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The Norse Collection Goes Before The Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team

The husband and wife team that launched Liquid Mayhem in 2013 have focused like laser beams on three eliquids they call the “Norse Collection”. Niki, the flavorist and chemist, and Joey, have invested both financially and emotionally, in order to drive Liquid Mayhem to where it is today. As you’ll soon see, the expert knowledge of ‘flavor’, of what works and what doesn’t, as well as the imagination to create original recipes has worked out very well indeed.


The Liquid Mayhem Norse Collection is offered in attractive, square 30ML bottles with colorful labels. (See the graphics in this review for a glimpse of the labels) All the information you would ever want to know is printed in an easy to read manner directly on the labels.

Third Party Vendors

Before proceeding further you need to know that Liquid Mayhem does not sell directly to the vaper through their website. Instead, the Norse Collection is available through various vape shops around the country. Visit the website to find a store near you. Some vape shops offer the Liquid Mayhem line online as well, so if a shop is not within driving distance you can still order through the vendor’s online store.


We were a little surprised to see a $24 price tag at one vendor’s website after seeing that Vape One, a retailer with both a physical location and an online presence offers the line at a more reasonable $19.99. Vendors that sell Liquid Mayhem can sell them at a price point that fits their demographics, but it pays to look around for the best price. In this case it seems to be Vape One.

One thing that we did note on Liquid Mayhem’s “Shop” page was a few vendors listed on the page did not offer Liquid Mayhem, or at least didn’t offer them online when we looked. Either they want to maintain enough stock for their local customers or they were sold out.

Common Characteristics

The Norse Collection is a full-flavored collection made with a 70:30 VG:PG ratio. Despite the high VG formula we were all very happy with the amount of flavor coming through one. Vanilla, strawberry, tropical fruits and more are prominent and authentic in the recipes. Naturally the vapor production was very high, but even better was a more than decent throat hit, something much harder to achieve in high VG blends.


If this is your first Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review we suggest you head over to our Protocols page to find out how we conduct these comprehensive reviews and how an eliquid can earn a Spinfuel Choice Award.

The Review Begins

Freya - Norse Collection Liquid MayhemFREYA – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

The goddess of love and beauty has out done herself with this sensational blend of tropical fruits topped with hints of cinnamon and cherry.”

Julia – 5 Stars – I really liked this ejuice, and despite the fact that I wasn’t able to detect that hint of cinnamon, even with the new Aspire Atlantis, it was still a terrific vape. I love that cherry finish, it is so unexpected after your taste buds are flooded with a nice, sweet tropical blend. I think this is the first time I’ve ever had a tropical blend that ended with a flourish of cherry. Fantastic!Spinfuel Choice Award

Tom – 5 Stars – I did not read the description before vaping Freya, so for quite a while I was content with this smooth tropical blend. It has a soft pineapple presence, which means the pineapple didn’t bite like pineapple likes to do, and hints of other tropical flavors that defy description. I would say that during the 2nd day of going through the three flavors I thought my taste was changing because I swore I was tasting a sweet cherry finish. Then I looked at the description and I was more than impressed with being able to nudge a cherry flavor into the realm of the tropical. A really good job.

Keira – 5 Stars – For the most part, Freya is a good, solid tropical vape that would certainly work as an all-day-vape. My only issue with it, and its really not that big of an issue, is that other than a playful hint of cherry on the exhale there isn’t anything truly ‘special’ about Freya. I was hoping for more, especially seeing that cinnamon is supposed to be part of the flavor profile. Don’t get me wrong though, this is very good, non-tart tropical vape that will take you through the day, but I think the potential is there for a very unique blend if they ‘upped’ the cinnamon factor. Tropical vape with a bite? That sounds special!

Jason – 5 Stars – I decided to award the full 5 stars to Freya for a couple of reasons. Freya is a good tropical eliquid that won’t bite you like others with stronger pineapple. It goes down (or in?) easily and lasts all day long. But what I really like about it is after getting a full tropical flavor you get hit with a sweet cherry flavor that is totally unexpected. This is a tropical vape I could put into my rotation.

Frigga Norse Collection Liquid MayhemFRIGGA

As ruling queen of the Universe, Frigga is hand fed only the finest blend of succulent, sweet, perfectly ripened summer strawberries.”

