If you are looking towards the electronic cigarette industry today with fresh eyes and a totally impartial view, how would you see the way the sector is progressing and what it has to offer you? Can we truly expect honest vapes, or would most non-vapers be influenced by the mass media (which has not been exactly helpful for the industry) or would you expect more specific, subject focused websites, like Spinfuel VAPE which perhaps offer a greater insight into electronic cigarettes and the world of honest vaping?

Whatever your views, whatever your opinions, it looks more and more as though now is the time for a full,  frank and honest vapes debate about electronic cigarettes.

Honest Vapes - Is it Time To Debate Electronic Cigarettes?

Honest Vapes and Regulatory issues

Despite much speculation in the press (and little to no scientific support), negative comments from regulators, politicians, and other interference, the regulatory issues surrounding electronic cigarettes are far from clear. On one hand we have the European Union, apparently under pressure from those opposed to electronic cigarettes, trying to push through strict regulations while on the other the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US appears incapable of delivering anything on time. It makes you wonder if anything will get done by 2020. If it does, will there be enough understanding to show that as a smoking cessation device, vapes cannot be challenged.

Are we Being Played?

While some people might suggest that a ‘lack of regulation‘ and no long-term framework will play into the hands of the electronic cigarette industry. However, this is not necessarily the case. Far from it. Many potential electronic cigarette users would prefer to see a regulatory framework in place now. Indeed, many electronic cigarette manufacturers would prefer this as well. The lack of a regulatory framework creates the perfect environment for speculation, rumours and untruths to very quickly become “facts and figures“. And let’s not forget how panic can set in by a carefully selected story that could work toward killing off the entire vape industry.

Honest Vapes and Health issues

What do you know about health issues and electronic cigarettes? How do they compare to their tobacco cigarette counterparts? At this moment, in several studies,  there have been no major health issues identified as a consequence of using electronic cigarettes. Yet all parties acknowledge a need for long-term trials. Did this surprise you?

If you read the mass media you could be mistaken for assuming that the electronic cigarette industry is the devil incarnate and something of a “Wild West Market“. All parties acknowledge there is a need for long-term health trials, medical trials are currently underway and so far the news has been encouraging – due in the main to the fact that electronic cigarettes do not encompass the 4000+ toxins in a traditional tobacco cigarette. Many people will likely be surprised to learn that electronic cigarette companies are wholeheartedly in favor of long-term trials because this is not what opponents of electronic cigarettes would like you to believe.

Selling Vapes to Minors

The subject of electronic cigarette sales to those under the age of 18 (or 21 in some areas) is certainly a hot topic at the moment, especially in the US. And until these and other decisions are decided and made into Law, many politicians will allege the sale of electronic cigarettes to those under 18 years of age is running rampant. Despite the fact that responsible Vape Shops and Online Vendors have strict policies in place to alleviate this problem. In Vape Shops customers must show a valid ID, online they must pass sophisticated Online ID Verification.

Why in the world would responsible vape shops and online vendors take the chance selling these products to those under the age of 18? Most shops owners, online and brick and mortar, invest their life savings into their shops, and taking the chance of selling to minors isn’t worth risking their investment.

Sales to Minors Possibility is Used as a Weapon

The sale of products to underage vapers has also been heavily discussed together, with a suggestion that electronic cigarettes offer a gateway to tobacco cigarettes. This is something the Political Elite continue to push. To insinuate and use as a means of discussing further regulations and perhaps more pointedly, taxes.

Numerous surveys and studies have confirmed that electronic cigarettes are not a gateway to tobacco cigarettes and indeed the vast majority of electronic cigarette users are moving away from tobacco cigarettes. A frank and open debate on the subject would allow all parties to have their say and hopefully clarify the situation once and for all.

 Taxes from Vapes to Replace Tobacco Taxes

Time and time again governments and regulators around the world have been accused of politicizing the electronic cigarette industry with the long-term aim of replacing tobacco cigarette taxes with electronic cigarette taxes. Especially in the US, where there is a massive lawsuit payout going on for a couple of decades. Without tobacco taxes coming, those payments cannot be made.

While no government has yet confirmed that this is their long-term intention (it is) we have seen a number of state authorities in the US attempt to push through minimal taxes – at least in the short-term – on electronic cigarettes. Interestingly many of these attempts have met with resistance from the voting public and a number of draft bills have been thrown out. There will be a point in the Vaping History where we will have to accept taxes on e-cig products. The government has to get its slice, even if they don’t deserve it.

Tobacco Taxes are Declining

For a few years there has been a suspicion that governments around the world will eventually attempt to replace their tobacco tax income with electronic cigarette taxes. Perhaps if the authorities were upfront about their long-term plans they would gain surprising support from electronic cigarette users and the industry as a whole.

It is the perceived as an underhand nature with which some governments and state authorities are attempting to penalize the electronic cigarette industry which is causing a major backlash. Perhaps most are afraid that the tax levels will approach or surpass tobacco taxes.

Honest Vapes – A Conclusion

Search the internet about electronic cigarette taxes, health issues, regulations and sales policies and you would be confused. Each day seems to bring an array of contradictory comments, rumours and untruths which have in many ways cast a dark cloud over some elements of the industry.

Even though the industry has answered these questions time and time again it is the mass media, often under pressure from third parties, which has perhaps fallen short in its duty to give fair and accurate coverage of the honest vaping.

Many are now calling for an open and honest debate about the electronic cigarette industry taking in an array of subjects including all mentioned above. This will allow all parties to put their views forward, to back-up their opinions with cold hard facts and at last clear some of the mist which has descended upon the sector. But, you know what, I have a strong suspicion that in 5 years from now we’ll still be fighting this senseless war. Big Tobacco and Big Pharma, along with hysterical politicians, don’t like to lose.