Since the beginning of vape history, and through all the various shapes, sizes and formats of vaping atomizers, one problem has remained constant throughout. Leaking… So, when Geek Vape boasted that the all-new Zeus is a “leak-proof” 25mm RTA, we approached with cautious optimism.


It’s understandable that we’re all skeptical – companies have made “leak-proof” claims since the days of carto-tanks, but that pesky e-liquid always seems to find ways to escape the chamber. Well, the same is true of the Zeus 25mm RTA… but you know what? It’s probably the closest any company has come yet to a true leak-free experience.


Upon first glance, the 25mm Zeus is fairly bare bones. But at the same time, it’s strikingly futuristic. There’s no extra adornments or unnecessary visual enhancements, but the Zeus is still sleek and well-machined, and looks good on virtually every mod I tested it with. Geek Vape is quickly becoming known for its sophisticated design choices, and the Zeus 25mm RTA is another shining example of this sophistication.


Overall, the Zeus RTA is a squatty, compact little tank with decent 4mL capacity. Naturally, a 2mL TPD friendly edition is also available, but I don’t even want to imagine how many times I’d have to refill THAT one. Why? Because the Zeus 25mm RTA is one of the thirstiest I’ve ever used. No matter how I built on its unique raised, postless deck – single coil or double – the Zeus gulped e-liquid like no other.


And filling it wasn’t a breeze, either. The narrow-ish top fill port led to several spills and drips – something I thought we were long past by 2018. Plus, the actual top cap quickly loosens and tightens into a “locked” position, but it’s not terribly secure, and popped off several times when trying to refill. It’s not terrible and shouldn’t deter RTA enthusiasts from investigating the Zeus. But it was worth noting.


My Highlights of the Geek Vape Zeus 25mm RTA Experience

Being a supposed “leak-proof” 25mm RTA, the top airflow control ring isn’t a surprise. What IS surprising, or at least interesting, is the interior airflow design that channels air through a series of unique channels that all but eliminates gurgling and spitback. I’ve seen countless RTA airflow gimmicks over the years, but this one actually makes sense, and works like a charm. While the  Geek Vape Blitzen is one awesome RTA, perhaps the new 25mm Zeus belongs on our Best Rebuildables for 2018 as well.


Plus, the tapering dome that covers the deck allows flavor to quickly and efficiently move up the chimney, resulting in some seriously flavorful draws, with very little turbulence or gurgling.


When compared to proven Geek Vape tanks like the Ammit  (reviewed here) or the classic Griffin, (reviewed here) the Zeus is a definite improvement. While this may not be the cloud chaser that its older brothers are, the overall flavor and enjoyment are higher here. Oh, the Zeus can still fog a room, but this is a flavor-first design, make no mistake.


Based on this design, I actually liken the Zeus to the OBS Crius 2, (reviewed here) which was a huge departure from the original cloud-chucking Crius model, both in format and results. But between the two, the Zeus is the far superior vape.


Now, instead of saving the big reveal for the end, I’ll highlight it as a true feature of the Geek Vape Zeus 25mm RTAthis is a 95% leak-proof atomizer. No matter how I tried to get it to leak – overfilling, leaving the airflow open, loosening the base a touch – nothing caused the Zeus to sweat liquid through its minimal openings.


The only e-liquid I found escaping came from one incident in which I left the Zeus on its side for a stretch. This isn’t recommended for ANY vape tank or RTA, so it’s hard to vilify the Zeus for this. But if the claim is “leak-proof” then it should live up to it, hence the 95% determination. That said, under regular use, I find it difficult to believe anyone but the most ham-fisted coil builders will have any concerns about leaking.

Geek Vape Zeus 25mm RTA

  • Size: 25mm x 38mm
  • Capacity: 4ml
  • Top airflow
  • Top fill
  • 510 and 810 drip tips

Geek Vape Zeus RTA Includes:

  • 1x ZEUS RTA
  • 1x Allen key
  • 1x Spare glass tube
  • 1x Spare parts polybag
  • 1x 510 drip tip
  • 1x 510 drip tip adapter
  • 1x 810 drip tip
  • 2x Coil
  • 1x User manual
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Personal Observations about the Zeus RTA

Because I’ve amassed a small army of prebuilt coils for a range of tanks, I tend to not travel with RTAs, leaving my build kits at home. Well, the Zeus’ leak-resistant design and strong flavor performance has me reconsidering my “travel policy.”


And that’s because Geek Vape has made a damn fine RTA here. Cloud fiends will be able to build low-resistance coils and turn it into a respectable vapor producer. Flavor enthusiasts will be able to move the coils a little closer to the top of the chimney, for richer, deeper flavors. Hell, with the right coil/airflow combination, MTL fans could probably even put the Zeus into service as a decent option for their needs, too. (Though I think the airflow is a little too loose, even when nearly closed off.)


Regardless, the 25mm Zeus RTA is likely going to be one of the more versatile RTAs in your collection. It’s not the easiest deck to build upon; I’ve never felt post-less decks are as secure as the classic designs, and trimming leads the right way can sometimes present problems. But the slightly raised Zeus deck does a good job of giving users a decent amount of room to get creative.


Though the deck allows for dual coil builds, I had the most luck keeping things simple, with a larger single coil, and ample cotton to trap as much juice as possible. Unlike most RTAs where too much cotton leads to awkward throttling of juice flow, the Zeus simply devours the stuff, so there were no dry hits to be found. However, I did have to refill a LOT, even under moderate use.


(Hey, all that flavor has to come from somewhere, right?)


My only other concern/complaint about the Zeus 25mm RTA is the squatty 810 drip tip that comes installed. I know it’s the standard these days, but I feel like the flavor-focused design is better served by the 510 adapter/tip that comes in the box. With that combo installed, the rich, deep flavor intensifies considerably, making the Zeus even more enjoyable.

The Verdict

The Geek Vape Zeus is a fantastic RTA and should be on any builder’s shortlist for 2018. The nearly leak-proof design, versatile deck and strong performance will appeal to a wide range of RTA enthusiasts… and might even win over a dripper fan or two, thanks to the outstanding flavor. (Besides, they’re already used to refilling that often, anyway.)


The Zeus may be a no-frills design, and a departure for Geek Vape, but it’s a winner in every way. Highly recommended.


Score: A