One of the significant obstacles to getting into the world of CBD and CBD vape juice is the worry about legality.Is it legal to carry CBD where you live, and especially the state you’ll visit? How about the states you pass through if you’re driving?

While CBD does seem to be legal and generally acceptable in today’s society, there is always that inherent fear that you might be doing something wrong. While this is usually nothing more than paranoia, there is still an ever-present concern that you could be breaching some obscure, unspoken law.

Traveling with CBD

This is only made worse when you start thinking about traveling over state lines. Moving from one legal jurisdiction to another is always stressful, but when you are carrying CBD oil, it only gets worse.

So, is it legal to carry CBD vape juice through different states in the USA?

Where Does the Problem with Carrying Vape Juice Come from?

To the casual observer, it might seem strange to worry about the legalities of CBD vape juice. After all, CBD is legal. Although you may feel like you’re doing something wrong, you shouldn’t run into trouble with the law for vaping.

However, it isn’t the CBD vape juice itself that is the problem, but what could potentially be inside..

The issue with many CBD vape juices sold today is that they are made from full-spectrum CBD oil. This means that they do not just contain CBD and their constituent oil, but also remnants of other cannabinoids and terpenes.

Carrying CBD is one thing. Carrying THC is Another

It is the additional cannabinoids, primarily THC, which could prove to be a problem. The issue is that, in the USA, THC is considered one of the most harmful substances there is. Thanks to its infamous reputation, many states in the USA have enacted strict measures to oversee the carrying and supply of cannabinoids.

This is why you might sometimes see people being arrested for what amounts to a minimal quantity of cannabis or THC. Local governments may take an especially harsh stance and make it so that almost any amount of the drug is a crime.

While CBD vape juice primarily contains CBD, it may contain a small amount of THC as well. Even though this is not enough to get high or cause any adverse effects, it could still be illegal.

This is why some people refer to individual states as being particularly CBD friendly or not; sometimes, having any THC can be a crime.

Of course, it gets tough if you try and take it over state lines.

How Does This Affect Crossing State Lines?

The difficulty with crossing state lines with CBD vape juice is the fact that different states have different laws.

The main thing to consider is the amount of allowable THC. Some states only accept a maximum of 0.2% THC within any CBD product before it is regarded as an illegal drug. Meanwhile, other states only consider it illegal if it contains 0.3% or more, with a few even going as far as 0.4%.

Carry CBD Across State Lines

Is It Legal to Carry CBD Vape Juice Through Any States in the USSo, if you are crossing state lines while carrying CBD oil, you might accidentally break the law. Moving from one state with more lax CBD vape juice policy… into harsher regulations? Did you know you could be breaking the law.

This is a problem in the more stringent states. States that don’t consider the entire cannabinoid content when it comes to sentencing. Individual states, such as Texas, don’t look at the THC quantity within your CBD vape juice at all. Instead, they weigh the total quantity of the product itself.

And if you go into Texas with more THC in your CBD vape juice than you are allowed? They won’t charge you based on the THC,   you’ll be charged based on the weight of the CBD vape juice. This includes the bottle and any packaging.

This is why there is a surprisingly massive group of people serving life sentences for possessing a few pot brownies.

So make sure you know what the local laws are before you cross state lines.

Final Thoughts on Is It Legal to Carry CBD Vape Juice Through Any States?

The critical thing to remember when carrying your best CBD vape juice around the USA is that different states have wildly different laws. People might find themselves accidentally breaking rules, sometimes with extremely unpleasant consequences.


Make sure that you are always aware of what is inside your CBD vape juice. You should be fine. Keep informed of your local and state level jurisdiction. Avoid getting into any legal trouble by knowing the law.