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Zeus eJuice Review

Zeus eJuice is a brand of eLiquid none of us have ever tried before this review. We knew nothing about the company, or the flavor profiles, or even their reputation in the vape community. A Facebook reader highly recommended them, and asked us to do a review, so we said we would. After the review we all agreed that this was some of the best advice we’ve received. Zeus eJuice is the purveyor of some of the sweetest flavors we’ve had, and we had a ball spending 4 days vaping nothing but their eJuice. Now that we’ve had time to get to know this vendor, and their Greek-themed flavors, we think you’ll enjoy this review almost as much as we did doing the review. We have a lot to cover, so sit back, relax, have a vape, and enjoy….

On with the show!

We seek out only the finest ingredients for our eJuices and we feel what sets us apart is not only our use of the best flavorings on the market for our eLiquid, but how much of those flavorings we use. We mix our eLiquid flavors to produce the best flavor. Rest assured knowing that when you purchase our eLiquid the VG and PG are 100% USP Food grade kosher and your nicotine is 99.9% pure pharmaceutical grade.

The words above come from the Zeus eJuice website and while nearly all eLiquid creators today we do not doubt the 100% USP Food grade claims. As for flavorings and flavor, the majority of Zeus eJuice flavors we reviewed were full of flavor, and all but a couple were very sweet. If you prefer your eLiquids non-sweet then this brand is probably not for you. If, however, you enjoy a sweet vape you might have found your nirvana with this brand.

The eLiquids in this review are:

  1. Poseidon’s Poison
  2. Banana Milkshake
  3. Zeus Juice
  4. Aphrodite’s Affair
  5. Zeus RY4
  6. Medusa Juice
  7. Pomona’s Pear
  8. Khinoe’s Kooler
  9. Demeter’s Harvest
  10. 10. Gorilla Booze

PG/VG ratio is 60/40 – Nicotine is 1.8% (18mg) and 1.2% (12mg) Born August 30th, 2013 – Zeus eJuice was generous with their products, providing the flavors in both 12mg and 18mg nicotine. At the end of the review there was virtually no eLiquids left.

Options – Zeus eJuice is available is 12ML, 30ML and 50ML plastic bottles with a thin needle nose tip, making it very easy to fill any cartomizer, clearomizer or tank. 12ML bottles are $5.99, 30ML are $14.99 and 50ML bottles are $23.99. PG/VG options range from 60/40 (The House Blend) to 100% VG all the way down to 90% PG and 10% VG. Whatever your preferred ratio chances are you’ll find it with Zeus. Nicotine strengths are .6%, 1.2%, 1.8%, 2.4%, and 3.0%. The Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team vaped both 1.2% and 1.8% nicotine strengths eLiquids in our review. As would be expected the throat hit from 1.2% to 1.8% was substantial.

eJuice Characteristics – Zeus uses VG and PG that are 100% USP Food grade kosher and nicotine that is 99.9% pure pharmaceutical grade, as stated above.

All the eJuice in the Zeus eJuice lineup have been created by Zeus and most are named after Greek Mythology. Our understanding is that months were spent developing these blends, resulting in intense flavor, loads of vapor, and particularly good throat hits, especially with the 1.8% nicotine strength, but even the 1.2% strength enjoyed a decent throat hit. All the Greek-named Zeus flavors have a similar base taste, which was sweet, bordering on the ‘too sweet’ (but never exceeding it), and each one delivered a unique flavor. As you will see, there wasn’t a bad one in the bunch.

Viscosity – All ten (10) eLiquid flavors were on the thin side, causing no issues in any of the devices we used in our review. Cartomizers filled quickly and easily, clearomizers burned clean and thorough, and after 96 hours of vaping all atomizers remained in fine working order, though the cartomizers lasted about 3 refills before they became unusable. You won’t see any problems with any flavor in our review no matter what hardware you use for your personal vaping

Review Particulars

The Team – All-Stars

Once again the all-star team made up of Julia Hartley-Barnes, Tom McBride, Keira Hartley-Barnes, Jason Little, and Angel Marie are the 5-member eLiquid connoisseurs who assembled in Stuart Florida to conduct the review. Each member spent the whole of 96 hours the flavors mentioned above, and did not use any other brand the entire time.

