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Disposable e-Cigarettes

Totally Wicked Disposable E-CigaretteOver the course of 2012 I must have vaped more than 30 different disposable e-Cigarettes. I didn’t like a single one of them. Cheaply made, lousy tasting, poor vapor production, and tremendously expensive, the disposable holds very little appeal to me. Until yesterday. Finally, someone gets it right.

More than a month ago, our friends at Totally Wicked eLiquid, long praised for their high quality eLiquids, hardware, and DIY eLiquid products, sent over to Spinfuel a package of several products for us to look at. Not for review purposes, but just to get our impression. Triple Coil Cartomizers, fancy drip tips, clearomizers, and even a TW DCT. All great stuff, sure, but they also included one of their tobacco-flavored disposables. (And I LOVE Totally Wicked’s Tobacco eLiquid)

We had gone through all the products and gave the appropriate feedback to TW, except for one, the disposable. No one bothered with it. Like me, the rest of the staff were none too impressed with disposables either, so except for the fact that Totally Wicked would, naturally, use their own eLiquid in their version of the disposable, why would any of us think it would be any different?

Yesterday afternoon I was organizing our storage closet and happened across the box, empty except for the single disposable eCig. Picked it up, read what was printed on the back and then noticed that this disposable eCig had a manual push-button! I thought to myself that here was something new that I certainly didn’t expect to see. So I opened it and started vaping.

A Very Different Disposable

There are three (3) major selling points to the Totally Wicked eLiquid Disposable; price, taste, and function. These three (3) selling points are the reason why I will no longer snicker at disposable eCigs and will, in fact, stock up on these for times when bringing along a full-blown eCigarette isn’t possible. Places like the beach, on a boat, in the various state parks, and a million other places.

Price: If you already shop with Totally Wicked eLiquid like I do then you probably already know that everyday they announce a ‘discount code’ for their online store. Whenever I see one on Twitter I’ll immediately Retweet it because sometimes the discount code is huge, at other times its moderate, but it is always worth taking advantage of. I mention the discount code because the price on their website is already low, but with a discount code in hand you can take advantage and stock up.

I’ve seen disposables for $7.99 to $14.99, but the only one that was any good at all was the expensive Blu Cigs disposable, which they now sell in 4-packs for $39.95, or $10 a piece. They’re not terrible, but they have always fallen far short of their ridiculous claim of 400-puffs, or a pack and half of analog cigarettes. Let me tell you right now, I’ve never gotten more than 125 puffs from a Blu disposable and it used to piss me off every time I stopped at Walgreens to pick one up when there was no other choice. The only other disposable even worth mentioning is Apollo Cigs disposable, which if you haven’t heard you can get one for free by visiting the Apollo website. I never did like their eLiquid though, so I can’t recommend it. (Their hardware, however, is pretty damn good.)

Totally Wicked’s Disposable is just $6.99 (today, because of the discount code, they are $4.96!). That’s a great price for a disposable with a manual push-button.


But, it wouldn’t matter if they were 10 cents if they tasted bad. Thankfully, the disposable uses TW’s own tobacco eLiquid so it tastes pretty great. In fact, after so many bad experiences with disposables I expected it to suck like the rest of them, manual button or not. But they taste better than any I’ve used before.

I’ve always enjoyed the tobacco eLiquids from Totally Wicked, so for me these disposables are like vaping one of my normal MODS with my usual eJuice. But because it’s a disposable I can jam it in my pocket or wherever I want and not have to worry about it.

Finally, there is Function. Like I’ve mentioned already, the Totally Wicked eLiquid Disposable uses a manual push-button so in order to take a puff you have to depress the button. That’s a great feature for any mini-eCig, because it allows you to get a larger and stronger puff. Combined with a high-quality tobacco eLiquid, a strong battery, and the push button the vapor from one of these TW disposables is as good as taking a long puff from an eGo-type battery. I know it sounds like I am exaggerating, but I’m not. The vapor one of these things puts out is impressive as hell.

Totally Wicked eLiquid claims 300 puffs, depending on how you vape. So far, I’m on my 244th puff and its still going strong.

I’m not about to tell you that I plan on dropping my usual large battery MOD, or give up my collection of eJuice, but what I am saying is that from now on, the next time I head out to the beach or a ocean fishing trip I’m not going to risk taking along an expensive eCig when I can grab one of these and enjoy my day without worry.

The Totally Wicked eLiquid Disposable isn’t a game-changer, and this isn’t some headline grabbing review, and I’m not even trying to get the lot of you to rush over to the Totally Wicked website. But, if you’re looking for a very decent, quite pleasurable and inexpensive disposable you can actually enjoy, then I highly recommend checking out one, or a dozen, of these babies. They cost less than $5 today, so it IS a great day to buy a few. I know I am.

Tom McBride