A MyFreedomSmokes eJuice Review

Lead Writer Julia Barnes, with Tom McBride and Jason Little

Admittedly, MyFreedomSmokes doesn’t depend on ‘onlyAmerican made ingredients when developing and producing their eJuice, which is why we waited until August before doing a review with a select sample of the flavors. Instead they like to take advantage of the excellent ‘flavor’ companies in Europe that provide certain flavors that are not available here in the states.


However, they do manufacture their juice in the United States, in a state-of-the-art, in-house facility no less, by professionally trained flavor artisans that are always creating an assortment very special juices, more than 250 by last count, with many more in production.

In order to maintain the high standards of excellence practiced by MFS for the exploding vaping industry, they continue to hire only the very best people, and using only the ‘purest’ of ingredients during the making of the special flavors that are so closely associated with MFS.

The MFS staff of ‘juice creators’ has whatever they need to explore their imaginations for new ideas. It is this close coordination between upper management and the ‘creatives’ that make MFS such an interesting company to write about.

While some of the flavorings used in their juice recipes calls for flavors sold by American and European flavor companies there is no doubt that American-Made applies to MyFreedomSmokes. The use of expensive ‘clean rooms’, tools of the trade, and other equipment that go into the production of eJuice have Spinfuel confident that their product was carefully crafted and pure as the driven snow. (Or, in our case, as pure as the morning sun.)

MyFreedomSmokes offers an incredible amount of options for their juice as well, including nicotine levels that go as high as 36 or 48MG, and sizes that go from 60ML to 500ML, (as well as the normal sizes of 10, 15, and 30ML sizes.).

You can find out more about of the flavoring companies that MyFreedomSmokes depends upon in our special interview with the owner of the company, Chris Yelton.

Our Review

Reviewing any company’s eJuice, aka eLiquid, aka Smoke Juice, ad infinitum, is never a small undertaking so I asked Tom and Jason to assist me this time around. Each of us spent 48 hours with MFS flavors, vaping them exclusively in varied hardware, cartridges and cartomizers.

During the 48 hours of exclusive vaping of MFS juice we agreed to never speak about the eJuice with respect to how well we like them or didn’t like them, and to keep our thoughts on the flavors to ourselves until it was time to discuss them. Once the time expired we huddled together, compared notes, and then held our discussion for a couple of hours until each of us had the floor long enough to say what we needed to say. In the end we all were quite surprised that our opinions were spookily similar.

Characteristics: The MFS eJuice is on the thin side for the most part, flowing easily into the cartomizers and DCT’s without delay. Thin eJuice also plays nice with most atomizers and won’t clog them, making it easier to maintain performance of just about every cartomizer, DCT, and the new Clearomizer.

Most of the cartomizers we used were the 510-compatibles by Apollo eCigs. These cartomizers suck down the juice so well that within seconds you’ve got a nicely saturated carto. Despite the ease in which we were able to fill cartos and DCT’s we still opted to allow the juice to breathe for a day in order to get the real taste it will offer the user time after time.

Taste Description Accuracy (Overall): Whether or not a reviewer of eLiquid likes or dislikes a particular flavor, the description of the flavor provided by it’s creator must be accurate. Any misleading description is an automatic “fail” as far as Spinfuel Reviewers go. When an eJuice company describes their juice with a minimum amount of words that give the potential customer no real sense of what it’s supposed to be they can lose sales. There are some descriptions by MFS that fit this problem; we hope that by illuminating this issue MFS may decide to spruce up their descriptions.

Flavors Reviewed:   Browsing the website you’ll see so many flavors with so many great sounding names that you’ll have a strong urge to buy one each. Names like Keoke Coffee Juice, Champagne, Butter Rum, and Amaretto are just a few of the more intriguing flavors to try. Reviewing them all would have been impossible so we chose to get a sampling from their main libraries of flavors that felt they would be nice cross section, or a decent starting point.

We sampled a very small percentage of what is available.