Scoring – As usual a 1 to 5 star rating system was used in this review. The highest score an eLiquid can receive is 5 stars. Any eLiquid that is rated 5 stars by each member of the 5-person team is awarded a Spinfuel Choice Award for eLiquid excellence and artistry. Flavor, vapor, throat hit, satisfaction, complexity, and other factors play a part in each of the members score. Taste is subjective, which is why we present the impressions of 5 individuals.

Star Power

1 Star – Unvapeable

2 Stars – Vapable, but unpleasant taste, little vapor, no throat hit.

3 Stars – Not a bad flavor, certainly worth vaping, but wouldn’t buy it

4 Stars – A good flavor, delivering nice flavor, vapor, throat hit, might buy it, might not. Recommended.

5 Stars – OMG what a terrific eJuice! Excellent flavor, satisfying vapor, enjoyable throat hit, would definitely buy again, highly recommended.

5 people + 5 Stars = “You can’t lose with this eLiquid, unless the base flavor is one you don’t like. Example: Banana Milkshake – 5×5 – We loved it, but Vapers who dislike banana flavors are advised to stay away”.

Zeus eJuice – The Company Speaks

From Alan HartmanOwner of Zeus e-Juice – “We started this eJuice company for a couple reasons. The main reason is because as Vapers, we found it hard to find high quality eLiquid that was really flavorful. Many eLiquid flavors we tried we felt were lacking in the flavor strength department. You’ll find many companies offer an “extra flavor shot” as an option when you purchase them, and some even charge for it. Why? Make flavorful eJuice in the first place we say.

The second reason is that most e-liquid stores don’t offer a wide selection of pg/vg blends, if any selection at all. Many just offer one PG/VG blend ratio, and most don’t even tell you what it is. Why? Because its easier, cheaper, and faster to produce and sell, not because the Vapers of today don’t want a variety.

So in order to get the robust eJuice flavors we were looking for, we started mixing our own eLiquid. Friends and fellow Vapers tried some of our recipes and were impressed, and started asking us to make eLiquid for them. And the business grew from there. We’re still a very small family owned business that takes pride in what we do.

Our mission here at Zeus E-Juice is simple: To provide customers with the highest quality, most flavorful eLiquid at reasonable prices. 

We seek out only the finest ingredients for our eJuice and we feel what sets us apart is not only our use of the best flavorings on the market, but how much of those flavorings we use.

Rest assured knowing that when you purchase our eLiquid that you’re receiving the highest quality ingredients on the market. The VG and PG we use is 100% USP Pharmaceutical grade, and the nicotine is 99.9% pure pharmaceutical grade also. The FDA deems all of the ingredients in our products generally safe for human consumption. 

As a family owned and managed business, Zeus E-Juice is committed to, and truly cares, about you, our customers. We only sell what we enjoy vaping ourselves and stand 100% committed behind each and every eLiquid.

We are always striving to craft the most flavorful eJuice on the market, and would love to hear your opinions. Not everyone’s taste buds are the same, so if you have a comment or request let us know.”


Zeus eJuice – The Flavors

Commonalities – Each of the “Greek Mythology” flavors, or 7 out of the 10, have a very similar flavor base. In our discussions Keira said it best; “It’s as though there was a light powered sugar hit on the inhale. While the flavored all differed, that base is surely there.” All of us enjoyed this commonality of the Greek-named flavors, but we realize some Vapers may not like sweet vapes. The remaining three flavors had their own profile, though still sweet overall, which we go over below…

All the flavors submitted for review provided variable throat hits, depending on the flavor and nicotine level, and all delivered healthy amounts of vapor. When reading our impressions of each flavor it might be worth keeping in mind that the House Blend is only one of several blends you can order. Whether or not the PG/VG ratios change the flavor or other factors is something we cannot answer.

