Adirondack Vapor E-Juice Review

Adirondack Vapor E-Juice Review – SPINFUEL VAPE MAGAZINEHere to bring you the latest in my hunt for the most sought out E-Juices in the market, I took to numerous different websites looking for the best and most highly recommended ”Fruity” all-day E-Juice flavors. To my surprise the name Adirondack Vapor was mentioned at an alarming rate, it seemed I would have an easier time finding where Adirondack Vapor and the Summit Line was not mentioned. I had seen enough after reading about the 30th mention, and how these customers have been buying from Adirondack repeatedly for months. One of the questions I ask vape shops when visiting is exactly that ‘’What do people buy religiously or in 120ml and above amounts”. This always has always proved to work great, after all no one is going to repeat buy 120ml of a juice that they hate.

After a quick response from Adirondack using the email address provided on their website, the owners were happy to send some of their prized E-Juice out for review! Adirondack Vapor hit the scene around mid 2013 when two business partners, Shane Carter and Dave Keller, collaborated to make a Premium Top Shelf company with the mindset of offering the absolute best in service and quality E-Juice imaginable. Placid (Featured in the Summit-Line) was one of the first flavors created, which quickly became their bestseller, and everything after that was history. The owners made sure to mention that even though they had grown tremendously worldwide, they still pride themselves on their customer service as if it were still day one. On to the deliciousness that is Adirondack Vapors Max VGSummit-Line”.

“A pleasant flavor of honeysuckle with a hint of pear, strawberry, and lime”

Adirondack Vapor E-Juice Review – SPINFUEL VAPE MAGAZINE

This juice was recommended nearly every time that Adirondack Vapor was mentioned when scouting for the best “Fruity” all day vape around. The sweet smell of pear and lime explodes as you open the bottle, not the sweet you may be used to however, this is the type of natural fruity sweet you would get only from fruit in its raw form. Behind this delicious Pear Lime taste is a tiny bit of fresh strawberry hardly present but if you smell long and deep you can pick it out. Super impressive how their mixologist was able to pinpoint such organic tasting flavor, it’s obvious once tasting it why this line was so highly renowned. It was mind altering at how refreshing and clean this taste on the inhale, no throat hit, and absolute huge vapor production. The lingering organic strawberry taste brings the other two flavors out and adds to the overall sweetness of the blend. The Strawberry makes a bigger appearance in the exhale, however I still am trying to figure out where they hid the honeysuckle as I never really was able to pinpoint that flavor in this blend, though I love Placid and would not change a single ingredient what so ever. I completely was blown out of the water with how delicious this juice was, I now think they should make Pear Lime sodas, teas, candies, etc. because this flavor profile is out of this world! My only complaint is that Adirondack Vapor needs to begin selling this in five gallon, and ten gallon jugs as soon as possible.

“Kiwi, and Papaya along with other tropical fruits”

Adirondack Vapor E-Juice Review – SPINFUEL VAPE MAGAZINE

You will need a lawn chair, towels, sunscreen, and some good friends because your headed to the beach! This juice is like enjoying a mixed drink in a tropical paradise, as soon as I cracked the bottle I was craving all of these things. The smell of a rich flavorful Fruit punch blend where Kiwi and Papaya are the leading stars. The Smell is exactly what I was hoping for, this could have been horribly ruined with artificial tasting flavors but the rich freshness in this blend make it very enjoyable. The inhale gives you a strong Pineapple Papaya flavor with Kiwi complimenting it in its entirety, the exhale is where the Papaya-Pineapple shined through a bit more. The overall blend reminds me exactly like a mixed drink, the sweet freshness, the fresh tropical fruits, the only thing missing was the booze. Absolutely an all-day vape for me, And I would recommend this to anyone!

“Banana, strawberry, and a hint of red apple combine with some other slight fruit bases”

Adirondack Vapor E-Juice Review – SPINFUEL VAPE MAGAZINE

My runner up short behind “Placid”, This juice will impress any Strawberry Banana fans. That is coming from someone who personally loves a good strawberry banana and always keeps some on the shelf. The way they incorporated a few twists to this blend is genius in my opinion. Upon opening this bottle, you are reminded once again how Adirondack Vapor uses the absolute best in freshest ingredients, it’s like someone blended strawberries, a candy apple, bananas, and small amount of light cream. The inhale had me sold, a flavorful strawberry-banana milkshake like flavor, where some genius decided to incorporate a candy apple twist. Nothing but smooth, fluffy flavor and clouds with this juice, no throat hit what so ever. This juice caused me to question everything, I had never realized the Strawberry Banana Flavor I had always loved was missing something the entire time I was vaping it, Candy Apple… Who would have thought… Impressive all day vape that is so very smooth and flavorful.

