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eVo E-liquid-A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review

Note* Two years ago the original Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team spent time with eVo e-liquid and produced a review. In all that time we still find eVo to be less than what we would expect from such a well-known brand. Find out what the new team thinks below. – Dave Foster

The team and I were excited to get into the eVo e-liquid, which is produced by Nicopure Labs. Their new “evolved” line features a Harvest Collection and a Cafe Collection. The flavors sound amazing, but we were split down the middle on most of the flavors, and just didn’t care for a few of them altogether. I believe it had a lot to do with the quality of the propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) used in the e-liquid itself. Unfortunately, some of the flavors eVo offered reminded me of the cheap gas station e-liquid I used to buy before there were shops around me to purchase from. Yes, they remind me of the very first e-liquids I bought before I knew better. However, some of the flavorings did shine through, and some team members had different experiences. Please, check them out because you just never know…


 Caramel Coconut Cookie: A delicious blend of sweet caramel and coconut with subtle cookie notes.

Apple Pom Smoothie: An invigorating blend of pomegranate fused with mixed apple varieties.

Wild Watermelon: A lip smacking watermelon flavor with a delightfully sweet taste.

Cantaloupia: A delicious crisp cantaloupe flavor with just the right level of sweetness.

Grape Vape: A mouthwatering “candy” grape blend with exceptional flavor.

Berry Blast: An intense flavor blend of multiple berry varieties all rolled up into one.

Golden Kiwi: no description

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eVo E-liquid Particulars

The bottles that we received were a 10ml size, are plastic, and have child safe caps on them. We were sent one 30ml glass bottle with a childproof dropper. This was shrink wrapped as well. I managed to find the 10ml online for $7.95 which is about $.80/ml. That’s really expensive in my opinion for the quality of ejuice here. I would expect to pick at least a 15ml up for this price, and honestly more for the quality. The 30mls on this site retailed for $19.95 which is $.67/ml. That’s a little better, but I still wouldn’t pay that. Sorry. I know what I sell my ejuices at, and where the flavoring is at on all of them. On eVo’s web site they retail a little cheaper at $18.24 which is $.61/ml. I think that is still high for this. The flavorings that were used all had potential and a couple were really good!!


The 10mls each arrived neatly in their own little cute box. There is a nice flavor profile picture, name, company name, and the nicotine mg on the front. The back has the proper warning, ingredients list, and “not for sale to minors”, along with company name and nicotine mg again. The one side actually gives you the flavor description, which is nice. I like when I can pick up the ejuice and tell what flavor it is before I open it. Some vendors come up with creative names that leave one wondering. This flavor profile on the box is a nice touch. The bottle labels are the standard black and blue eVo labels and the expiration date is added with the other repetitive information from the box on the back of the label, which is necessary to keep all of the labels uniform. The 30ml we received did not come in a box and had the standard eVo label on it.


This is what it is all about: the flavor. We have seven to cover. I’m Dori, the head writer, and will kick every flavor off with my thoughts as the team follows. Remember as always, taste is subjective and is in the mouth of the beholder. I do believe I’ve assembled a truly unique team. We all have different palates and I value each opinion of those on my team. Let’s see what we come up with for these for dessert and fruit blends!!

caramel_coconut_cookie_“A delicious blend of sweet caramel and coconut with subtle cookie notes.”

Dori: 2 stars. I can see where they were trying to go with this one, but they just didn’t go far enough in my opinion. While I do catch a hint of coconut and caramel in the exhale, and good flavors at that, the first bit of the inhale and final taste is just so displeasing to my palate that I can’t even begin to enjoy this flavor. I dripped this in a Popeye RDA with a .4-ohm coil build at various watts. I could not find a good place for it. I decided I should try it in a tank as well just to see if I could shake the PG flavor perhaps. That is the only possible way I can explain it. I even tasted Scott’s eLiquid to see if there was an inconsistency issue because he said it tasted good….lol. Seriously. It still was not good in my opinion.

So, I placed Caramel Coconut Cookie in the Kanger Subtank Nano with a .5ohm coil. I’m messing around with the watts on this one too and then running it mainly around 20watts. This is where I can taste it the best I guess. It’s still pretty harsh in the tank and the flavor is a tad better, but not much. I can taste the coconut and caramel a little better this way…and man the flavors would be really tasty if the quality of the PG and vg were a little better. There is just a harshness and off taste to it that I can only attribute to the ingredients that were used here.