Below are the eight (8) flavors were evaluated:

  • 4-Star General 24MG
  • Blueberry Waffle 24MG
  • Apple Crumble 0MG & 24MG
  • Reece Cup 0MG & 24MG
  • Vanilla Cream Caramel Coffee 0MG & 24MG
  • Soldiers Blend 24MG
  • Solider Blend Menthol 24MG
  • Fruit Punch 18MG

And Now, The Moment Of Truth…

Soldiers Blend 24MG: We evaluated two flavors from the MFS Signature Series; Soldiers Blend is one of them. Described by MFS as “a very complex tobacco flavor with subtle nuances that are sure to keep you coming back for more.” The reviewers had much more to say about this flavor.

Tom: 4 Stars – If we were taking off points for accurate descriptions my final vote would have been 3 Stars, not 4. The description tells us nothing, so we really have no way of telling if MFS produced the flavor they wanted, or simply discovered a good flavor through experimentation. Luckily MFS did much better when describing other flavors in their line.

Soldiers Blend is a good, solid, tobacco blend; definitely a great tobacco flavor for someone making the switch from analog cigarettes (tobacco) to ‘vaping’. A strong throat hit, good vapor production offers a satisfying ‘smoking’ experience. It loses just 1 star because it repeatedly hit the throat a bit too hard. Maybe dropping back to 18MG would have hit the sweet spot for me.

Jason: 5 Stars – The name of this blend couldn’t have been chosen any better. This is the flavor you expect to see if you’re in uniform during WWII, standing with your fellow soldiers as your CO tosses out packs of Lucky Strikes as you ready yourself for battle. A real classic. Strong, bold and hard-hitting. A soldier’s cigarette.

Julia: 4 Stars – Does Soldier’s Blend belong in a RY4 category? Certainly. This is a full flavored smoker’s vape, but much cleaner tasting than a cigarette. The throat hit was powerful, almost too much so, and vapor production was very good. I’m not sure I could handle this flavor every day, but it is a satisfying tobacco blend nonetheless.

Soldiers Blend Menthol: 24MG – Described by MyFreedomSmokes says; “The Menthol version of Soldier’s Blend took a lot more than simply adding Menthol to the original, we reworked this liquid from the ground up to provide a similar flavor profile as the original, but with a refreshing Menthol Kick.” How did the team react?

Tom: 3.5 Stars – I know there are fans of menthol blends out there, and if you’re looking for a tobacco blend that reminds you of smoking a Kools cigarette you are in luck. Soldier’s Blend Menthol is ‘serious’ tobacco. I’m not a fan of menthol so I won’t say much.

Jason: 4 Stars – Not a strong menthol flavoring to me, it’s more of a Salem cigarette than Kools.  You get plenty of the tobacco flavoring as well. Menthol holds little interest for me, as long as they aren’t too syrupy they are okay. Soldiers Blend Menthol is not syrupy. In fact, as a menthol is was more than decent.

Julia: 4.5 Stars:  I can enjoy a menthol once and a while, some of them can be a kickass experience even. In the case of Soldier’s Blend Menthol I’m satisfied that the menthol kick offers a nice coolness to it, not an overpowering throat-blasting way.

4 Star General 24MG: Another from the MFS Signature Line, MFS describes this blend as their “RY4” blend. In addition, “It’s a very tasty tobacco flavor with slightly sweet highlights that make this E-Liquid an easy all-day vape.  We imagine this one would be a favorite of any four star general in the MyFreedomSmokes Army.” Our team offers;

Tom: 5 StarsMy favorite of the bunch, 4-Star General is a 5 Star Spinfuel Flavor to me. Different enough from Soldiers Blend, 4-Star General is just a tad sweeter (in a good way), produces the same amount of vapor, or a bit more (it’s very close either way), and the throat hit is somewhat stronger. The real difference between this and Soldiers Blend is the flavor; I think 4 Star General will appeal to more Vapers because it is less an analog cigarette flavor and more a Vaper’s RY4. I liked this one quite a bit.

Jason 5 Stars: – Definitely tons of flavor in this one. Strong throat hit, just this side of uncomfortable. A bit sweeter than Soldier’s Blend but with a true RY4 connection to it. I always enjoy a good tobacco blend with a touch of sweetness, so this one has a lot of appeal to me.

