manner of releasing the bullet clip from the gun…. this has changed completely with the new MAG P3.

To release the batteries in the P3 there sits a hard plastic button hugging the bottom of the mod. Press the button and the dual 18650 battery cover pops open. Turn the P3 downward and the battery cells fall out easily. No more gun-clip-release.

A Quick Recap of the SMOK TFV16

SMOK MAG P3 Mod Kit Review - Tank PartsAs my colleague mentioned a few months back, if you want the biggest, most powerful sub-ohm tank on the market right now then by all means, take the plunge and buy the new SMOK TFV16 Tank and a pack of replacement coils. You’ll be more than satisfied with the flavor production and cloud production with any of the three coils, and as long as your mod can output at least 90W and can handle a 28mm wide tank, you will be very happy.


After using several TFV16s since we first published a review, our collective stance hasn’t really changed — size, capacity and leak-free performance are the name of the game here. Though we can’t really say the TFV16 is leaps and bounds better than SMOK’s countless other “beasts” we continue to enjoy the strong flavor and vapor production from this jumbo line of tanks.

Power, power, power. With 230 watts of output, a purported .0001 second firing time (seriously, who’s measuring this?) and a wide array of customizations, the MAG P3 might be the most-ambitious SMOK mod yet. No, we haven’t crossed into YiHi or DNA territory just yet, but SMOK has given the MAG P3 full temp control, bypass, TCR, custom memory slots, smart atomizer recognition, balanced battery charging, and more, there’s a TON going on here.

Vaping the SMOK MAG P3 Kit

SMOK MAG P3 Mod Kit Review - Front and SideOf course, none of this means anything if the MAG P3 doesn’t vape well. Well, rest comfortably, because it does. The mod definitely fires quickly, and the TFV16 is more than up to the task of rapid fire, chain vaping scenarios (though nowhere near the ridiculous 230-watt output capability).


I maxed my wattage at 125 watts – more than 100 below the red line — because it seemed like a much more realistic wattage range for most users. And even then, the MAG P3 got pretty damn warm. The rubber coating and sheer girth of the mod prevented it from getting uncomfortable, but make no mistake, the MAG P3 chucks some serious power, and you’ll feel it before long.


The downside to this steady, unwavering power output is the battery life. Despite SMOK’s claims, the battery life on the MAG P3 is pretty average… or even a little below average, with a pair of fresh 18650s giving 2-3 hours of moderate vape time before tapping out. It’s hardly news that high-wattage mods struggle with battery efficiency, but it also begs the following question:

SMOK MAG P3 Mod Kit Review - Blue Side ViewIf SMOK was making this thing so big ANYWAY, why not take the plunge and offer room for larger batteries? Considering how good the Voopoo X217 is on battery life using the 21700 format, why not give it a shot? Maybe the MAG P3 can fire at minuscule fractions of a millisecond… but none of it matters if you can watch battery meters drain by the puff.


Still, if you have access to a bunch of batteries, the MAG P3 works well, especially with the companion tank. It’s a commanding, flavorful, high-powered combination that won’t appeal to all vapers, but one that definitely performs above expectations.


  • Extremely comfortable and powerful
  • Capable of accommodating just about any tank
  • Feature-rich chipset


  • This design scheme (obviously) isn’t for everyone
  • Poor battery life
  • Man, it’s large…

Recommendation and Score for the SMOK P3 Kit

Based on history, SMOK enthusiasts and fans of this series are probably already lining up to add the MAG P3 to their collections. And those who do will be rewarded with a unique, comfortable, powerful vape experience.

But if you’re on the fence – be it because of the gun-inspired design, the size or other reason – then we encourage you to consider the type of vaping you do before purchasing. The MAG P3 performs at a very high level while the batteries last, especially with its companion TFV16 attached. It all comes down to what you want most from your vape devices.