Detox your hair? Indeed. Being requested to submit to drug testing isn’t really an issue, considering the number of high-quality detox products available on the market. But this time, instead of urinalysis, you’re requested to submit to the drug enthusiast’s nightmare – the hair test.

Hair drug testing is the natural enemy of those that enjoy an occasional cannabis high. Unfortunately, there aren’t any synthetic hair samples you can submit to the lab, which is why you’re reading this article.

Today, we’ll talk about hair detoxification, hair drug testing, and whether or not it’s possible to detox for a hair drug test.

What is a Hair Follicle Drug Test?

Hair follicle drug tests are, in many ways, similar to laboratory urine drug tests. They’re highly accurate, with virtually the same testing procedures. However, unlike urine drug tests, hair follicle testing is nearly impossible to cheat, because you can’t tamper with the sample.

With urine testing, you can always submit a substitute sample, or use a urinator device. But with hair testing, the lab technicians are directly involved in the sample collection, as they have to cut the hair sample from your head.

Collecting the Sample

After they collect the sample, they wash it with alcohol, to eliminate any possible contaminants, and dissolve it into a solution. The solution is then submitted for testing using immunoassays, which tests for the presence of drugs. If the immunoassay test shows a positive result, the sample is taken for further testing.

Second, or confirmatory test is needed, as immunoassay testing may return a false positive. Using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, the lab than confirms the actual concentration of illicit substances in your sample. If the concentration exceeds cutoff values, your sample tested positive for drugs.

If you tested positive on the first test, but tested negative on a GC-MS, your sample tested negative for drugs.

Is it Possible to Detox your Hair?

Let’s say you’ve had some fun with certain substances, and you’re now wondering how to get those substances out of your body and hair. Drugs and drug metabolites enter your hair through small capillaries that supply the hair follicles with blood and nutrients. And whatever enters your hair follicle becomes a building block for a hair strand, including drugs and their metabolites.

Once in your hair, drug metabolites will remain there forever, or until you decide to cut your hair off. This is especially true for organic drugs, as their organic components have the ability to survive in your hair indefinitely.

So, the question remains: is it possible to detox your hair and successfully pass a hair test?

To answer your question, we had to contact the expert, and Mr. Jonathan Hardy from  was more than kind to provide us with answers. Here’s what he said:

“Hair detoxification is very much possible, though it’s not an easy task to perform. The Internet is full of misguiding information, and you’ll have to rely on proven detoxification methods to successfully pass a hair test”

During our conversation, Mr. Hardy explained what are the best ways to pass a hair drug test. He also provided us with the list of both effective and inadequate methods people use to prepare for the upcoming test.

Effective Methods

  •  Use reliable detox products
  • DIY structured detox methods like the Macujo Method or the Jerry G method


Ineffective Methods

  • Dying your hair
  • Shaving your head and body
  • Lice treatment
  • Hair relaxer
  • Regular shampoo

Detox to Pass a Hair Drug Test?

When facing a drug test, most people think about shaving their heads. Freshly shaved head only raises red flags and suspicion. It’s highly ineffective as well since lab can test any hair collected from your body, including armpit hair. And in case you shave your entire body, they’ll test your nail clippings or urine instead.

That means that high-quality hair detox shampoos and structured detox methods are your best chance at detoxifying for a hair drug test.

The Jerry G, and the Macujo method are proven by a countless number of drug enthusiasts, who used them to pass a hair test successfully. Both methods include high-quality shampoo products, as well as some other chemicals which may be detrimental to your health if not properly used. We advise you to exercise caution when performing any of these methods.

Conclusion for Detoxing your Hair

In the end, we conclude that it’s possible to detoxify your hair and pass a hair drug test. We strongly advise that you use some of the best-quality hair detox shampoos, or a structured hair detox method to achieve the desired effect.