The Flavors…Reviewed

 Aphrodite’s AffairSpinfuel Choice AwardA flavorful eLiquid blend of cherries, strawberries, dark chocolate and cream comprise this flavorful creation. You first taste the chocolate which is much more milky than you thought it would be, and then comes the strawberry, or is that the cherry? The love affair some of us have with chocolate covered cherries and strawberries inspired this eLiquid blend. As Aphrodite had affairs with many gods, we can have affairs with many flavors, and this eLiquid does just that to perfection.” – Zeus eJuice

Tom: Boy, these guys are great at describing their flavors. Aphrodite’s Affair is exactly as they describe, and it is delicious! The sweet signature is present here as much as the others, but this one is a darker flavored blend with excellent proportions of each flavoring that combine exactly as you would hope. Like some of the others, I couldn’t get enough of this one, and it’s being added to my rotation immediately. 5 Stars

Julia: Incredibly flavorful, for me the dominant flavor is ‘chocolate covered cherries’, the kind with the clear liquid center, not the white creamy center. If you know what I’m talking about, and you love them as much as I do, Aphrodite’s Affair is “must have” flavor. 5 Stars

Keira: The word that comes to mind with Aphrodite’s Affair is ‘decadent’. That luscious chocolate and cherry combination is to die for. A massive amount of vapor, a wonderful throat hit, Aphrodite’s Affair is sumptuous, and rewarding like you wouldn’t believe. Try this one…you’ll love it. 5 Stars

Jason: If I could I would take this flavor and buy 100 3ML bottles and give them out to every Vaper who asks. I love Aphrodite’s Affair for its wicked and wonderful chocolate/cherry vape that doesn’t quit. I believe only Angel could taste strawberry, the rest of us swear its cherry; chocolate covered cherries. 5 Stars

Angel: Okay, I could go either way. Maybe it is cherry, or maybe its strawberry, but whatever it is, it’s luscious and satisfying on a galactic scale. I’m head over heels about Aphrodite’s Affair because the chocolate and cherry/strawberry blend is thick and delicious, the vapor is massive, and the throat hit sublime. Oh, and it’s sweet too, but you probably know that by now. 5 Stars

Demeter’s Harvest – Spinfuel Choice Award – “Six different flavors comprise this complex eLiquid blend. Those that try this eJuice state it has reminded them of one of their favorite cereals as a child. Try some yourself. We’re positive if you try it you’ll love it. See if you can distinguish all six of the fruit flavors Zeus E-Juice uses to create this amazing e-liquid.” – Zeus eJuice

Tom: This is, as Zeus eJuice describes, an eLiquid you’ll love… if you love a deep fruity flavor that is also on the sweet side. It’s not as sweet as some of the others, like Banana Milkshake for instance. I would say that if there were a dominant flavor it would be succulent peach. Personally, I loved it and added it to my rotation after the first few minutes. The flavor is richer, the vapor thicker then several of the others, and the satisfaction you get from a vaping experience like this is unbeaten. One of Zeus’s finest. 5 Stars

Julia: I have no idea what 6 flavors are used to create this awesome eJuice, but whatever they are they work… in spades. Demeter’s Harvest gives off a hint of peach, and another almost recognizable fruit (Kiwi? Nah.), but other than that, it’s the fun of big clouds of vapor, a sweet tooth’s dream come true, and the joy of tasting something incredible. 5 Stars

Keira: This is my first experience with Zeus eJuice so I don’t know if they are known for their sweet flavors or not, but 8 out of 10 of the flavors are very sweet and very delicious, and that doesn’t always work. I know this has a basis in peaches but other than that I have no clue. This is an eLiquid you should try if you like sweet vapes with peachy notes. I’m not awarding these 5 Stars just because it’s sweet though, but rather because it’s just so satisfying and enjoyable. 5 Stars

Jason: I enjoy sweet vapes as much as the next guy, so all of these flavors have that going for them. This one though, this Demeter’s Harvest, has a certain something extra, a deeper flavor than the others, except for Banana Milkshake. Demeter’s Harvest might not be very sophisticated, but it is one most people will enjoy vaping. 5 Stars

