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Tom McBride And The SX Mini M Class

The SX Mini M Class by YiHi is definitely a good product…but it won’t be for everyone.  So let’s review this thing…

Yihi SX Mini M Class Box Mod vs the IPV4

No Comparison – For inexperienced Vapers please note that photos and descriptions can easily lead you to think that YiHi and Pioneer4You make similar products, like the IPV4 from Pioneer4You and the SX Mini M Class by Yihi. In truth, that’s like saying a Kia is similar to a Mercedes.

When it comes to aesthetics, materials, and product ‘tolerances’ (how well the pieces fit together), The SX Mini M Class is so far above the quality of the IPV4 that the inevitable comparisons are both misguided and unfair to the genuine quality of the YiHi SX Mini. I’m not saying that the IPV4 isn’t a good device, it is, what I am saying is that the retail price of the IPV4 ($80+/-) and the retail price of the SX Mini M Class ($199.99) is the way it is for a good reason. I’ll explain more about that below…

YiHi eCigar

Yihi ECigar is the maker of this regulated mod and the creator of the super advanced SX350J chip, the heart of the SX Mini.

SX Mini M ClassThe SX Mini M Class is so welled built, using high quality materials (more on that later too) with an attention to detail that you won’t find anywhere else in this class of vaporizers. It is a powerful and intelligent mod, with the aesthetics that reek of “no nonsense”.

It is the polar opposite, aesthetically speaking, of the new Joyetech eVic-VT. While the eVic-VT enjoys advanced technology as well, it is a colorful, fun-filled box mod, whereas the SX Mini M Class shares ‘advanced technology’ but lacks the playfulness of the eVic-VT. The SX Mini is a workhorse, stripped of foo-foo features, and will appeal to vapers that would rather cut off their arm then use a yellow box mod with a racing stripe running up the side.

Zinc Alloy

Outside the grip of the SX Mini the new zinc alloy material is both smooth and cool to the touch. The SX Mini  has an industrial design; it is a marriage of form and function like. Those that enjoy industrial design aesthetics can appreciate the attractiveness of the SX Mini, others will find it rather boring and plain. Compared to the color fest that is the eVic-VT, the SX Mini is surely boring in appearance, but the boring ends there.

The SX350J

The heart of the device is the new SX350J chip. This powerful processor features temperature-limiting capabilities with Nickel (Ni-200) wire coils, whether it’s in the form of DIY coils in dripping atomizers or the nickel OCC’s of a Kanger Subtank.

Variable Temperature and Temperature Limiting

Now that more and more devices are showing up with so called “temperature control” (with even more on the horizon) this might be the right place to clear up any confusion over the words used to describe these technologies.

For mainstream vapers that have no interest in learning the details of the technology they use it is sufficient to say that a temperature controlled mod is safer to use and can control the warmth of the vapor you inhale. Nothing more really needs to be said. But there is much more to it than that. Temperature Control really means ‘temperature limiting”, in that the device will only allow the coils to heat up to a specific temperature set by the enduser. Its initial function was to prevent that awful dry hit experience. It works by sensing the temperature of the nickel wire, which changes dramatically when there is little to no eliquid around the coil. If you set the temperature to 450 degrees F then no matter what, once the coils reach that temperature it shuts down to prevent overheating, thus stopping a dry hit nightmare. For the most part, it works well. But note that eliquid or not, the temperature you set won’t be exceeded.

The SX Mini M Class box mod uses Joules in the ‘temperature limiting’ feature. However, Joules and Wattage, while not interchangeable, they are similar in the way they work and if you don’t want to bother about conversions you can experiment a little and in no time you’ll feel comfortable enough to operate the device with confidence. When not in temperature limiting mode you’ll find the friendly world of wattage at your fingertips.

100W IPV and 60W SX Mini

I know some experienced drippers that prefer the IPV4 to the SX Mini just for that extra 40w alone, never mind the superior materials and SX Mini M Classtighter tolerances of the SX Mini. I suppose that if you want that 100w, or 150w threshold, you don’t have to explain yourself to anyone. You want what you want, period, and that’s fine. Others prefer the IPV4 because it is less than half the price of the SX Mini M Class. Again, there is some justice to that and not everyone wants to spend $199 for a box mod, but in the end it is the endusers decision. But is 100w more than enough? Is 150w too much?