Alicia: 3.75 stars. I was excited about this one when I saw that it was to be like one of my all-time favorite Girl Scout cookies. Unfortunately, it was missing some of the flavors. If you like coconut, and like a lot of it, then I’d definitely suggest you try this. If you don’t like coconut, I recommend staying away from Caramel Coconut Cookie. I like coconut, but only when it’s mixed well with other flavors. This, however, is pretty close to straight coconut. On the inhale, I get coconut with extremely subtle hints of caramel. When I say extremely subtle, I mean it. I really have to try to find the caramel. The exhale is just straight coconut with nothing else. The aftertaste is again, straight coconut. I also have a film type coating left in my mouth after vaping this and the coconut flavor really hangs around for a while. I didn’t get any chemical taste like Dori and Dana did but this still isn’t one I can say I will vape

Scott: 4.5 stars. The smell when you open this bottle is a rich, sweet, coconut aroma and I wasn’t too sure about it because I’m not a big fan of coconut. However, I got a sweet, smooth inhale with a nice coconut flavor mixed with caramel. I noticed on the inhale, it is like when you bite into a Samoa cookie being able to taste the coconut right away, but on the exhale it is a sweet mixture of caramel and coconut. So, I disagree with the rest of the team and think if you like the Samoa Girl Scout cookies-you will love this Vape.

Dana: 2 stars. OMG my favorite cookie in an e liquid! What a shame that this flavor didn’t come closed to tasting like the cookie! Although I got a slight caramel on the inhale, and coconut on the exhale, the chemical taste ruined the whole flavor of this liquid. This could be a phenomenal flavor if they could get rid of that awful chemical taste. I have to agree with Dori when she said she could see where they were trying to go with this one. I really wish they had gotten there too!! I tried this on multiple RDAs and mods and could not find a good flavor in it.


“An invigorating blend of pomegranate fused with mixed apple varieties.”

Dori: 4.25 stars. So far, Apple Pom Smoothie is the best flavor in the eVo line. I didn’t get the perfume or chemical taste like Dana and Alicia did on this flavor. On the inhale, I get a really nice apple flavor and the pomegranate dances in smoothly before I even begin to exhale. This creates the smoothie flavor on the exhale which is quite lovely. I still get a bit of a bitter aftertaste, but it’s not nearly as bad as the other flavors so far. It has a bit of a throat hit at a 6mg, but the vapor production is decent.

Alicia: 1 star. Unfortunately, this one I did get the chemical/perfume taste from and wasn’t able to vape it for long. It was just a strong perfume mixed with highly floral accents. It gave me a headache and was starting to make me feel like I was sick. I even let this one steep longer with the lid off hoping some of the perfume would escape but it didn’t help at all.

Scott: 4.75 stars. The smell when I cracked open the bottle was a very noticeable apple fragrance. The first vape I took seemed like it had a hint of menthol mixed with an awesome fruity flavor. After vaping it for a bit, the inhale gave me a nice, cool, fruity pomegranate flavor making it very enjoyable! The exhale was still my favorite. I got an amazing cool refreshing apple flavor. It reminded me of a crisp red delicious apple. I agree with Dori and think this was the best flavor in this line. I really enjoyed this flavor and it is one that I could put on my list for an every day vape! I was using a troll with a .3-ohm build on a mechanical box…

Dana: 3.25 stars. Mmmm smoothies! I have a smoothie at least a few days a week and was really looking forward to a vape that tasted like one. On the inhale, I got a sweet apple flavor. On the exhale, I tasted the pomegranate-but once again, the chemical taste took over on this vape. It’s a shame because this would be an excellent flavor if it didn’t have bitter chemical taste. This was vaped on a Mad Hatter RDA at .3 ohms on an unregulated mod.


“A lip smacking watermelon flavor with a delightfully sweet taste.”

Dori: 1 star. The majority of the team is together on this one. Three out of four. I can taste just about everything but watermelon in this vape. Ok, maybe I get a hint of it amongst the dish soap and other off tastes I am getting, but this one actually gave me a headache and made me rather sick. I tried my best to keep dripping it, but it was impossible. Soapy. Ewwww.

Alicia: 4.25 stars. I guess my taste buds are on their own with this one. Unlike the rest of the group, I can taste the watermelon. I get the same flavor throughout the inhale and exhale. It’s like a watermelon jolly rancher, bold and sweet. As I said, the flavor is consistent throughout the entire vape. It doesn’t change on the exhale and the boldness doesn’t seem to dwindle down. The throat hit is decent at 6mg, not harsh but I could see it starting to irritate my throat just a bit if I vaped it for a long time. Vapor production on my Gatorbox with Little Boy RDA built to .21 is just okay. I don’t see myself vaping this one as it is way too sweet for my liking but it’s not a bad flavor at all.