Angel: Demeter’s Harvest is a mystery to me. After the other team members mentioned peach I intuitively knew they were right, but before that I was not conscious of it. The reason I’m giving it 5 flavors is that for me, well, I couldn’t vape it fast enough or deep enough. It’s addicting, but is a good way 😉 5 Stars


Khinoe’s Kooler – “This eJuice is named from the Greek Goddess Khinoe, the Goddess of winter. This e-juice is an icy blast of Menthol along with a icy cooling agent we use in many of our cooler and drink eJuice blends.”Zeus eJuice

Tom: While I was going over the names of the flavors we were set to review I knew there would be a menthol-type when I saw the word “Kooler”. (A dead giveaway, am I right?) So, seeing as how I still don’t vape many menthol or minty flavors, or not nearly as much as I should if I’m going to review them I waited until it was the final flavor to work with. I wound up spending almost 12 hours with it, which was surprising to say the least.

Zeus says it’s an “icy” blast and they aren’t kidding. It hits the back of throat and almost freezes it. At first I coughed some, then I didn’t. Plenty of vapor from this flavor, and a big icy hit too. For Vapers looking for an icy vape this is one you should try because it’s also a sweet icy vape, which I found to be a lot of fun. 4 Stars

Julia: I apologize to our readers, and to Zeus eJuice, but I couldn’t vape it. Way too cold for me, it punched the back of my throat every time I took a drag from it. I have to imagine that there are plenty of people that would love this flavor though, just because it is so cold, or “icy”.  I’m not going to score it a 1 star because its not that it was unpleasant to the point of being unvapeable, but rather because the level of ‘ice/menthol’ was too high to vape. N/A

Keira: Julia had a fit trying to vape Khinoe’s Kooler and I just had to laugh. She is right when she says that this is an icy vape and only the Vapers that are into these types of flavors will find it acceptable. I also have to say that it isn’t menthol per se, it’s something better than that, well you know what I mean. I spent a good while with it and in the end, although I wouldn’t add it to my rotation I still thought it was a good vape. Icy, plenty of vapor, and a wicked throat hit, all for the taking. 4 Stars

Jason: The more you vape it the better it gets. You might cough a little at first, but soon after you’ll appreciate the super sweet and super cold clouds of vapor. For Vapers that love sweet and icy, this is for you! 4.5 Stars

Angel: It was the sweetness of this flavor that won me over, had it not been as sugary sweet as it was I don’t think I could have taken the icy cold blast. Not much to describe beyond that, but it does deliver a lot of vapor and a very good throat hit. Nicole LOVES this one, and many others will as well.  I enjoyed it, though I’m not sure I could take vaping it everyday 😉 – 4 Stars


Medusa Juice – “A flavorful eLiquid blend of 3 of your favorite fruits that together, in the quantities we blend with, produce a berry flavored juice that you would swear came from a tropical island. Those that try this eJuice state it is smooth and flavorful. We love this eJuice and we’re positive you will too. See if you can distinguish the flavors used to create this amazing e-juice. Some know this as Tiger’s Blood.” – Zeus eJuice

Tom: A tropical blend indeed, one in which ‘pineapple’ is the dominant flavor this time. This one is, surprisingly, not as sweet as some of the others, but still plenty sweet. Love the pineapple flavoring used in this blend, smooth but full-bodied. Lots of vapor and an average throat hit, this is a good choice for fans of pineapple. 4 Stars

Julia: I keep thinking all the Greek themed flavors are ‘variations on a theme’ with this one being the pineapple flavor playing the big part. In fact, pineapple is the only flavor I taste. I like it a lot, but given the choice I would go for Banana Milkshake or Aphrodite’s Affair, or a few of the others before choosing this one. 3.75 Stars

Keira: This is where my opinion really differs from Ms. Julia. For my tastes this is a great pineapple vape. Plenty of vapor, a mild to average throat hit, but sweet and delicious no less, Medusa Juice is one of my favorites. 4.75 Stars

