Last Updated on February 7, 2016 by Team Spinfuel

BullSmokeRipOff Feature

Well, Bull Smoke (AKA ‘Martin’) said that if we published our review he would take the entire department of his marketing department and “destroy us”. Seems like he has begun his campaign.

Take a look:

So, how do we respond? Is it our turn to dig up something, or make something up (I mean, seriously, real estate? Me? Never!) No, no, that never works for either side.

I will say that it’s a very sad fact that some people in this market are thin-skinned to the point of paranoia, or that they are constantly faced with lawsuits (?) or consumer complaints that they go overboard when an eCig magazine dares to say that their starter kits are “too expensive”, that their 3rd party batteries are too expensive, and that their eLiquid is manufactured in China… I suppose so. (I can only wonder what other companies have wanted to do to Spinfuel after reading our reviews)

While it’s best to simply sit on the sidelines when someone is trying to destroy you, and we intend to do just that, we do want to make sure that OUR reader have ALL the facts. So, next week we will publish ALL of Julia’s email exchanges with Bull Smoke, as well as my own, in total. In fact, we will take screenshots of the RAW email from our mail servers so that anyone can see they are totally legit.

We believe in complete TRANSPARENCY. Always have, always will. I believe you, our readers, will really enjoy reading all of the “Behind the scenes” stuff that happens when we arrange to review a product.

My advice to any companies out there looking for a review in Spinfuel eCigs Magazine; If you cannot stand a bit of criticism, don’t send us your products.

John Manzione