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Jack And John Show Continues….

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Here it is, episode 2 of the Jack and John Show! In this episode we are joined once again by the one and only Smokenjoey! We open the show discussing the new Arctic Tank from Horizon and Jack fills us in on other products, new and restocked, including the new Kanger KBox, the SMOK M80 Plus, and a new shipment of iStick 50’s.

Immediately after this discussion Smokenjoey shows up. Then the show pretty much becomes a laugh riot with much joking and laughing. We discuss the “Day in the Life” of Jack and Jojo, what they eat, what they cook, and how they shop for groceries, and more.

We hope you enjoy the show. We are already planning episode 3, one of the things we will discuss is music, what we like, what people in China listen to compared to what the western world listens too, and how much we have in common. Music is truly universal.

As always, we welcome your comments. Please note, we are still dealing with audio issues, but they are improving. We’ll get it nailed down soon.

Jack Lai and John Manzione

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