Jason:  Everybody loves pineapple, right? If you’re one of the ‘everybody’ you’re going to really like Medusa Juice. Not as sweet as some of the other flavors in this review but it’s still a sweet vape, with plenty of pineapple flavor. Zeus says there is 3 fruits in this blend, and that may be, but the only one of any real significance is pineapple, and that is fine by me. 4.5 Stars

Angel: LOVE, love, love, Medusa Juice! There is such a succulent pineapple flavor in this eLiquid. I’ll choose this one whenever I feel like a tropical vape. Take long deep drags for the ultimate pineapple flavor and a huge blast of vapor. The throat hit on the other hand is somewhat weaker than the others, even at 18mg, but I didn’t care, it was still a delicious flavor. 4.5 Stars

Pomona’s Pear – “This eJuice is named from the Greek Goddess Pomona, the Goddess of fruit trees, garden, and. This e-juice is an exotic blend of Pear with background notes of Brandy and Vanilla.” – Zeus eJuice

Tom: Naturally, the dominant flavor was a juicy pear flavor, authentic and not at all very subtle. I loved it! The brandy and vanilla notes give Pomona’s Pear a distinctive, untamed taste. For Vapers wanting a heavy pear vape this is going to win them over. I’m not sure if you could call this an all-day vape though. I could vape it all day, but that hard-hitting powered sugar punch could cause a bit of testiness with some Vapers after several hours of vaping. 4.75 Stars

Julia: I have vaped many pear eLiquids, and each have been a different experience. Pomona’s Pear is a complete original. Intensely flavored with generous amount of pear flavoring, it has a harder edge to it than I imagined it would. The brandy notes in particular turn this pear flavor into something bolder than most of the others. That commonality we talk about is definitely a part of the overall experience, but the pear/brandy/vanilla flavors combine into a vape that satisfies immensely. 4.5 Stars

Keira: Of all the Greek mythology-named flavors Pomona’s Pear was the one I liked least. That said it is still a very good blend of delicious flavors. I think the brandy flavor was too ‘altering’ for me and had it been a simpler pear and vanilla I would have liked it more. As far as Vapers that have a real like of pear eJuice though, this could be a real winner. 4 Stars

Jason: This blend of pears, brandy, and vanilla makes Pomona’s Pear a near-exotic fruit vape. The brandy and vanilla change the character of the pear dramatically, and gives the Vaper a more complex and intense vape. If you don’t like the taste of pears you won’t like Pomona’s Pear, but if you do, you’ll love this one. 4.75 Stars

Angel: Pomona’s Pear is loaded with pear flavoring, more than perhaps any other pear eJuice I’ve tried. But, because of the brandy and vanilla notes you can’t really place this one is the ‘fruity’ category. It is a fruit flavored vape, but more somber than fruity. A serious eLiquid, Pomona’s Pear is a delicious, but strong-willed eLiquid, made more so by the addition of a healthy dose of brandy. 4 Stars


Poseidon’s Poison – “A tart and fruity eLiquid blend of 4 of your favorite fruits that together, in the quantities we blend with, produce a very different fruity flavor eJuice than you’re used to. Those that try this eLiquid state it has slight tartness and multiple tones of citrus. Try some of this poisonous eJuice yourself. We’re positive you’ll love it. See if you can distinguish the fruit flavors used to create this amazing eLiquid.” – Zeus eJuice

Tom: I didn’t read the descriptions until well after I had finished vaping all the flavors. When I looked back at my notes on Poseidon’s Poison I saw references to blueberry and raspberry, a bit of fruitiness, but nothing that would indicate ‘tart’ flavors. This blend is a sweet fruit mixture that would make a terrific all day vape. Most of the time I get annoyed when I can’t make out exactly what it is I’m vaping, but this time it turned into something that I wound up giving in to. I just enjoyed the mix, and the sweetness of this vapor churning juice. I’m giving this one 5 Stars

