Yakuza – Atom Vapes Box Mod

One of the coolest, high performance box mod and sub-ohm tank kits will soon be available for discerning vapers looking for a vaping device that is truly innovative, moderately priced, and equipped with cutting edge tech, the likes of which we’ve not yet seen in the vape community. That device is the Yakuza, a 70W ceramic mod and tank by Yakuza Kit, and I can tell you, in all honesty, this original work of art will satisfy vapers who are brand new to vaping, or old pros who have a preference for ceramic coils.

The Yakuza comes from Atom Vapes, makers of some of the most attractive mods on the planet, as well as the makers of the hugely successful gClapton replacements coils and the high grade ceramic coils called gCeramic coils for an expansive line of tanks. The Yakuza encompasses everything Atom Vapes has learned from its years in the business, all neatly tied up in a beautiful mod, tank, and ceramic coils with one goal in mind; to satisfy the demands of vapers looking for something special, and something that performs.

About the Yakuza Box Mod

Sculpted with fine ergonomic contours that cause the mod to rest comfortably in the palm of the users hand, and a finish that is both durable and slip free, the Yakuza box mod is one sexy beast. Aesthetics aside, the Yakuza is one well thought out mod and tank that I have been enjoying for days now.

Innovative, Powerful, Modern

Yakuza Atom Vapes Box Mod Review by Spinfuel eMagazineThe brain of the Yakuza mod is the original, Atom Vapes OS (operating system), an OS  that is both smart and user friendly. It was developed to allow the user to make adjustments in the minimum number of steps and clicks possible. With the manuals (manuals for the tank and the mod) in hand I spent the first hour getting familiar with the operating system and was totally impressed by how easy it was to get around.

Getting Around the Yakuza Atom OS

The Yakuza is a 5-click On/Off device. To get into the OS the user clicks 3 times. Once inside the Atom OS changing modes, wattage,  and temperature is about as simple as it can be.

The user changes modes by using a series of 3-click actions. No more holding down and pressing multiple buttons to navigate between the various modes. With a single thumb, the user begins with 3 clicks to get to Temperature Control Ni200 mode, another 3 clicks get the user into Temperature Control Ti, 3 more clicks take the user into MekMod (Bypass mode), 3 more takes the user into Wattage mode, and then Wattage Ceramic Mode.  The Yakuza Tank is equipped with an Atom Vapes gCeramic 0.9-ohm coil head, so the first mode you’ll want to set the device to is Wattage Ceramic, a custom mode that is perfect for ceramic coils, and its worth talking about…

Wattage Ceramic Mode

The wattage ceramic mode is a custom setting in the Atom OS that optimizes the mod for ceramic coils. Using this mode with your ceramic tank (the Kyodo tank or any ceramic tank) will increase the life of the coil by 30%, reduce consumption Yakuza Atom Vapes Box Mod Review by Spinfuel eMagazineof e liquid by 22%, and extend battery life by 26%. The Atom OS does this with a special algorithm for wattage mode; the wattage is stepped up gradually until it hits the preset wattage and then steps back down gradually as the fire button is pressed. Most of the time spent with the Yakuza mod and Kyodo tank has been in Wattage Ceramic mode and I can tell you, the difference is noticeable, and the vape experience is wonderful. Rich full flavor, deep, thick clouds of vapor, and never a dry hit or dry burn. It’s like having temperature control for ceramic coils while in wattage mode. Wonderful!

Some may ask what the difference feels like between straight up Wattage mode and Wattage Ceramic. With Wattage mode the user can pull on the drip tip as hard and as fast as the user wants. While this is fine for Direct Lung vaping the risk of dry hitting the ceramic coil is possible. In Wattage Ceramic mode if you pull too hard or too fast the power decreases instantly and a warning is shown on the display: “Slow down.”  That said, Wattage Ceramic is fine with Direct Lung vaping style.

That reminds me; like the best Temperature Control mods, the Yakuza allows the user to set the wattage while in Temperature Control mode, giving the user nearly unlimited settings to find the perfect vape.

Super-Fast Charging  

Yakuza Atom Vapes Box Mod Review by Spinfuel eMagazineA first for our market, the Yakuza has incredibly fast charging of the battery with a 3-amp charging system. While the Yakuza features a magnetic battery door for quick and easy battery swapping, the super-fast charger can recharge the 18650 battery in 1 hour. The exclusive chipset in the Yakuza allow for 5v 2.5-3-Amp charging. If you use a wall adapter and the supplied USB cable your 18650 will charge 100% in 60 minutes. Using the supplied USB cable and your computer will charge the battery in 90-120 minutes.

Apple Lightning Port

When I first heard about the Yakuza the one thing that caught my attention was the new Apple Lightning port. (The Yakuza also offers the usual Micro-USB port). A first for any mod, the Yakuza allows the user to charge the device using the same cable they use to charge their iPhone and iPad. That really caught my attention because it sometimes feels as though the vaping industry pays short shift to Apple users. Not anymore.