Blueberry Waffle 24MG: MFS describes this as “developed by one of our in house mixologist and has been getting rave reviews from those that have received test samples.

Blueberry flavor is very strong in this one.  Tastes like a waffle smothered in fresh blueberries and blueberry syrup.” So, what did our reviewers think?

Tom: 5 Stars: I’ll be damned if this doesn’t taste exactly like blueberry waffles with maple syrup! Spot on flavor! A terrific ‘desert’ vape, but not an every day flavor for this Vaper.

Jason: 5 Stars – Blueberry Waffle has a deep, very rich, waffle flavor with a solid maple syrup taste blended well. This one took me by surprise. I didn’t expect to like it, but I sure did. Tom’s right, a desert (or breakfast) vape. Vapor is really good; throat hit is on the hard side, but a delightful flavor.

Julia: 3.5 Stars – Absolutely a ‘Waffle and blueberry’ flavors in here with overtones of being slathered in syrup. Sweet, deep, and serious, blueberry waffle is a good desert vape. I am surprised that Tom liked it as much as did because it is sweet. Very sweet.

Apple Crumble 0MG & 24MG – Another desert flavor, MFS describes this one as; “This special blend was developed by one of our in house mixologist and has been getting rave reviews from those that have received test samples. Tastes just like the dessert, this one is amazing” How did this one go over on the team?

Tom: 4 Stars – If I were a desert Vaper these desert blends would have me begging for more. Blueberry Waffle tastes just like waffles with blueberries and now this, Apple Crumble, tastes precisely like one of my favorite deserts!  Apple Crumble is a sweet apple flavor with a nice cake-like (crumble) goodness. An excellent desert vapor. But to be honest, hold on to your seat Julia, I preferred the 0MG to the 24MG because, for me, a strong throat hit with a desert flavor just doesn’t go that well. But at Zero Nic, well, it’s desert without the calories.

Jason: 5 Stars – It’s still fascinating to me that these artisans (and that is exactly what they are) can come up with such delicious flavors from a liquid. Then formulating that liquid so that when you heat it turns into a deep flavored vapor. This is a great desert vape.

Julia: 5 Stars – Apple Crumble is exactly what you get with this new blend from MFS. Sweet, plenty of vapor, and a huge throat hit with the 24MG and a pure desert at zero nicotine. How could you not love this?

Reece Cup 0MG and 24MG – MyFreedomSmokes describes this flavor as “Reece Cup e-Liquid”. That’s it. But, we all know what it really is. So how did the team react to vaping the Reece Cup?

Tom: 2 Stars – I don’t like to do this, but I feel justified this time. First, MFS describes this in just a few words, essentially repeating the name of the flavor. I have no idea what a Reece Cup is supposed to taste like, but I do know what a Reese’s Cup is supposed to taste like. This is a Reese’s Cup, plain and simple. Sadly, I despise Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups so I dislike this flavor more than I’ve disliked a flavor in a long time. I’d like to add that if you’re crazy about Reese’s Cups then you’ve found your perfect vape. If you want a strong throat hit go with the 24MG. If you want to vape desert until you feel you’ve had enough, choose the Zero nicotine blend.

Jason: 4.5 Stars – This is going to sound a little strange, but you could force me to eat swordfish with baked potato and a nice plate of broccoli for dinner, then force-feed me a slice of Key Lime Pie for desert… after that, take me into the living room and hand me an eCig with this Reece Cup eJuice and I would be able to tell you in a split second that I’m vaping a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. That is how accurate this flavor is to the real deal. The question is “do you want to vape a Reese’s Cup”? If you do, here it is. You’ll find no truer flavor than this one.

Julia: 3 Stars – No Jason, here’s what you do; Go to the store and buy a Reese’s Cup. Take it home. Unwrap it and place it on the kitchen counter. Now smash it up into a million bits. Go fetch your “rolling papers” from your college days (probably hidden in your closet), come back and sprinkle the Reese’s crumbles on a sheet of rolling paper, roll it up, put it in your mouth and light it… Take a nice big drag… That is Reece Cup by MFS. A weird and wonderful concoction.