Julia: Four different fruity flavors combining into a singular, and original flavor turned out to be a marvelous vape. Add to this blend of different fruits a large serving of sweetener and you have a big, fun, blast of flavors. I really like Poseidon’s Poison, but be warned that it borders on ‘too sweet’. 4.5 Stars

Keira: Vaping these flavors forced me to admit that I have a certain penchant for sweet vapes. Poseidon’s Poison was the sweetest of them all with the right amount of blueberry (or raspberry, or both, I don’t know) and I loved vaping every minute with it. If you want an intensely sweet and intensely ‘fruity’ vape this is one you have to try. 5 Stars

Jason: Poseidon’s Poison was the 6th flavor for me in this review, so by the time I got to it I thought I was ready for the amount of flavor and sweetness in any of these juices. I was wrong. Poseidon’s Poison is a very sweet and a very fruity mixture that nearly goes over the top. Some may still find it too sweet, but man if you’re looking for something loaded with fruit and sweetness this is one for the ages. 4.75 Stars

Angel: Extremely sweet, loaded with fruity flavors, Poseidon’s Poison is one of the most potent eLiquids in this review. This one doesn’t come at you with any subtlety at all, and I was knocked over by how satisfying it was to vape. This is the one I used in the 5ML Victory Tank, and I must have vaped more than half of it before I stopped. Intense, and wonderful, though some might find it too sweet. Can there be such a thing? 5 Stars

Zeus Juice – Spinfuel Choice Award “A flavorful eLiquid blend of 4 of your favorite fruits that together, in the quantities we blend with, produce one of the most amazing eJuice flavors we have ever tasted. Those that try this eJuice state it has become one of their favorite all day vapes. Try Zeus’ signature eLiquid. We’re positive you’ll love it. See if you can distinguish the fruit flavors used to create this amazing eJuice.” – Zeus eJuice

Tom: The minute you start vaping Zeus Juice you understand why they call this their “signature” juice. It may share some of the qualities of the other Greek-named flavors but there is something really special going on with this one. Light, sweet, and fruity, this one is a guaranteed hit for any Vaper looking for a sweet treat. 5 Stars

Julia: I vaped Zeus Juice for as long as I possibly could, and that was when the last drop was vaporized by my clearomizer and I couldn’t vape anymore. This sweet and fruity blend is going on my rotation, and it should yours as well. 5 Stars

Keira: Jules and I had a blast vaping Zeus Juice together! This is a magical blend, a sweet concoction that just hit the jackpot with fruit flavors in exact proportions. All the vapor you can handle, a wicked nice throat hit, even at 12MG, and a mouth full of flavor in every drag.  I hate to use the word addiction, but Zeus Juice is an eLiquid I didn’t want to put down. 5 Stars

Jason: I could definitely tell Zeus Juice came from the same family as most of the others reviewed today, but this one just got it exactly right. I found myself taking deep and long drags and then letting the vapor wrap itself around my taste buds for as long as I could. This flavor was a load of fun to vape, and magnificently delicious. 5 Stars

Angel: Yes, we all loved this one. Zeus Juice is the best of the Greek themed flavors, but it shouldn’t be the only one that gets attention. A sweet vape that would satisfy any sweet tooth, with a brilliant fruitiness, Zeus Juice is on my rotation right now, along with a few others. 5 Stars

Banana MilkshakeA Spinfuel Choice AwardEnjoy the smooth and creamy taste of your favorite milkshake in an eLiquid. Yum!” – Zeus eJuice

Tom: Banana Milkshake is definitely one of the two best flavors in this review, and after spending so much time with them I still can’t decide if it’s the best or the second-best. The banana flavor is loaded for bear, and once again this one is just as sweet as the Greek-named flavors. Tons of vapor, a big throat hit, and the big banana flavor combine to make one hell of an eLiquid. A must have for banana lovers. 5 Stars