Power And Wasted Power

When it comes down to the official specs of the SX Mini M Class it is clear that the SX350J chip has incredible advantages over other chips. For instance, in temperature mode the SX350J allows for a super low resistance of 0.05-ohms. (Yihi suggests no lower than 0.06-ohm for best experience) That’s the lowest I’ve read about, and certainly down in the low resistance territory I have yet to travel to. I cannot imagine building a coil that winds up at half of a tenth of an ohm. Yet, despite what some vapers think of as a measly 60w, the SX Mini M Class can vape a coil that low. In wattage mode, using regular Kanthal wire the SX350J can power a coil as low as 0.15-ohms at 60w.

It should be noted that the IPV4 can achieve the 100w by using dual 18650 at 30amps, while the current form factor of the SX Mini is limited to a single 18650 battery (30amps). I’m told that there is an adapter in the works that will allow the SX Mini to utilize two 18650 batteries for a max output of 120w. I’m just not sure if they can keep the word ‘Mini” in the name if they do.

The bottom line is always performance. Yes the SX Mini M Class can fire down to 0.05-ohms, but does it maximize the flavor and vapor at 60w?

Important Specs

YiHi did not take any shortcuts when it came to outfitting the SX Mini M Class with a set of specs that are hard to believe. Here are some of the more notable specs…

…Brass spring-loaded 510 connector for a secure connection between the mod and whatever atomizer you want to use. A firm, sure-footed fire button, a perfect thread connector, Four Power Modes, a Micro-USB Charging/Upgrading Port, an Anti-Burn Technology, a Gravity Sensor System, Auto-Flip Rotary Display feature, Stainless Steel Fire Button and Fittings and that Zinc Alloy Casing… not to mention a high grade 304 Stainless steel screws on the inside and outside.

Yihi has engineered the SX Mini M Class Box mod to work with dual-mode capabilities. For instance, in Power Mode the device can be used as a variable wattage device using standard Kanthal resistance wire, while in Joule Mode the mod allows you use its temperature limiting function with Nickel (NI-200) wired atomizer coils. That’s not exactly exclusive, but the results are spectacular.

And let’s not forget to mention the SX Mini M Class Gravity Sensor system. You can adjust the device’s settings by tilting it to the left or to the right 30 degrees (once in menu mode), like some Sigelei mods. Now, I admit that I never was comfortable with navigating my settings with gravity, and it was no different with the SX Mini when I tried to do it. Perhaps some vapers will enjoy this feature.

One of the features of the SX Mini M Class that I liked more than I thought I would is the rotary display feature and its Auto-Flip Capability. When you flip your device one way or the other the screen automatically flips in the correct direction. That was definitely cool as I often change hands and even hold it differently depending on what I’m doing and being able to read the display with ease no matter what was very cool.

Dry Coil. No Liquid.

SX Mini M ClassThe Yihi SX Mini M Class Mod has a very effective Anti-Dry Burning Technology. It works by monitoring when the cotton material in the atomizer is dry, or at least semi-dry because of the lack of eliquid. When it senses the device won’t fire. The screen displays a “Dry Coil. No liquid.” Message. I discovered this feature on the first day when I vaped through a tank of ejuice faster than I thought I had. The tank went empty and instead of getting that awful dry hit it just didn’t fire. Worth its weight in gold just for that alone.

Power Modes

The Yihi SX Mini M Class has four power modes: Powerful+, Powerful, Standard, and Soft. These power modes allow you to customize your vape experience by giving you a fine-tuning feature based on the atomizer in use, as well as your personal vape preferences. Persets, M1 through M5 are adjustable as well.

Are you beginning to understand that the SX Mini M Class has more features than any other device on the market right now, and that mastering it will take days of practice and a careful read of their manual? That doesn’t mean you can’t get a great vape from it right away, it just means that as you’re learning more of her tricks you’ll have the power to fine-tune your vape in ways you’d never expect.

Let’s Not Forget Safety

The SX Mini M Class is also one of the safest regulated mods on the marker. It is equipped with Reverse Polarity Protection, Short-Circuit Protection, Low Resistance Protection, Low Battery Voltage Protection, Overheating Protection, and Lock/Unlock Capability.

Lastly, the USB port can be used for charging your device and upgrading the firmware. (Note to Pioneer4you: It can be done)

The Yihi SX Mini M Class Box Mod truly possesses the most advanced vaping technology found in any device right now.

Real World Usage Report

I received my SX Mini M Class one day after John received his. The only difference, and I think John might mention this in his video, is that I have used mine every day, every minute since getting it. I can tell you things based on my experience of more than two weeks of use.

