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RED RESIN - GEEK VAPE FRENZY POD SYSTEMIntroduction to the Geek Vape Frenzy – The term “pod” is starting to become a Semantic satiation for me. (*The phenomenon when a word starts to lose its meaning from being repeated over and over.) I’d suggest a new term to describe devices like this it would be: POD-OHM. Meaning they have the capabilities of a sub-ohm device within the structure of a pod mod. Kind of like the new Geek Vape Frenzy.


No, the Frenzy isn’t a thumb-drive capable of fogging a room. But there’s some versatility here, backed by some decent, if unspectacular hardware behind it. Let’s get to the specs.

The “Official” Description

The Geek Vape Frenzy is an all-in-one pod system with a precision-built zinc-alloy chassis.  Utilizing the Flint style NS coil system.

Featuring a non-removable narrow bore 510 drip tip, airflow control ring, and dual fill ports for convenience.

The Frenzy controlled by the intelligent AS chipset that automatically detects the coil type installed to operate in either VW or TC mode without any menu selections or user adjustments. All powered by an integrated 950 mAh internal battery for easy charging and portability.


Geek Vape Frenzy Pod Mod Features

  • AS Chipset
  • Dimensions – 86.1mm by 37mm by 15.7mm
  • Integrated 950mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Voltage Output Mode: 2.5V / 2.7V / 2.9V
  • Temperature Control Mode: 420°F / 440°F / 460°F
  • Resistance Range: 0.7-3.0ohm
  • Automatic Output Matching Function
  • POWER Mode
  • BOOST Mode – Temperature Control Only
  • Temperature Control Mode
  • Coil Dependent Firing Modes
  • LED Battery Life Indicator Light
  • LED Battery Charging Indicator Light
  • Bottom Ventilation Holes
  • Precise Temperature Control
  • Magnetized Pod Connection
  • MicroUSB Port
  • Available in Gold Carbon Fiber, Blue Carbon Fiber, Black Carbon Fiber, Silver Carbon Fiber, Blue Azure, Black Ghost, Black Onyx, Black Magma

Geek Vape Frenzy Pod Features

  • Fillable Pod System – Replaceable Cartridge
  • 0mL Refillable Juice Capacity
  • Bottom Fill System – Dual Ports – Silicone Plug
  • Geek Vape NS Coil Technology
  • 7ohm NS KA Mesh Coil – POWER Mode
  • 2ohm NS SS316L Coil – TEMPERATURE CONTROL Mode
  • Compatible with FLINT Coils
  • Thread-less Coil Replacement Mechanism
  • Bottom Adjustable Airflow Control Ring
  • Proprietary Magnetized Gold-Plated Connection

Geek Vape Frenzy Pod Mod Kit Includes:

  • 1 Frenzy Mod Device
  • 1 Frenzy Pod
  • 1 1.2ohm NS SS316L Coil
  • 1 MicroUSB Cable


On first glance I can’t help but say, “I’ve seen it before, I’m seeing it again.” The styling of this device is similar to the Wocket, which is similar to the Orion… and the Trinity Alpha… and the… You get the point. Visually there isn’t anything groundbreaking that we haven’t already covered in this genre of pod/ AIO type devices. From the looks of it, it’s probably a good thing I haven’t tested any of the above devices, which evens the playing field for the Frenzy in this review.


As convenient of a system the magnetized pod connection system is, it’s also where I’ve encountered one of the biggest cons while using the Frenzy. Yes, it’s a brilliant, and convenient idea. but the concept falls short of success. The magnets need to be stronger to really work with this design.

Without much effort at all, the pod is to easily separated from the base of the device. A few times I’ve reached in my pocket and pulled out only a pod instead of the whole unit.

My final gripe about the pod section is how dark the pod is. Literally, lighten up a little. Having to hold the device up to a light source to see how much e-liquid is left in the pod is rather inconvenient.

Vaping the Geek Vape Frenzy

The Frenzy utilizes a POD (ohm) system with Geek Vape’s interchangeable NS coil system. The kit includes a 0.7ohm NS KA Mesh Coil- that operates in power mode. And a 1.2ohm NS SS316L Coil- TEMPERATURE CONTROL Mode. As expected the KA Mesh coil produces better flavor and vapor to the SSL316 round wire coil. But, the mesh coils only lasted me only about a week before the flavor started to become muted. The SSL316 has been going strong for 2+ weeks now.

Geek Vape NS Coils
Geek Vape FRENZY Replacement Pods

BLUE RESIN - GEEK VAPE FRENZY POD SYSTEMNow the claims that the coils are changed out via a threadless coil replacement mechanism -is a cleaver marketing line. True, the coil is removed from the pod section with a 1/4 turn of the bottom airflow adjustment.

However, the coil is then threaded into that base. These aren’t the threadless drop-in style coils the marketing may lead you to believe. This wouldn’t be an issue for me but when a company is bolstering a claim that is only half true, it seems a bit fictitious. I understand the need to advantage every marketing tag line to make your product sound better than the competition.

MTL Pod Mod

The Frenzy is best suited for vapers looking for an MTL experience. As an MTL device the Frenzy performs beautifully. With the combination of the small diameter coils and tiny airflow holes the draw is restricted and flavorful. Trying to use the Frenzy as a direct lung device is too much work in my opinion. When I’m wanting a big flavorful cloud of vape I’ll leave that up to my 90w mesh sub ohm set ups.


The airflow adjustment ring is both convenient and works like it should. With such tiny airflow holes trying to dial in any less than wide open is like splitting hairs. You’re gonna need a magnifying glass trying to make any visual adjustments to it. The most practical method is by adjusting it while you’re mid draw for any fine tuning. That’s if the already restricted draw isn’t tight enough.GROUP - GEEK VAPE FRENZY POD SYSTEM

Battery Life and Airflow

With the lack of an interchangeable drip dip, the airflow is what it is. I do wish I had the option to switch it out for something not as narrow. Other vapers out there who are accustomed to vaping sub-ohm or RDAs will find this a bit frustrating as well

Honestly, I can’t give an accurate estimate to the battery life of the Frenzy. As i found myself using it more as a convenience device in between the commuting parts of my day-to-day routine. I did manage a full day out of the battery, but with rather light and limited use. In the vicinity of about 250 puffs before needing to be re-charged.


– Compact

– Automatic coil detection

– Good build quality


– Weak magnetic pod attachment

– Dark pods limit visibility

– Non-removable drip tip

Spinfuel VAPE Recommendation and Score:

With the AS chipset and intelligent TC coil functionality, there’s an argument that the Frenzy is a little different than the rest of the pod mod pack.  But there’s also an argument that it’s simply another super-compact pod(ohm) device that is best experienced as an MTL experience. It is a very capable device when all said and done. Despite some of the shortcomings, like the darkness of pods and the less than ideal magnetic connection, I mostly enjoyed my time with the mod.