Julia – 4.25 Stars – I know from the interview that the strawberry blend Frigga is supposed to be the flagship of the Norse line. And it is a good strawberry vape, but it’s not an award winning strawberry vape. I like sweeter, creamier strawberry flavors, Frigga is basically a straight up strawberry, no frills, and no additives like a cake flavor or a vanilla flavor. That said I bet there are vapers out in the community that would go nuts over a real strawberry vape stripped of the sweeter components I look for.

Tom – 5 Stars – This is an authentic strawberry vape that will appeal to vapers looking for real strawberry flavor. I wouldn’t add this to my rotation though because I look for a different kind of strawberry flavor profile, but others will love it. I kind of wish I could have dripped this one because a dripper would amplify the strawberry like crazy, but at 18mg nicotine I wasn’t about to try.

Keira – 5 Stars – Of all the ways an eliquid mixologist could have gone with strawberry, this seems like going down the road less traveled. Frigga is pure strawberry, a rich, deep, strawberry that doesn’t try to be anything more. I admire the bravery of developing a rich strawberry blend that doesn’t try to hide the taste of real strawberries in a creamy base. Unfortunately I don’t think I could handle it as all-day-vape, but after dinner and through the early evening? Yea, definitely.

Jason – 4 Stars – Frigga divided this team into two camps, one that thought it needed some kind of vanilla or strawberry cupcake kind of flavor and one that loved the pure strawberry. I’m in the camp of the strawberry cupcake flavor. I have an eliquid in my rotation now that brings a strong strawberry flavor together with a rich creamy base and that’s what I’ve been vaping for more than a year. That being the case, vaping something that removes that base and leaves nothing but the strawberry just didn’t work for me.

That’s not to say that this isn’t a terrific strawberry eliquid, I think it is, but for some of us, we want more than strawberry. We want strawberry cupcakes, strawberry cheesecake, or even strawberry shortcake. I’ll tell you what though; if someone was allergic to strawberries I bet they would get a reaction from this one, that’s how authentic it is.


Damned to serve the royal court for an eternity, Beyla has earned her place among the gods by perfecting this rich vanilla, fruity, nutty treat.”

Julia – 5 Stars – The coolest thing about Beyla is that each of the flavor components, various non-tropical fruits on a foundation of sweet vanilla with nutty tones shine through as three separate flavors throughout the inhale and exhale.

It’s as though I was able to keep the flavors from combining into one general flavor despite a huge, continuous stream of thick aromatic vapor. Magic through chemistry I suppose.

While I found the vanilla to have the biggest presence, the others played significant roles as well. Somehow Beyla was able to deliver the same flavor throughout the day, making it one of the few vanilla-based eliquids I can call a solid all-day-vape.


Tom – 5 Stars – Beyla is a very satisfying vape. With a strong bottom layer of nutty vanilla, and a top note of fruitiness combine to create an eliquid that can honestly be labeled as “luscious”… a sweet, seductive eliquid where the flavor is as big as the vapor production, Beyla is the epitome of an all-day-vape.

Keira – 4.5 Stars – Beyla is a sublime eliquid that delivers a deep, lovely base of sweet vanilla touched by a light blend of fruit and a nutty finish. Julia says she can keep the three main flavors separate throughout the vape but for me it a little different. On the inhale I felt the sweet, creamy vanilla vapor engulf my lungs instantly, followed up with a light fruity flavor. Only on the exhale was I able to register the same base flavor of vanilla, followed up by a rich blend of vanilla and a nice nutty blend. Is it an all day vape? That depends on how much you’re into vanilla flavors.

Jason – 4.75 Stars – I’m not sure why, but Beyla really grabbed me. This is a very satisfying eliquid, with rich vanilla touched by a light fruity flavor and nutty tones on the exhale. Tons of vapor with this 70:30 VG/PG blend, and uniquely suited as an all day vape. Best time of the day, for me, was early morning and late evening, but it is still a satisfying vape throughout the day.


Going into this review I thought that Frigga, the strawberry blend, would take the top position, but as it turns out, the best of the three was the “tropical fruit with a cherry on top” Freya. This is a tropical blend you won’t tire of after a few hours. In fact, Freya is an eliquid that can go into something like the Aerotank Turbo and it wouldn’t go to waste.

The Norse Collection stands out as work or passion for vaping, and the detail to the flavor profiles was outstanding. Despite only consisting of three flavors Liquid Mayhem will undoubtedly grow into a serious player in the eLiquid community. Check out the Interview with the owners of Liquid Mayhem right here.
Julia, Tom, Keira, and Jason