The first thing I want to get out of the way is that after recharging the device with the USB port I decided from then on to keep a few fully charged Sony VCT4’s on hand. It is easier, and faster, to switch out the battery rather than recharge it through the USB port. Second thing is the deep battery cap. This can be a pain in the ass at first because you have to catch the threads correctly the first time or you’ll spend time unscrewing it over and over to get it just right. My suggestion is to practice setting the end cap in place so that it sits flat, and then slowly turn the cap until it catches. It won’t take long to get the feel for it.

I use flat top batteries, and as such the end cap has a little play. If you use a button top battery it won’t. Just make sure you’re using 30amp batteries.

The SX Mini M Class carries more weight than the IPV4 with dual 18650 batteries. The reason is the high quality of parts, like ‘304 stainless steel’, thick, sturdy battery compartment, a tall end cap, a solid top end 510-connector plate, and the thick material for the grip. It feels expensive; it has heft that screams quality.

The Vape

For the length of time I used the device I vaped with 3 dripper atomizers and a bunch of sub-ohm tanks. We can agree that with any “vape experience” the atomizer/tank has the biggest influence on the vapor and flavor. That said, when it comes to the performance using a lot of different atomizers and tanks, there wasn’t one that didn’t produce to its maximum capabilities. The lowest resistance I vaped was 0.1-ohm and the highest I vaped was 0.5-ohm. I vaped with Nickel and Kanthal, yet every time I enjoyed the Kanthal coils more. That really doesn’t play into the performance of the SX Mini, but its still worth mentioning.

Setting aside the various atomizers and tanks and focusing only on the SX Mini I can tell you that by the end of the second week I had 100% confidence in the SX Mini and it never mattered what I used with it. It was dependable, safe, and worth every dime I paid. The bottom line is that if I had to go out of town in the past I would always bring a couple of backup devices with me, just in case. With the SX Mini the only thing I would need to make sure to bring along is a couple of extra batteries and my Nitecore charger.

If I Lost The SX Mini M Class Would I Replace It?

 Absolutely. Without hesitation.

Instead of recommending this device to any vaper, I will qualify it some: If you look at the Joyetech eVic-VT and think to yourself that this device is the one you have to have, then the SX Mini is not for you. This almost “military grade” box mod is for vapers that explore vaping practices, vapers that want to build various types of coils, vapers that want to explore the lowest resistances in a safe way. The SX Mini M Class is not a “fun-filled” vaporizer; it is a workhorse. It ain’t the prettiest girl at the dance, it’s the one you want to bring home and introduce to your parents. It’s your life long companion.

Want One? Click Here: YiHi SX Mini M Class

Tom McBride

Yihi SX Mini M Class Features:

  • Temperature Control and Limiting
  • Can Be Used With Nickel (NI-200) wired Coils While in Joule Mode
  • Four Power Modes
  • Micro-USB Charging Port
  • Anti-Burn Technology
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Gravity Sensor System
  • Auto-Flip Rotary Display
  • Stainless Steel Fire Button and Fittings
  • Zinc Allow Casing
  • Up to 120W of Power Output (60W With Single Battery)
  • Wire Area Fire Button
  • Uses The Advanced SX350J Chip
  • Buck-Boost / Boost DC-DC Converter
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • Low Resistance Protection
  • Low Battery Voltage Protection
  • Overheating Protection


Yihi SX Mini M Class Specifications:

  • Casing Material: Zinc Allow
  • Center Pin Material: Brass
  • Fittings and Fire Button Material: Stainless Steel
  • Joule Output: 10J – 50J
  • Temperature Output: 200 degrees to 580 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Voltage Output: 1V – 9.5V
  • Maximum Wattage: 60W (single battery) / 120W (two batteries)
  • Battery: 18650 Battery – Must Be 30A or Higher (NOT INCLUDED)
  • Resistance Capability (Temperature Control Mode): 0.05 Ohms – 0.3 Ohms
  • Resistance Capability (Wattage Mode): 0.15 Ohms – 3.0 Ohms
  • Height: 3.7 Inches (94 mm)
  • Length: 1.63 Inches (41.5 mm)
  • Width: 0.98 Inches (25 mm)

Yihi SX Mini M Class Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Yihi SX Mini M Class Box MOD
  • 1 x USB-to-Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Gift Card
  • 1 x Gift Box

From Vapor Authority:

 Important Notes About The Yihi SX Mini M Class Box MOD:

Must be used with 18650 batteries that are 30A or higher

To use temperature control mode, you must used coils made of Nickel (NI-200)

Make sure to turn the device off before removing the battery

This device is for advanced vapers only

Take the time to read through the manual THOROUGHLY! The manual will not only familiarize you with this device, but will also provide you with very important safety information.