Julia: While vaping Banana Milkshake I had to wonder if Zeus had run out of clever Greek names because it has the very same qualities that the others do. Big flavor, in this case banana, and massively sweet, Banana Milkshake is the ultimate banana juice. A great eLiquid, but perhaps too intense for an all-day vape, though I sure as heck tried, this one deserves the Choice award. 5 Stars

Keira: Although the amount of banana flavor in Banana Milkshake is big, and I mean really big, there is just enough ‘creaminess’ to it that the word ‘milkshake’ fits the description. For banana lovers that also want something super sweet, Banana Milkshake will rock your world. If banana is not your thing, stay away. 5 Stars

Jason: I think I’m the only one to notice a hit of coolness on the inhale; no one else has said a word about it. That hit is amazing, and adds to an overall throat hit that is unmatched by the other flavors in this review (except for one other). Banana Milkshake is loaded with banana flavoring and a lot of sweetness and a hint of creaminess. It is a delicious and satisfying, a definite banana winner. 5 Stars

Angel: Here’s the deal; if you like banana flavored vapes, and a sweet vape this is a combination you can’t resist. An eLiquid with attitude, it’s like vaping a super concentrated version of banana eJuice. Banana Milkshake may not have a Greek name attached to it, but like the others, it aims to satisfy a sweet tooth like nothing you’ve vaped before. 5 Stars

Gorilla Booze – “This eLiquid is a complex Island inspired tobacco blend with mild tobacco notes. After the first vape you get hit with banana, and after that some pineapple undertones come to life. Just when you think you’ve got it pineapple jumps out at you followed by a hint of coconut. And if you concentrate, you just might distinguish two more undertones that bring this vape into completion.” – Zeus eJuice

Tom: I made a big mistake when I switched to Gorilla Booze. I had just spent more than a day with some of the sweetest eLiquids I’ve had in quite some time and I hadn’t eaten anything, brushed my teeth, or anything else. So, when I loaded a clearomizer with Gorilla Booze and started to vape it, the flavor tasted awful! I put it away, switched to another of the sweeter flavors I hadn’t tried yet and waited until morning of the following day. (I add this to the review to warn others that Gorilla Juice, or any drastically different juice doesn’t go well in a quick switch with an abundantly sweet precursor).

As a tobacco eJuice this is one of the most complex I’ve had in a while. There are so many layers to it that it takes a good dose of thinking about it if you’re trying to discern the various flavors. But just as Zeus eJuice describes, the flavors of banana, pineapple and coconut do come to life, albeit in in a very gentle fashion. An okay tobacco flavor, Gorilla Juice would be an average choice for the tobacco lovers. 4 Stars

Julia: Gorilla Juice didn’t really do it for me. Maybe because it is so different from the other flavors, or maybe its because the combination of tobacco and pineapple don’t exactly fit. Whatever it is, Gorilla Juice is not my thing. 3 Stars

Keira: Gorilla Juice took some getting used to, but once I was able to figure out the pineapple factor it got better. Although there is supposed to be hints of coconut I couldn’t detect it. Otherwise, it’s not a bad tobacco blend at all. 4 Stars

Jason: What a ball out of left field this one turned out to be. Gorilla Juice is one of the strangest tobacco blends I’ve had. There really is a pineapple and coconut vibe to Gorilla Juice and that is definitely not something you see everyday. But the point is whether or not I liked it and would recommend it. So, what I’ll say is this; if you’re looking for a very different kind of tobacco juice then you should try this one. On the other hand, if you want a straight up tobacco blend without fruity notes to it then you don’t want to try Gorilla Juice. Still, from what I’ve heard from many of my friends Gorilla Juice has a big fan base out there. Funny though, the amount of vapor from Gorilla Juice produced less vapors than the sweet Greek-named flavors. 3.75 Stars

Angel: It’s a little unfair to review a tobacco flavor among all the other sweet, fruity flavors in this review. I needed to wait more than 12 hours between my last vape, the Banana Milkshake, and Gorilla Juice, because the difference in the level of ‘sweet’ is huge. After waiting nearly a day I loaded up a clearomizer and had at it. In the end, Gorilla Juice is a different kind of tobacco-flavored eLiquid, with inventive notes of pineapple and coconut that is definitely part of the flavor profile if you look for it. Not a favorite of mine, though it certainly not bad. 4 Stars