Scott: 2.75 stars. I was excited to open this one. I like watermelon, but after tasting it I was a little disappointed. With a name like wild watermelon–you would be thinking the taste would be like a nice, fresh piece of watermelon. WRONG!! This one reminded me of walking through a room that your grandmother just got done spraying her perfume in and when you take a breath, that’s all you can taste. I didn’t get much flavor. I noticed more of a chemical taste. This is one that I definitely would not think about vaping again. Alicia is definitely on her own!

Dana: 2 stars. I was really hoping that this watermelon flavor would taste as good as it smells, but that was not the case. While it has a slightly sweet taste and a bit of a watermelon flavor, the chemical taste takes over once again. I love a good watermelon vape, but this is not one. I used a doge RDA at .4 ohms on an unregulated mod.


“A delicious crisp cantaloupe flavor with just the right level of sweetness.”

Dori: 4 stars. Cantaloupia seems to nail the flavor of the cantaloupe even though there is a little tiny bit of a chemical flavor lingering in the vape. There is also a tad bit of a throat hit to this at 6mg with this flavor as well. On the inhale, after the bit of a harsh hit, a wonderful cantaloupe flavor comes out. It lasts throughout the exhale and the taste lingers on my tongue and then leaves a little bit of a bitter taste afterwards. The flavor in the middle of this vape is truly delicious.

Alicia: 3.75 stars. I have yet to find a good cantaloupe flavor that I really enjoy. Cantaloupia has a nice cantaloupe flavor on the inhale. On the exhale, the cantaloupe is still going strong at the beginning but at the end, it turns to that perfume flavor that I got with the Apple Pom Smoothie. It is quite a bold flavor but good, until you get to the very end. I’m not sure what is mixed in that gives that perfume taste, but whatever it is, it’s not good. If we could eliminate that, I could see myself vaping this every now and again for a change up. But, while that perfume taste is there, I can’t bring myself to vape this any longer than I have to.

Scott: 3.75 stars. This one did have a cantaloupe flavor, but I got one heck of a throat hit from this one. The inhale was a little tart, but not too bad. The exhale was a refreshing taste. This one still had a little bit of a chemical taste to me. I did notice when I cut the air flow down the flavor was better and not as bad of a throat hit. The flavor seemed a little more pronounced making it a little more enjoyable. So if you like cantaloupe this one could be up your alley, but try it with less airflow and it might be a little more enjoyable

Dana: 1 star. I’m on my own with this one because I cannot vape this liquid at all. While it has a slight strange melon flavor, the chemical taste overtakes any of the flavor it should have. I am a true melon vape lover and enjoy trying any melon e liquids I can get my hands on. This one I will pass on as it is way too bitter for me. I tried this on a Mad Hatter RDA .3 ohms and a Doge .4 ohms on both unregulated and regulated mods.

grape vape

“A mouthwatering “candy” grape blend with exceptional flavor.”

Dori: 3 stars. For a Grape Vape, I’m not getting a very big grape flavor at all. To be honest, it reminds me more of a diluted Dimetapp that I used to be given as a kid when I was sick. Now, don’t get me wrong, I actually enjoyed this flavor in its glory! The flavor is just so muted that I barely get any grape at all. This one has the right amount of sweetness and is smooth though, the vapor production is decent, and the throat hit isn’t as harsh as the others. I just don’t really agree with the rest of the team here especially Scott and Dana who said it was packed with flavor. Maybe my taste buds were just bored from minute one as Alicia says hers eventually got, I don’t know.

Alicia: 3.75 stars. Well, I didn’t like this one, but I didn’t dislike it either. To me, this is pretty close to a sugar-free grape candy. No sweetness added at all. If you have ever had a sugar-free candy or sugar-free grape Popsicle you know the flavor that I’m talking about. It is definitely grape, but feels like it’s missing something and has a strange aftertaste. For me to be able to vape this, it has to have just a hint of sweetness to it or something else to just give it a little extra boost. After vaping this for a while the flavor also goes dull, kind of like my taste buds got really bored with it and just decided to not be able to taste it anymore

Scott: 4 stars. This is definitely a grape vape! The minute you open the bottle, you can smell the grape. This was full of flavor, but it’s not a fresh picked grape. This is definitely a candy grape flavor. The flavor lasted from the inhale all the way through to the exhale. After vaping it for a while and your taste buds mellow out from that smack of flavor, it does end up being a nice mellow flavor. This one kind of reminds me of the grape Swedish fish or even a grape jolly rancher but not as sweet.

Dana: 3.25 stars. Grape e liquid is one of my favorite flavors to vape, so I was excited to give this one a try. The flavor is nice and strong as I like it and it reminds me of yummy, hard grape candies. It doesn’t have a grape, as in the fruit, flavor. On the inhale, I get a slightly sweet grape candy flavor, but on the exhale I taste a strong chemical taste. I think this is from the PG/VG ratio. If there was more VG than PG, I would be able to vape this flavor all day long.

berry blast

“An intense flavor blend of multiple berry varieties all rolled up into one.”

