Mark Benson And The Battle For Ohio

All over the US there seem to be battles breaking out between local authorities and the vaping industry with regards to regulations and taxes. The latest battle, and one which the vaping community needs to win, is the battle for Ohio with the authorities looking to introduce a tax on e liquid. This is not wholly surprising when you bear in mind the recent press from the political arena but it could be the straw which broke the camel’s back and handed the initiative back to the politicians.

What are the authorities proposing?

In a move which will surprise many people the authorities of Ohio seem to have ignored the so-called cig-a-likes and concentrated their focus fully upon e liquid. Indeed there is no talk of additional taxation on vaping devices and many will remember that the tobacco companies have been very much in favour of targeting an e liquid tax.

Local vaping shops believe that the proposed tax would effectively see the cost of e liquid treble across the state. We can only estimate the impact this would have upon the local vaping industry which is supporting an array of jobs and let’s not forget creating a new and lucrative income stream for the local authorities. Quite by the politicians are looking to effectively kill the industry in its relative infancy remains to be seen!

Are these taxes viable?

One of the main problems a successful implementation of an e liquid tax across Ohio would create is instability in the industry. Vaping enthusiasts in the state could look to neighbouring states for their vaping supplies and indeed the online arena which would not incur the state-based tax. So, you may ask yourself the question, what is the problem?

Well the main problem is that if Ohio was successful in introducing an e liquid tax this could open the floodgates for the surrounding states. There is no chance that all of the other states in the US would sit back and miss out on this potentially enormous e liquid tax at a time when the industry is still going from strength to strength. They would argue there is a need for a level playing field, they would argue that Ohio first broke ranks and the consequences would be felt by the vaping community and the vaping industry.

Is there no support for the industry?

While the Ohio authorities have been making loud noises in the media regarding a proposed e liquid tax it is worth noting that not all politicians across the state are in favour. There is still much work to be done and it is no foregone conclusion that the tax will eventually be added to the statute books but it is also imperative that the vaping community takes nothing for granted. This could be General E liquid Custard’s last stand unless the vaping industry comes together to fight the good fight.

As we touched on above, this is just the latest in an array of local battles being fought across the US and there is no doubt many more will follow in the short, medium and longer term. However, the vaping community is rising to the challenge and politicians are not having it all their own way!

Mark Benson

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