“This is a refreshing blend of grape with a little watermelon, a splash of pineapple, a hint of other fruits, and is finished off with a cool crisp bite”

Adirondack Vapor E-Juice Review – SPINFUEL VAPE MAGAZINE

Menthol Lovers Rejoice! You may have just found your new all day vape! As I had mentioned earlier Adirondacks ability to pinpoint the fresh sweetness mimicked by raw fruit itself is second to none. The smell of a grape like watermelon candy or grape soda like smell came when opening the bottle, a bit of fresh menthol adding a unique coolness to the overall experience. The grape and watermelon clearly head the show during the inhale, the pineapple and menthol don’t necessarily shine through until the exhale. The exhale is refreshing, the menthol compliments the entire blend and adds to its freshness, I am very happy with the amount of menthol that was used because I feel if any more was added, it may have been just a bit too much mint. If you are a fan of Menthol, Fruity, and sweetness rivaled only by fresh fruit, then you will absolutely need to add this to the list. I’m not a huge fan of menthol and I could vape this all day no problem!

“An RY4 (Vanilla, Caramel, Tobacco) shines in Sagamore, but is followed up with notes of bakery cinnamon, and a bit of cake and cream”

Adirondack Vapor E-Juice Review – SPINFUEL VAPE MAGAZINE

Pulling out all of the stops with the “Summit Line” Adirondack Vapor shows their touch on tobacco, landing more toward the sweet side of the spectrum this was a pleasant surprise and completely different flavor profile from the other fruitier counterparts. It smells like someone let a vanilla caramel candy melt in the bottom of an expensive robust-tobacco cigarette pack. Delicious, yet different than most tobacco flavored juices I’ve tried in the past. The inhale is rich and creamy; it gives you the tiniest throat hit but I believe this to be caused due to the robust tobacco flavor. The caramel and vanilla are perfectly blended to allow this to be an exceptional all day vape and will shine more so through your exhale, if you love the tobacco flavors then this absolutely will be a great addition to your collection! I have tried some tobacco juices in the past that left a bitter, tart taste in my mouth, though this was so not the outcome with this juice. Sagamore, to my liking, was a very unique blend that deserves its spot on the top shelf amongst the best tobacco flavored E-Juices out there.

“Ripened strawberries, a variety of fresh creams, a bit of graham cracker, and a touch of vanilla”

Adirondack Vapor E-Juice Review – SPINFUEL VAPE MAGAZINE

Saratoga was surprising, the “Ripened strawberries” I could not find. It was more like a single ripened strawberry submerged in a cup of vanilla, heavy cream, and then blended, to be served on a graham cracker pie crust. I’ve tipped my hat a few times to the mixologist this review, for his ability to pinpoint such fresh flavor profiles, and the fresh smell of cream and strawberry reeking from this was exactly what was expected. The inhale was an explosion of heavy cream and vanilla, somewhere in this explosion was a Strawberry, Light in nature, though I could definitely taste a hint of fresh strawberry, the cream overpowers it a bit. The pie crust graham cracker taste on the exhale was a total win, this brings the entire mix together and in my opinion if they had not added it, this juice would be just another average tasting juice. Out of all of Adirondacks greatness I’d put this at the back, though it is a delicious desert vape, I would have liked to see the cream dialed back a tiny bit, so they could home in on the strawberry flavor a bit more. I know there is plenty that love this as an all-day vape, though for my personal palate I believe the cream needs to be dialed back a tiny bit.


Placid: 5/5 stars (top 3 best juices ever tasted)
Cayuga: 5/5 stars
Cascade: 5/5 stars
Colden: 4.75/5 stars
Sagamore: 5/5 stars
Saratoga: 4/5 stars

Overall, the best E-Juice Line I have ever tried. Each juice was a pleasant new surprise and each flavor has its own unique freshness. Would highly recommend this to every vaper!

-Nicholas J Currie

Vape Gear Used

-Triade DNA 200 / Fallen RDA
-Tesla Nano 60w / Theorem RDTA

Adirondack Website Info

Max VG or 50/50 VG/PG blend available. (I Recommend Max VG)
Sizes: 30ml, 60ml, 120ml, 250ml
Prices: $14.99 (30ml), $24.99 (60ml), $44.99 (120ml), $79.99 (250ml)”

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