The X.Jet line of clearomizers has already impressed me in the form of the X.Jet Spider. So, as you can probably imagine, I was delighted to get my hands on the “Mini Nova” tank version of the X.Jet and put it through its paces.

I used the X.Jet Vivi Nova with 24mg strength “Slartibartfast” from The Vapor Chef, as well as with 24mg “Gold Reserve” from Johnson Creek’s Kiln House line and 24mg “Johnny Appleseed” from Rocket Fuel Vapes. You may have noticed that these liquids are all tobacco flavors, both NETs and tobacco+fruit infusions. The reason for this selection of liquids was simple — I know tobaccos. I know these vapes, and I know how they should perform, both in X.Jet’s other offerings, like the X.Jet Spider, and in competitors’ devices like the Kanger Aero tank and iClear 30B.

The X.Jet Vivi Nova got 24 hours of exclusive use, and was powered at 8.5 watts on the Innokin iTaste SVD, for the sake of consistency.

The presentation of the Vivi Nova version of the X.Jet is right in line with the presentation of the X.Jet Spider — it arrives in a black, pinstriped paper box with a plastic window through which one may view the clearomizer itself.

Once opened, you will find that a gray plastic tray holds the clearomizer itself along with a pair of replacement heads, typically of 1.8 ohms resistance.

The X.Jet Mini Nova is a beautifully built device. Its internal layout is a near match for its smaller cousin, the X.Jet Spider, meaning that it is a 510-threaded bottom dual coil device. Where it differs from the Spider is merely in its internal volume and external materials.

Where the Spider delivers approximately 1.6ml of eliquid capacity, the Vivi Nova delivers an eliquid capacity on the other of 3ml. Where the Spider comprises a polycarbonate tank sheathed in pastel-hued aluminum with a pair of “window” cutouts, the Vivi Nova edition eschews the aluminum sheath for a clear or tinted transparent polycarbonate tank wall that allows the user to see his or her eliquid level at all times, at a glance.X.Jet Mini Nova Review Spinfuel eMagazine

Knurled top and bottom caps sandwich a tank wall made of polycarbonate; this tank wall comes in a rainbow of colors including clear, smoked, pink, red, purple, blue, green, and gold. It is then topped with a black delrin or plastic mouthpiece which is comfortable and well fitted to the top cap it adorns.

At the other end of the device, we find the 510 connection threads. Airflow is provided through the base of the threads up into the tank itself. The threads, for their part, are perfectly executed, providing the user with a solid and sure footing when screwing the X.Jet into the PV or APV of one’s choice.

When it comes to performance, the X.Jet Mini Nova edition is simply stupendous. Run at 8.5 watts on the APV of your choice, the X.Jet delivers more vapor, more throat hit, and more flavor than any other device in its class with the exception of the Aspire Vivi Nova, and the only reason for the close performance match is that both of these devices use the same heads to handle the same internal volume of eliquid.

However, in my real world experience, I do find myself preferring the X.Jet version of the Vivi Nova over the Aspire version, for one simply reason which reaches beyond the cosmetic and into the practical:

The fully transparent, un-sheathed tank wall.

I, personally, prefer function over form. To me, it’s more important to know how close I am to needing a refill than it is for my device to look “buttoned up and dressed up.” The Aspire Vivi Nova looks dressed up. And while that’s fine in situations where you’ve got a whole surplus of ambient light to use to peep into a slotted window to check how much eliquid you have left in your device, that’s just fine.

If I were to go to a vape meet or a red carpet event and wanted the capacity and performance of a bottom dual coil Vivi Nova, you bet it’d be the Aspire version that I’d reach for. But in an every day environment, no dressing up, no showing off, with pure performance and practicality as my goal, it will be the X.Jet Vivi Nova I reach for. Every time. It’s just that important to me to see how much eliquid I’ve got left, at a glance.

So who do I recommend the X.Jet Vivi Nova to? Anyone who needs or wants a clearomizer with outstanding performance characteristics, above average eliquid capacity, and good but not fancy looks.

And at the price point that these devices go for, you just can’t beat them. Again: Performance. Capacity. Good looks. No nonsense. If those qualities are what you want in a clearomizer, then run, don’t walk, to and get ‘em while the getting is good.

John Castle