The End of Disposable E-Cigarettes?

As many of us will remember very well, some of the first — and most influential — e-cigarettes to hit the market were the traditional cigarette-esque e-cigarettes, which came charged and completely ready to use. Quite literally, you just took off the wrapping and away you went! But a lot has changed in the industry since those very, very early days; not least in the way that the world around us has altered. 

New and emerging trends in e-cigarettes that allow vapers to have more control over their vaping experiences have meant that these pre-packaged e-cigarettes, which gave the industry its foundations just a handful of years ago, might be dying out for good.

In this article, we’re going to explore some of the major contributing factors leading to the potential end of disposable e-cigarettes.

Improved E-Cigarettes Technology = More Options

These original e-cigarettes came entirely pre-packaged and pre-set, meaning that if you wanted a different flavour than the one that was currently in the e-cigarette, you would have to purchase an entirely new e-cigarette. Now, the technology involved in vaping has improved to such an extent that this kind of one-setting-only e-cigarette truly seems like a thing of the past.


Now, of course, most e-cigarette pens allow you to mix and match the flavours that you want, meaning that instead of buying a completely new e-cigarette each time, you simply purchase a new e-liquid. This ability to switch up the flavour in your vape pen and give yourself an entirely new experience is largely cited by vapers as being one of the biggest advantages of vaping over traditional cigarettes.


Although the move to vape pens has meant that vapers are often paying more for their gear, this change in the industry has also simply allowed for us to get a better handle on what we like, and allowed us to access it more easily. Also, as disposable e-cigarettes are not rechargeable, investing in a vape pen means that you’re never going to be at risk of simply running out of charge and being unable to vape. It may seem obvious today, but cig-a-like users in previous years could’ve only dreamt of such simplicity.


Giving Vapers More Control Over Their Experiences


Carrying on from that last point, not only do vapers now have more control over the flavours they get to vape; new vaping devices that have flooded the market, such as vape mods, allow us to control the intensity with which we vape. Disposable e-cigarettes are unadjustable and only come with one setting, meaning that if the experience you were getting wasn’t especially to your taste, you were pretty much stuck with it.


Sub-ohm vapes in particular have been hugely influential in this manner. As word has spread of the way in which they allow vapers to have a greater degree of flexibility over the level of intensity that they vape with, they’ve become increasingly more popular, leaving products that don’t allow the same degree of variation in the dust. Additionally, this increased level of control for smokers has lead to many using vaping to actually gradually quit smoking for good.


 A Move Towards More Environmentally Sustainable Options 


The final factor that may mean the end of disposable e-cigarettes is that of the environment. Because the devices are simply to be disposed of at the end of their “life cycle”, they don’t offer a particularly appealing option for environmentally conscious vapers. More permanent vaping devices like pod-mods and vape pens, in contrast, can be used again and again. Their battery life is almost always longer, too, meaning less garbage, less repeat purchases, and less impact on the environment.

As we all know within the vaping community, the vaping industry has exploded over the past five years. Of course, we cannot know for sure what’s in store for the future, but it looks like the industry is rapidly speeding away from the original disposable e-cigarette days and moving towards more high-tech, sustainable options.  


Author Bio: Pascal Culverhouse founded the Electric Tobacconist in 2013. Less than 18 months later the business was the UK’s number one online retailer of e-cigarettes. He still finds time to vape everyday and keeps up with the latest e-cig trends.