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Aspire RTA System
Vapor Authority
Score – A


ASPIRE TRITON RTA KITThis very affordable Aspire RTA is offered in its own metal tin and comes complete with everything you need to begin building your own coils for use with this perfect-fit rebuildable device for the Aspire Triton Tank. Aspire has designed the Triton Tank in such a way as to be easily converted into a full-blown rebuildable tank. This RBA / RTA system can be used only with the Aspire Triton, or optionally,  simply use the Triton as a standalone tank. (I strongly advise using only the coil heads made for the Triton, the Atlantis heads, while usable in the Triton, cut performance by about 30%)
The hardware included in the metal tin is made of high-grade surgical stainless steel, making it one of the most, if not the most, stable RTA yet. Sitting inside the Triton tank it looks solid, sturdy, and it chucks clouds with the best of them. This rebuildable atomizer allows for variedVapor Authority coil builds that will satisfy even the most creative builders in the community, although realistically an RTA will not substitute for a great RBA or RDA. It is also easy to use, so much so that it is said to be a terrific RTA for vapers just getting into the DIY coil-building hobby.

How To Use

ASPIRE TRITON RTA KITTo install the Aspire Triton RTA Kit onto your Triton tank just unscrew the coil head in the tank, screw the RTA kit on the tank, then install the Aspire prebuilt coil. If you want a lower resistance (the coil is rated at 1.8-ohms) just wrap a new coil and install onto the RTA. Once the coil is firmly attached to the posts, cut a strip of the included organic cotton, thread through the coil and fluff it out with the provided tool.

Aspire Triton RBA/RTA System Features

Stainless Steel Construction
Easy-To-Use Design
Works Only With Aspire The Triton Tank
Easily Removable
What’s in the Tin?
Aspire Triton RTA Head
Prebuilt Aspire Coil (1.8-ohm)
Organic Japanese Cotton
Spare screws
Spare O-Rings
Spare Gaskets and Seals
Coiling Tool!

Vapor Authority has provided this easy to read chart to help new coil builders in their quest for great vaping experiences. When you buy the RTA this chart is also included on the Quick-Start Card.

Gauge of wire Inner diameter Width Suggested resistance Suggested rating

26 gauge/0.4mm 3.5mm 4.0mm 0.9 Ohm 15-20 Watts
24 gauge/0.5mm 3.5mm 4.0mm 0.5 Ohm 20-25 Watts
22 gauge/0.6mm 3.5mm 4.0mm 0.4 Ohm 20-25 Watts
21 gauge/0.7mm 3.5mm 4.0mm 0.3 Ohm 25-30 Watts


I was struck with how much effort Aspire put into this new RTA system. Yes, Kanger still includes their RTA as part of the package when you buy the Subtank Mini and Plus, but at just $12.99 the Aspire RTA System is an easy to live with investment that extends the usefulness of the Aspire Triton.ASPIRE TRITON RTA KIT

The Deck is on the small size for people with large fingers, or in my case, fat fingers, though with a little patience even I could master the movements needed to attach the coil, thread the cotton strip and fluff it out to a really nice coil head.

See our review for the Aspire Triton Tank for our impressions of one of the best subohm tanks to make it to market. The Triton delivers great flavor and massive clouds of vapor, especially with High VG e juice, and using the pre-wound coil that came with this RTA I managed to get the RTA put together in less than 15 minutes, a personal best. Wrapping a lower resistance coil, .5-ohm and installing it onto the RTA took 20 minutes, testing included. (Always test first!)


A hard call here. For Vapers that already purchase the RTA’s for other subohm tanks this is a no-brainer.
The Aspire Triton is vastly superior to the Atlantis and Atlantis v2, and it’s precise construction and high-grade materials make it one of the best tanks on the market. But, you’ll pay the price. With shipping and taxes the Aspire Triton is a $50USD tank. However, if you want to build you own coils and stuff organic cotton than you’ll pass many hours of enjoyment with this RTA if you already have the Aspire Triton.

Note* If you’re satisfied with the coil heads made by Aspire for the Triton tank this is just an extra expenditure you probably won’t use much. I sit in the camp with the happy coil head users more and more, and as much fun as it was to use the RTA; it’s a lot of extra work for those of that simply want great flavor and massive clouds…both easily accomplished with the prebuilt coil heads for the Triton.


Unsure. See specific vendor warranties if you decide to buy. When we searched and we could not find any information on any kind of warranty for any of the Aspire products. Looks like you’ll have to deal with a vendor that will replace or repair defect products. Vapor Authority is really good about that.

Score: AWhy an “A”? – RTA’s provide an excellent way to get more out of your subohm tank investment. The Aspire Triton is built to last with surgical grade stainless steel and glass. It performs better than most subohm tanks and the top-filling ability, airflow controls, and all the rest make it a tank I won’t be without. Aspire released this RTA with the same commitment to quality and the size, parts, and even the metal tin, make this one heck of a RTA system. If you’re looking for a great tank with an RTA option, Aspire Triton is it.

Now if only Aspire could release a box mod worthy of consideration…

Tom McBride