Epilepsy and Cannabinoids

One of the main advantages of CBD oil is for patients who have epilepsy, a neurological disorder due to abnormal nerve cell activity. Globally, about 5 million are diagnosed with epilepsy each year, according to data released by the World Health Organization (WHO). These patients often turn to expensive medications and undergo brain surgeries, but some still suffer from epilepsy-related seizures. Thankfully, research has shown that CBD has potent anti-seizure effects and can be an effective treatment without side effects for drug-resistant children.

Anxiety and Cannabinoids

Anxiety disorders affect 40 million or 18.1% of the US adult population. CBD oil is aiming to change this data. Several studies show that CBD can effectively reduce the psychological effects of post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and social anxiety. Vaping CBD oil can be an effective treatment for anxiety.


CBD oil is useful as an adjunct for patients undergoing detox from addictive medications like Xanax. It helps treat the symptoms of withdrawal syndrome. Additionally, it can combat addiction by modulating several neuronal circuits known to play a role in drug addiction. Multiple preclinical studies show that CBD can help individuals give up their dependence on psychoactive drugs. It can also help repress the habits of cigarette smokers.

Healing Properties of CBD Oil

Insomnia & Cannabinoids

Those who have insomnia can benefit from using CBD oil. There is tons of evidence that supports the claims that hemp oil helps in blocking the suppression of REM sleep, therefore resulting in better sleep quality. Some studies show CBD oil can help reduce cortisol levels in the body.

Chronic Pain

CBD oil is also an effective anti-inflammatory agent that helps individuals deal with pain and, at the same time, protect neurological pathways. While some people experience great effects using turmeric powder, some proponents also claim that CBD oil could be useful in curbing the rampant opioid addiction that affects the US, as well as inflammation and other ailments..

Chronic Diseases

Cannabinoids are also useful in regulating immune functions that help patients with chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, and ALS. Several studies also show that the use of CBD oil can effectively slow down cell damage commonly seen in diabetic patients. CBD can also hamper the progression of arthritis.

Weight Management and Cannabidiol

CBD also has positive effects on the body’s metabolism that helps in the regulation of weight. A recent study showed that CBD oil can help enhance the oxidation and breakdown of fat and assist in fat browning.

Be Informed Before Buying CBD Oil (Cannabinoids)

Since CBD oil came out with all its health benefits, tons of sellers rode on the popularity and sold the oil without the proper knowledge about it. Before you buy oil for your personal use, you should know the following:

  • Your CBD oil should be certified.
  • Get the full-spectrum CBD, which comes from the whole plant and not just from the stems or seeds.
  • Know the extraction method. It should not contain any pesticides or solvents.
  • Make sure your oil is free from fillers.
  • Opt for organic. Learn how they grow their hemp.
  • Check the purity of the CBD. Look for third-party certification, if possible.
  • Buy oil only from a seller who sources their product from FDA compliant manufacturing facilities. Check out the How to Buy CBD Oil:5 Step Buying Guide

While CBD oil has tons of health benefits, it is still best to consult with your doctor or a knowledgeable person on how much you should take and how often should you consume CBD oil. If you can, it would also be beneficial to monitor your intake and the resulting effects it has for your body. Remember, the effects of CBD oil may not apply to everyone.