Dori: 3.75 stars. This one had a really good smell to it and I was excited to try it, but the flavor fell a little short due to the perfume-y nature of the berry flavoring used. When I inhale, I get a strong perfume-y taste before the blast of berry flavoring. This one has a harsh hit at the back of my throat too. It could be a lot smoother. I am not a big fan of this one either.

Alicia: 4.25 stars. This smells just like the name, berries, berries and more berries! The flavor is also just that, berries. This reminds me of a homemade berry jelly, without any sugar added. Same as some of the others, this is just a straight and to the point flavor. The flavor is full of berries throughout the inhale and exhale. I can’t pick out any individual berries as they are all blended together a little too much I like complexity and being able to have the different flavors come out at different times. This one doesn’t do that for me. Also, just a touch of sweetness, maybe a little sugar or cream, would add to this and make it really good. However, I know everyone likes different things, so if you like straight berries without sugar give this one a try.

Scott: 3.75 stars. This one was packed with a bunch of different berry flavors. When I first tried this one, it was a little chemical tasting so I left it sit with the lid off for a while and tried it again. When I tried it after sitting, it had a much better taste. I get a nice, sweet inhale, but on the exhale, it is a tart berry bite. I didn’t mind the tartness because I like grabbing a fresh handful of berries and eating them. So if fresh berries are your thing, this might be a good one for you.

Dana: 2 stars. I love berries of all kinds and that includes any e liquid that has that flavor. On the inhale, I tasted sweet berries, but as with all the rest of the flavors, it has the horrible chemical taste on the exhale. Even after vaping you get that taste stuck on your tongue. Berry Blast is a very bitter vape. I vaped this on a Mad Hatter RDA at .3 ohms and on an unregulated mod.


Dori: 4 stars. Golden Kiwi is a nice fruity flavor that kind of resembles that of a kiwi. The inhale is full of flavor and just has a little harsh of a throat hit. The kiwi flavoring is nice and lasts throughout the exhale though I am not sure it is exactly a kiwi flavoring. I disagree with Alicia and Scott and think it has just the right touch of sweetness to it. I like the fruity flavor, the vapor production is good and I don’t seem to get any bitter after taste after this one.

Alicia: 3 stars. I’ve had quite a few kiwi vapes that I’ve somewhat enjoyed. This, however, does not taste like Kiwi to me at all. It’s kind of like a mix of watermelon and some kind of tropical fruit, both mixed with a ton of sugar. While some of the other e-liquids were lacking on the sugar, Golden Kiwi has over-dosed on sugar and sweetener. When I first inhale, the sweetness kind of gives me a smack in the face. Then some tropical something-or-other comes out just for a split second. I can’t get the flavor to hold on long enough to be able to tell what exactly it is, but it definitely reminds me of tropical fruits. On the exhale, the sugar is still dominant but it is mixed with something that reminds me of watermelon, not kiwi. Due to the overpowering of the sugar or sweetener added to this, I would definitely choose not to vape this.

Scott: 3 stars. Ok, this one was another disappointing one. It had a slight kiwi taste but the flavor was over powered by an extremely sweet taste. The kiwi was nice, but disappeared way too fast, making it more of a let down. The more I tried to like this one, I just couldn’t. Don’t get me wrong, some of you may enjoy this sweet fruity vape.

Dana: 1 star. If it wasn’t listed on the label, I would never have known this was supposed to taste like Kiwi. On the inhale, all I get is a chemical taste as well as on the exhale. The chemical taste is very strong in this flavor. I would not be able to vape this at all. I even tried the Golden Kiwi on multiple RDA’s and mods at various settings and still could not get any type of Kiwi taste at all.


It seems that one of the four of us gave each flavor a 4 or higher, so chances are some of you may have success with some of these flavors. I am not sure any of us will be running out to purchase any. Some of us got chemical tastes and perfume-y tastes throughout different flavors. I believe that it has to do a lot with the quality of the propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin that was used in this eliquid. We found some of the actual flavors themselves to be quite tasty and given the right direction, could have definitely scored higher. The coconut flavoring is one of the better coconut flavors I have tasted. For 6mgs of nicotine, there were times it felt as if I was vaping 12mg or higher because this eliquid was so harsh. My guess is these flavors taste best out of a regular CE4 clearomizer and a basic starter kit.

As always, the team and I all have a unique way of tasting flavors but you’ll know who you relate to most after you read all of the reviews. We all have our own style. These are our opinions and it is nice to have different views sometimes on the same product.

The Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team