Last Updated on February 2, 2018 by Team Spinfuel

(Guess how many times we used the word “PassThru” in this 575-word article?)

We are spending more and more time in front of our computers. All of us here at Spinfuel and you out there in “InterVoids” are dependent upon our computers like never before. John (Manzione) and I (Dave Foster) are spending long hours writing reviews, answering emails, browsing the web, and even playing games. Probably 12-14 hours every day.

We also do a lot of vaping. All of us here do. And the biggest annoyance during the day is having to stop what we’re doing and switch out our battery. I know, it only takes a minute to do so, but when you’re deep into writing, or editing, the last thing you want to do is break your concentration. What we needed was something that would let us vape all we want without having to worry about running out of power at the most inopportune time. We needed to get a few PassThru devices.

We’re sure by now that our readers must know we have a lot of faith in Halo Cigs. Both their G6 and Element series batteries and cartomizers are simply great, and their eJuice is always a pleasure to vape. When we decided to get a PassThru device the first place we looked was Halo Cigs. (Then, for research on this short mini-review, we did a little checking on prices from some other eCig brands)

At just $19.99 for a device that allows us to spend all day at the computer and never once have to switch out a battery turned out to be a real Godsend for us.

From the Halo Cigs website: “The G6 Pass Thru Battery can be connected directly into any USB port, and offers an uninterrupted vaping experience. Simple to use, just plug it in, and start vaping’. Available in Manual (with button) only.”

Halo Cigs says the same thing about their Element, or 510-compatible PassThru, but right at the moment that one is out of stock.

Nothing could be simpler, and more effective, at providing you with a means to vape to your heart’s content then a PassThru from Halo Cigs. This cool device, which is longer than we thought it would be, is coiled up like an old-fashioned phone cord (remember those?) so its manageably short but also reaches out as long as you could possibly want it to.

Best Price Around

Other companies have PassThru cables like the one we got from Halo Cigs, and they all work essentially the same way. The Halo Cigs version is a high quality, feels-good-to-the-touch device with a remarkable price of only $19.99.

Other, similar PassThru devices that come from brands like Green Smoke and Smoke Frii will cost your $34.95 and $29.95, respectively. (And their regular eCig batteries are similarly overpriced) These PassThru devices from Green Smoke and Smoke Frii (and doubtless other places as well) are all proprietary in nature, meaning you can’t use another brand’s cartomizer; you’re stuck with using the brand for that cable. Not so with Halo Cigs, their G6 pass-through has a KR808D-1 battery/connector and the Element offers a 510-battery thread. Whichever cartomizer you’re using the Halo Cigs PassThru device has you covered.

Look, we know that in the grand scheme of things a PassThru device for vaping isn’t a ground shaking or life-changing product. But man is it ever convenient to have it when you don’t want to think about changing out your battery when you’re hard at work.

We’ve only just discovered vaping with a PassThru cable, so we’re excited about it enough to want to share this news with you, our readers. If, or rather “when” you decide that a PassThru device is something you might want or need, pop over to and pick one up. Best of all, at $19.99 for the G6 or Element version, you won’t overpay for the privilege.

Dave Foster and John Manzione