Heat Dissipation

The Yakuza mod and Atom Kyodo tank both have extraordinary heat dissipation properties. Even at 60w or 70w, I never experienced an uncomfortably warm mod, tank and especially the drip tip. I can’t say that about many mods and tanks, or even drip tips, and although I’m not exactly sure why the head dissipation is as good as it is, I believe it is the unique finish on the parts.

The exterior of the Yakuza mod and the Kyodo tank is not a rubberized paint, nor is it a metal finish, it’s something else entirely. It has a matte feel to it, and it is both soft and hard at the same time. It feels luxurious and rich, yet tough as nails. And the job it does at dissipating heat is amazing. Yakuza Atom Vapes Box Mod Review by Spinfuel eMagazine

Modern Protection

A spring loaded 510-connector, copper connection PIN, plenty of venting, and a resistance range of 0.1-ohm to 2-ohm round out the deluxe features of the Yakuza. In addition, the safety features run the gamut, including overcharge protection, short circuit protection, overheating protection, and all the other safety features we have all come to expect.

The Kyodo Tank

The matching sub-ohm ceramic tank is coated with the same heat dissipation finish that is used on the Yakuza mod. It features a frosted glass chamber with a capacity of 4mL. It’s airflow system feature two large cyclops style airflow holes that are fixed into position with clickable turns of the base. The drip tip is removable, and features grill-like heat dissipaters. The heart of the Kyodo tank is the gCeramic 0.9-ohm ceramic coil head, known for its superior flavor and vapor properties. Inside the box are a couple of gClapton coils as well.

I’ve reviewed and used many sub-ohm tanks and each of them is different from the last. While the Kyodo may not feature a top-fill or side-fill system like some tanks on the market, I have to place the Kyodo in the top 5 tanks I have. The reasons are many, but here are a few;

  1. The drip tip stays lukewarm no matter how I hard I push the mod.
  2. It is the perfect height and width for my personal preference.
  3. The frosted glass with the word “Atom” imprinted is stylish.
  4. The Kyodo tank was designed for the gCeramic coil head.
  5. With more than 25 tank refills not a single drop has leaked.
  6. The clickable airflow holds its position securely.
  7. The flavor and vapor are truly marvelous.

Yakuza in the Real World Usage

The Yakuza Starter Kit (which includes the Kyodo tank) is a completely original device. The Atom OS works, using the device is easy, straightforward. The Wattage Ceramic mode is a boon to the vape community. All great things, but how does it work in the real world?

Yakuza Atom Vapes Box Mod Review by Spinfuel eMagazineI was visiting a friend’s newest photography show over the weekend and I must have had half a dozen people compliment the “sleek and sexyYakuza. Everyone was amazed by the size of the clouds I created and the three people there that are vapers themselves told me that simply had to have one. Mine is red, and that might have helped bring attention to it, but its upside down triangular buttons and the V-shaped display certainly didn’t hurt. When I told them it featured a Lightning port for Apple users that was all they needed to hear. This is attention to detail, this is attention to the modern vaper.

Because I wanted to use all the modes the Yakuza offered I used several different sub-ohm tanks, and they all worked perfectly, except the Horizon Krixus, which felt as though it could handle a bit more wattage. Other than that, I would have to make something up if I wanted to criticize this setup. I guess I could say something stupid like “At 70W it falls far below the needs of the common vaper”, but that’s simply wrong. The vast majority of vapers today never exceed 40w, much less 70w, so for 9.5 out of 10 vapers the Yakuza is an excellent choice.

The Yakuza box mod and Kyodo tank kit is an excellent setup for new vapers and old pros, as I said above. But more than that, this is a kit that exceeds the demands of most vapers. It’s very attractive, it feels great in the hand, there is no worries at all about heat, and the flavor from the gCeramic coil head is rich and the vapor is abundant. For about $90USD, this is a kit I would be proud to recommend.

Grade: A+

Available in Black, Red, White, and Green, the Yakuza Kit is a truly innovative and smart device for any vaper at any stage.”

Julia Hartley-Barnes

Neither Julia or Spinfuel will earn any type of commission on this, or any other product, reviewed in Spinfuel. Reviews here are based only on personal experience and ample time with the product to make a determination on the value and benefits of the product reviewed. No one product is right for everybody, we urge readers to examine their own wants and desires before spending a dime on any product.


  • Output wattage – 70w
  • Supports: Ti Ni, VW and also Mech Mod Mode
  • Requires One 18650 battery (Not Included)
  • Easy to read display

What’s in the Box:

  • 1x Yakuza Mod 
  • 1x Kyodo Tank
  • 1x Extra Pyrex Glass Casing 
  • 1x Heat Dispersion Drip Tip 
  • 1x gCeramic Coil (0.5Ω 25-100w)
  • 2x gClapton Coil (0.4Ω 25-45w)
  • 2x Extra Silicon Rings
  • 3x Vinyl water resistance Yakuza skins)
  • 1x User Manual – Yakuza Mod
  • 1x User Manual – Kyodo Tank