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MigVapor Bug Mini Vape Mod Kit For CBD Vapers

This $34.95 vape pen is, so far, the best pen I’ve used yet for CBD vaping. Now, don’t get me wrong, as a vape pen for normal 50:50 PV/VG eliquid this is an affordable and satisfactory vaping device for people new to vaping, or people looking for a stealthy device for some sneaky vaping. But, to me, this is an amazing CBD vape pen, and that is how I’ve decided to review it.

The MigVapor Mini Bug outputs 22 Watts of power while its tank has a 2mL capacity and a coil head with 0.8Ω resistance, made with Kanthal A1 and pure organic cotton. The battery is 1100mAh, which can last a CBD vaper nearly an entire day. Those that intend to vape eliquids will find1100mAh to last between 2 and 6 hours, depending entirely upon how the end user vapes. For me, vaping CBD is basically taking two or three hits from the pen, setting it down, and picking it back up 15-20 minutes later. A normal CBD vape session can go on like that for a couple of hours. In the end, I don’t need to recharge the Mini Bug until the following day.

MigVapor Bug Mini Vape Mod Kit For CBD Vapers – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
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The MigVapor Mini Bug mod comes with a matching magnetic cap to hide the drip tip, and protect it from damage or leaking if you toss it in your purse, in the glove compartment, or in your pockets. I keep the cap on when I’m not using it because from afar no one can tell what it is.  The Mini Bug can look like a regular writing pen when the cap is on, but it functions as a vape pen when you need it to.

MigVapor didn’t take any shortcuts with the Mini-Bug. Despite its rather small size and affordable price, the Mini Bug has loads of safety features found in higher priced advanced vaporizers.

CBD Eliquids

CBD eliquids for vaporizers can be PG based or VG based. I’ve tried both and I don’t have a favorite. I have favorite brands, which I’ll talk about in later reviews, but either way, a PG or VG based CBD eliquid vapes fine in the MigVapor Mini Bug. The Mini Bug is mostly a MTL vaporize, or Mouth To Lung, though with thinner juices you can get a moderate lung hit, but to me lung hitting is just not the ideal purpose for this terrific CBD vape pen.

One of the biggest disappointments CBD vapers have about one-piece vape pens prefilled with CBD ejuice is that they are underpowered and can’t deliver a healthy amount of vapor, or produce enough flavor. While the MigVapor Mini Bug was originally designed as a vape pen for normal eliquids, when using CBD juice instead the user is provided with more than enough vapor and good flavor from various CBD flavors. That’s why I went looking for a vape pen designed for normal vaping, to get a device with enough battery and wattage power, and a coil head built to deliver the authentic flavor of an eliquid.  For more on CBD and Cannabis Vaping, click here.

Real World Usage

I don’t want to repeat myself, but I obtained more benefits from the various CBD eliquids for my chronic medical issues using the MigVapor Mini Bug than I have with any other device to date. More and more people are discovering the benefits of CBD, and they’re coming to Spinfuel VAPE to look for information. That being the case, I wanted to bring out the Mini Bug as a fantastic CBD vape pen rather than another vape pen for 50:50 PG/VG eliquid.

MigVapor Bug Mini Vape Mod Kit For CBD Vapers – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
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As a part of our MigVapor Review Week, the Mini Bug arrived in various colors. Our original intention was to review the Mini Bug as a newbie vape pen, or as an emergency backup for intermediate or advanced vapers. That type of review might have attracted some people looking for an inexpensive vape pen to try out some vaping, but as soon I grabbed the mustard yellow Mini Bug I instantly realized that this vape pen might just be the answer I need for getting a “good” vape going with the various flavors and brands of CBD eliquid I am in the process of reviewing. I was right, if you vape CBD and you’re tired of buying disposable vape pens, or underpowered vape pens, then you need to try the Mini Bug.

Grade: A+ (for CBD vaping)

“Finding the right device for CBD vaping isn’t easy, or at least is wasn’t easy. But with the discovery of the MigVapor Mini Bug and its 22 watts of power and sub-ohm 0.8Ω coil heads, CBD vapers can finally get the same vape experience we get when we’re vaping normal, or non-CBD eliquid. For $34.95, it’s a great value.

John Manzione

The Bug Vape Kit Includes:

  • One Bug 1100 Mah Battery
  • One Usb Charger
  • One Bug 2.0 ML tank
  • One Stealth and Leak magnetic Cap
  • One .08 ohm Atomizer Coil
  • Very Cute Gift Box

* Designed in the USA by Mig Vapor, built by ROF for Mig Vapor.