Zeus RY4 – “This is revision #2 of Zeus’ RY4 recipe. We continually strive to improve and we felt the first recipe could use some tweaking. We blend the perfect amount of tobacco, caramel, and some sweeter flavors to bring this vape to the pinnacle of greatness. It’s complex, a little sweet, and a very smooth RY4 blend. Undertones of toffee and marshmallow are evident but not overpowering. A definite must try.” – Zeus eJuice

Tom: I haven’t enjoyed an RY4 eLiquid in months, until this one. There have been just too many flavors I’ve been trying since I expanded my flavor collection that RY4’s just weren’t in the picture. But, this one reminds me why I was vaping RY4’s nearly every day. So rich, so full-bodied flavor, and so delicious, this particular RY4 is a fine addition for the RY4 legend. Although it puts out ample amount of vapor it doesn’t put out as much as some of the sweeter flavors in this review. Nice throat hit rounds out this RY4. Recommended. 4.75 Stars

Julia: An RY4 is a very ‘dark’ tasting eJuice. By that I mean it is heavy with flavor, a particular flavor similar to all ‘good’ RY4’s. I don’t vape these often, but when I do in the future it could very well be this one. 4.5 Stars

Keira: Wow, Zeus RY4 is certainly the strongest flavor of the eJuices we’ve reviewed by Zeus. Love the full flavors of dark caramel and vanilla notes, making it a very satisfying tobacco blend. I don’t vape these flavors a lot, but for Vapers looking for a great RY4, this is certainly one of them. 4.5 Stars

Jason: That special blend of caramel and vanilla, with an overall ‘tobacco’ taste, this is one of the best blends in the RY4 category. Vape some Zeus RY4 and see why the RY4 legend continues onward. I want more! 5 Stars

Angel: Sometimes an eLiquid stands out as an excellent blend, but a blend that I wouldn’t usually vape. I have to be honest and say that while I instantly recognized this as a deep RY4, it’s too much flavor for me. For Vapers like Tom, Jason, and John, it’s a heavenly flavor and I get that, but after vaping flavors like Demeter’s Harvest, I can’t separate myself from them enough to want to vape an RY4. 4 Stars



If I had to describe this review in a single word that word would be one used over and over again in the words above and in the discussions we had…“fun”. These flavors, for the most part, were just a lot of fun to vape. We haven’t had many opportunities to vape a series of flavors that were all sweet, fruity, and delicious. In addition to the exceptional RY4 and the awesome Banana Milkshake, the Greek named flavors shared the same sweet and fruity profiles, yet managed to deliver separate ‘flavors’ in each one. It would be hard to refuse any of the flavors we reviewed, and we are looking forward to providing a sequel in the weeks or months to come.

Buying Advice – A 12ML bottle for $5.99 is a decent price for the quality of eJuice you’re getting. As the quantity goes up the price per ML goes down, but unless you’ve already vaped Zeus eJuice you might want to thread lightly. As a team we absolutely loved the way each of the Greek named flavors shared that sweet, powered sugar hit. We would not have any qualms ordering the 50ML bottles for just about any flavor we reviewed, especially the ones we thought were Choice Award worthy. We have our favorites sure, but the Zeus eJuice characteristics make for a great tasting vape no matter which flavor we reviewed. Each member of the team plans on adding several of these flavors to their eJuice collection. Best laid plan: Go with the highest rated flavors of course, or choose the ones that best suit your own flavor profile.

Last WordZeus eJuice is a very popular and well-known brand of eLiquid. Chances are many of you have already tried many of the flavors they offer. That being the case, we urge you to share your impressions of Zeus eJuice flavors so that other readers can benefit from your input as well as ours.

Tom McBride, with Julia Hartley-Barnes, Keira Hartley-Barnes, Jason Little and Angel Marie