Next up is MFS’s Vanilla Cream Caramel Coffee 0MG & 24MG and it is is described by MFS as simplyA blend of Vanilla, Caramel and Coffee E-Liquid” which has to be the understatement of the year! And our team says;

Tom: 5 Stars – There have been some coffee flavored eLiquids on the market that I have enjoyed; so awarding 5 Stars to this blend shouldn’t be that surprising. Of all the flavors we’ve sampled from MFS this is easily their best effort to me. An almost perfect blend of the right ingredients, no doubt about it, Vanilla Cream Caramel Coffee hits the perfect spot with just the right amount of each flavor. I loved it!

Jason: 5 Stars – It’s difficult to create a blend of these flavors by themselves so I can imagine how frustrating it had to be to get each of these complex flavors to play nice. Tom is right though; they blended it so well that the end product is really nice. Very satisfying. No difference between the 0 and 24MG except the throat hit. You could vape the 0MG juice all day long and still love it.

Julia: 5 Stars – This is just a lovely blend of some of my all-time favorite flavors. They blend so well, and they taste so good, that it is a flavor that is hard to put down. Definitely better than each one alone. One of my all-time favorite eJuice flavors, and my favorite of the ones we sampled from MFS.

Fruit Punch 18MG:  For our last flavor, Fruit Punch, MFS describes this flavor, once again, with “This special blend was developed by one of our in house mixologist and has been getting rave reviews from those that have received test samples.” What does our team say about this flavor?

Tom: 3.5 Stars – Well, you know fruity flavors and me, but something I didn’t expect was this kind of tart taste. An unusual fruit punch, different enough no doubt, but still not a flavor I would stock for myself.

Jason: 4.5 Stars – Tom’s right about this one being an unusual fruit punch flavor. But, that’s exactly why it works in their favor. I like it. Not too sweet, but sweet enough, and plenty of subtle hints at various fruits and berries. Hard to describe, maybe that’s why MFS didn’t leave much of a description.

Julia: 4 Stars – It’s a pleasant fruity punch. More dependent on the tart fruits then the sweet ones, but I certainly enjoyed it. We received this flavor at 18MG, which provided the near-perfect throat hit. Since I haven’t tried it a higher 24MG (I would never go above 24MG) I can’t say if the 18MG is the ‘prime’ spot for it. Then again, since the throat hit was just right I would feel confident suggesting 18MG over 24MG.

Final Words:

There are so many MFS flavors that we didn’t try that its hard to say where to place this company on the scale of eJuice brands. Of the flavors we did try there were a few standouts, and one particular stand out.

If I could offer an award for “Worst Flavor Ever But A Perfect Replica Of A Real Product” or “WFBAPROARP” Award, it would go to “Reece Cup”. Each of us were astounded by the perfect flavor reproduction of the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, but it was also a flavor we couldn’t imagine vaping on a regular basis, or at all. But, it does go to show just how good these MFS Artisans can be.

By far our favorite flavor was “Vanilla Cream Carmel Coffee”. This amazing achievement is the perfect proportions of each flavor in relation to each other. Together they achieved a great tasting, rich, and deep, satisfying vape that anyone on the planet would love.

4 Star General and Soldier’s Blend were delightful, and serious tobacco flavors that reminded each of us of our days when we smoked analogs. These two blends are perfect for daytime vaping, at work on while running errands because that’s where we smoked the most when we smoked. A work-a-day flavor. 4 Star is a little sweeter than Soldier’s Blend, but both are equally as good.

The sweet desert flavors, Apple Crumble and Blueberry Waffle are amazingly accurate and delicious, though not an all day vape for any of us. Those of you that love to vape sweet flavors though could vape either of these for hours on end.

The Flavor Pool over at MyFreedomSmokes is a deep one, and we barely got our toes wet in shallow end. Even so, it is easy to realize that despite being a company that sells hardware and accessories they are dead serious about their juice business. Instead of farming their juice needs to another company they choose to develop in-house. You have to respect that.

MyFreedomSmokes has set up a special coupon code for Spinfuel readers until August 31st. During Checkout type in the word SPINFUEL10. Plan to spend some time on their site, with so many flavors it won’t be easy to decide which ones to try first.

Julia Barnes, with Tom McBride and Jason Little