MyVapors and WISMEC MyJet Vaporizer

MyJet –  Intro

The MyJet is a vaping product from WISMEC and MyVapors. It’s a tiny e-cigarette kit with a unique twist: refillable cartridges. It’s intended for fans of subtle vaping, who would usually choose cig-a-likes produced by brands such as Blu and Njoy, but are reluctant to keep buying those expensive disposable cartridges. This belongs to a new form of vaping product known as pod vapes. Currently this is currently a small segment of the vaping market but industry insiders believe they have the potential to become much more popular. It has the simplicity of the simple cig-a-like, combined with the freedom to choose your own flavor of e-juice, meaning it fills the gap between disposable e-cigarettes and complex mod and tank kits. Of course, this design means it lacks some of the capabilities of more expensive kits, but as an inexpensive way of vaping geared toward casual vapers how does the MyJet fare?

MyJet by MyVaporsItems

 The MyJet comes in simple no-frills plastic packaging containing the following items:

  • MyJet battery
  • USB charger cable and adaptor
  • Two juice cartridges (also known as pods)
  • Two coils wicked with organic cotton
  • Instruction booklet


  • Dimensions: 11.5 x 1.5 x 0.7 centimeters
  • Capacity: Approx. 2 mL’s of e-juice
  • Coils: 1.3ohm (approx.)
  • Power: 350mAh battery (lasting for approx. 4-6 hours)


First impressions count, and this is a fantastic looking product. A step away from the standard pen-style cylinder, the MyJet has a more futuristic design – long and rectangular, with a small neon blue light at the end. It’s light but has a high-quality feel, smooth and pleasing to the touch. It’s largely made of plastic, meaning if you drop it it’s unlikely to shatter. You inhale through the cartridge, which has an angled transparent panel to show how much juice remains. All too often this is missing from cig-a-like-styled products, meaning the user has little knowledge of how much e-liquid remains. Aesthetically, the MyJet is streets ahead of the average e-cigarette, with many useful features and a stylish, unobtrusive design.

Ease of Use

Putting it together is slightly more complicated than with a standard e-cigarette. Rather than a case of pick-up-and-go, you need to provide your own e-liquid, fill the cartridge, then slot everything together. Helpfully, the battery comes ready charged. However, the process of slotting the coil into the cartridge isn’t explained well in the instruction booklet, leading to some elementary errors on my part. Various parts of the kit use rubber seals to protect the contents. This is useful as a way of keeping it safe in transit, but the instructions fail to point out which can be removed and which are required for the product to work. I mistakenly removed the rubber gasket from the coil, meaning it failed to connect properly to the pod, subsequently leaking juice everywhere. It was easy to rectify but could prove confusing for someone brand new to vaping.MyJet by MyVapors

Another issue relates to the juice. The instructions don’t make clear the optimal type of e-liquid to be used. I opted for a 50/50 PG/VG ratio with excellent results, but I suspect 100% VG juice would prove problematic. Again, experienced vapers will be aware of this but newcomers might encounter problems. It isn’t made clear how many times the coils can be re-used. Removing the coil from the pod is a tricky process and this, combined with the small amount of cotton wick, suggests they’re intended as one-use only products. With a little work the coils can be removed and refilled, but this is more of a hack than a design feature. If the refillable action was made easier the MyJet would blow its pod vape competitors out of the water. Each cartridge only contains around 2 ml of juice, so buying a fresh cartridge each time could prove costly. Although, in fairness, it’s no more expensive than buying a new coil for a high-end tank.

Despite these issues, once set-up in the correct way it couldn’t be easier to use. Simply inhale at the pod end, watch the blue light glow and vape away. As mentioned previously, the transparent panel means you can see how much juice remains so you know if you should ready a spare pod.


MyJet by MyVaporsThis is where the MyJet shines. The vapor production is exceptional, producing fair-sized clouds and providing excellent flavor. This is streets ahead of the average cig-a-like, with a vape quality on a par with some of the better plus-ohm mod kits. If you’re a newcomer and want to sample vaping at its best, without having to buy an expensive and complicated set-up, the MyJet is an ideal purchase. The wattage is estimated at around 20 watts, which experienced vapers will know is the upper end of plus-ohm vaping, making for a sweet spot of superb flavor and reasonably thick clouds on the exhale. For a vaping device so small and sleek, this is impressive work.


The product itself is great value, selling at around $30 (prices may vary), making it an appealing product for newcomers and experienced vapers looking for something simple, portable and attractive. Empty cartridges retail for around $2.99, which again, is fairly reasonable. Pre-filled cartridges are available from several popular companies, such as Cuttwood and Mad Hatter. These e-liquids have been reworked to suit the MyJet system. This combination of industry support and high quality juice bodes well for the future, and means pod vape fans will have access to much more interesting flavor combinations than commonly on offer.MyJet by MyVapors


  • Better quality vape than any disposable e-cigarette or pod vape
  • Fillable cartridges and industry partners mean a vast, exciting range of flavors compared to standard cig-a-likes
  • Superbly designed product


  • Unclear instructions that might confuse inexperienced vapers
  • Can’t vape out of the box as separate e-liquid is required


 Mildly-frustrating instructions aside, the MyJet is a superbly-made high-quality product that provides an impressive and substantial vape. It’s a smart-looking item, perfect for newcomers and vapers who prefer the portable simple design of the e-cigarette, but want extra features and a more appealing aesthetic. News of upcoming pre-filled cartridges from major names in the e-juice industry means users won’t be restricted to the dull, one-note flavors common with this type of device, which is a major benefit. I moved away from cig-a-likes many years ago but the exceptional vape quality from this product has given it a well-earned place in my daily rotation of vapes. Well, it would but my girlfriend fell in love with it so I reluctantly handed it over to her. If you want a stylish pod-style e-cigarette with rich flavor and surprisingly thick vapor production, then this is the one you will want to take a good look at.

Available at MyVapors

Ian Jones