Last Updated on June 22, 2020 by Team Spinfuel

While CBD is relatively new to the hemp industry, its explosive growth in recent years has made it a popular substance among many marijuana users and alternative health lovers alike.

Since CBD is found in the hemp plant, it is just as flexible as many of its counterparts. This means that you can get your daily CBD dose in a variety of different forms.


CBD has been really popular, and its demand is being fueled by the various CBD-only stores popping up on every corner. If you are new to the CBD industry and are looking into the different products available, continue reading below to learn just how many different ways you can introduce CBD to your body.

What Are CBD and THC?

THC and CBD are two naturally occurring chemical compounds found within the cannabis plant. These two chemicals, which belong to a family of plant-based chemicals known as cannabinoids. They are said to have a wide variety of benefits as they directly interact with a system of receptors within our body known as the endocannabinoid system.


When THC interacts with our body, we experience the host of medical and psychoactive effects that THC is known to have. CBD, on the other hand, is said to provide many medical benefits that you can experience with THC but without the “high” that one experiences.


This is one of the reasons why CBD has become popular so quickly. We have entered an age where a lot of people rather stay sober and CBD gives them exactly that. A relief for different ailments while staying sober.

Why Dry Herb Flowers are the Most Popular Method

Dry herbs are the perfect way to use your CBD. First and foremost, all forms of THC start from the hemp flower plant. Whether you vape oils, eat your CBD or use it in the topical form, it occurs through the bud. Similar to marijuana, you can roll up your CBD dry herbs in a rolling tray. It is the most popular method of consumption most likely because of its potency along with ease of use.


One thing that hemp flower has is the full spectrum aspect of CBD. You’re not just getting the CBD from the dry herb but you’re also getting the other cannabinoids. Just like THC buds, CBD hemp flowers smell similar to weed, especially while you’re smoking it.

Different Methods of Using Cannabis Flowers

When it comes to consumption, there are many ways to take cannabis. From edibles, smoking, vaping, topically, sublingual, and many more ways, the options are endless. Every method has its own pros and cons.


Although the CBD market is dominated by extracts, you can actually smoke CBD. Hemp flowers

that are high in CBD can be ground and smoked in the same manner as THC, with different buds boasting different strengths of CBD. If you are someone who enjoys smoking, you may

want to look into buying hemp flowers so that you can smoke your CBD as well.


The only downside to smoking the hemp flower is if you have any irritation in your lungs or throat. Some people who have decided to take CBD or THC products because they have throat cancer. This can be counterproductive if you smoke it.



The biggest advantage to smoking your hemp flower is simply the onset of the effects. Smoking is the fastest way to get CBD into your bloodstream. Some people use CBD for anxiety and if you do, this is the best choice. Taking oils can take a long time for it to take effect.


The main disadvantage that makes people not use the CBD hemp flower is simply the smell and difficulty of ease. Although it’s not hard to use, most people don’t want to grind it down and roll it up. There is also the non-discrete aspect of it. Many people use vapes to be discreet about their use and smoking is the complete opposite. You will definitely smell like cannabis after smoking it.


Whether you are a fan of portable vape devices or you are looking for a disposable vape

device that makes it easy for you to get your CBD, vaping is another popular way that many

users absorb their cannabidiol. Vaping CBD is traditionally better than smoking and makes it easier for you to inhale and dose your cannabidiol. If you prefer a more convenient, exact approach to taking CBD, vaping is one way to go! Although many people look at vapes for being compatible with oils, you can vaporize dry herbs too.


There are a ton of advantages to vaping your dry herb flower. The main reason is simply for a cleaner use. Instead of using your lighter and burning the dry herb, you are just vaporizing it through a convection process rather than conduction. This is much better for anyone trying to curve hot smoke from entering your throat and lungs.


Another great reason to use vapes is their ease of use. Simply throw a small piece of herb in the vape chamber and heat it up. You can use it while walking down the street because it’s so small and discreet.


The biggest disadvantage to having a vaporizer to heat up your herbs is the battery. Smoking doesn’t require batteries, but a vaporizer will. You need to make sure you have your vape charged or you can run the risk of losing out on getting your CBD relief altogether.