Most US citizens know that the national marijuana attitude has changed since Reagan’s “War on Drugs” during the 1980s. It was always an illogical approach, but particularly concerning cannabis. Weed isn’t very harmful if you use it moderately and responsibly.

Many states have legalized it recreationally, with more likely to do so this election cycle. In the meantime, you can buy CBD oil many places in this country. Individuals are finding out what it can do for their various ailments.

CBD oil is not a bona fide miracle cure, and it seems to work better for some people than others. Of course, you can say that for virtually all drugs and medical treatments.


While many distributors scramble to set up CBD merchant accounts, the National Cancer Institute has some bold news: CBD oil might alleviate certain cancer symptoms and treatment side effects. This means a lot, since:

  • There is still no definitive cancer cure
  • Some treatments cause significant discomfort


The research in this area is still in the very early stages, and the NCI does not fully endorse CBD oil for anything cancer-related. They feel like some patients might be able to use it because it changes how cells reproduce, and it can help fight inflammation. It might also stop some tumor cell reproduction.


It’s probably too soon to mass-market and tout CBD oil’s cancer-fighting abilities, but utilizing it for cancer patients does no harm.

5 Potential CBD Oil Benefits 2020
5 Potential CBD Oil Benefits

Acne-Fighting Capabilities

Since companies can synthesize CBD as creams and oils, you can easily rub it into your skin. When you do so:

  • It fights inflammation
  • It can prevent sebaceous gland activity


The reason this matters for clearer skin is that it’s the sebaceous glands that produce sebum. Sebum hydrates the skin. It’s also a naturally oily substance.

People who produce lots of sebum often have tons of acne and clogged pores. Some people feel embarrassed about this. It’s one thing to have pimples when you’re young, but adult acne is a veritable curse.

Though CBD oil seems to show promise in this area, it’s best to talk to a dermatologist before starting any regimen.

Pain Relief

CBD oil probably shows the most pain relief promise. That’s because of the way it blocks your brain’s pain-management receptors.


If you take it after chemotherapy treatments, it can reduce your pain. It can also help with spinal cord injuries, nonspecific muscular pain, MS pain, various chronic pain conditions, and arthritis.


Most doctors and specialists agree that it’s CBD oil’s anti-inflammatory properties that help in all of these areas. It can provide another option for individuals who aren’t having the best luck with over-the-counter pain meds. It’s also a less extreme option than something like an epidural.

Neuroprotective Properties

CBD oil can also potentially help individuals with neurodegenerative disorders. Researchers believe that it impacts a particular brain receptor. They call this receptor CB1.


When neurodegenerative disorder patients use CBD oil, it can reduce inflammation that makes their symptoms worse. This can help stroke patients. It can also help Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s disease patients.


It can reduce these individuals’ pain, and also calm them down and make them more lucid. Scientists and doctors must do more research before they fully understand how CBD oil helps neurodegenerative disorder patients, but the early results are positive.

Anti-Seizure Capabilities

Some doctors believe that CBD oil can help prevent seizures as well. Epileptic patients may find relief when they use it. Researchers are now looking into whether patients who use it regularly experience fewer seizures and milder ones.


The American Epileptic Society says the early research looks promising. Most volunteer individuals had fewer seizures, though a few had severe adverse effects. Again, this seems to indicate that CBD oil can help many individuals, but not every one of them.


Some doctors and therapists also feel that CBD oil might help with general anxiety. That’s why some prescribe it now, while certain masseuses and masseurs also recommend that their clients use it. This is only possible in the states that allow it right now.


When you look at all the possible ways CBD oil can help people, it’s unfortunate that there was such a government stigma against cannabis products in the past. Still, the research scientists do today could help with various ailments tomorrow.


CBD oil might help cancer patients down the line, anxiety or chronic pain sufferers, and many more.