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The Review of the Wotofo Profile 1.5 RDA –  Too often, as reviewers, we criticize companies for not innovating enough. Then, when they respond with truly forward-thinking products, we then turn the tables and explain why they should have never changed things in the first place.


In this case, the mesh-coiled Profile 1.5 RDA from Wotofo seems to be an attractive, unique new take on drippers. And in many ways, it does push the bar. But replaceable mesh coils are no longer new or novel. So they had better perform if we’re going to give it any digital ink.

Let’s take a closer look, starting with the specs.

airflow - Wotofo Profile 1.5 RDA (w/ (x Mr. Just Right) ReviewCheck out the Wotofo Profile V1.5 24mm BF RDA, improving and enhancing the original Profile RDA design with upgraded features to create a more satisfying squonking vape experience for the latest reiteration in the Wotofo Profile RDA lineage. Equipped with a larger mesh coil build deck, the Profile 1.5 has an improved build deck, proportionally increasing the build deck by 1.4x the original size. Keeping and maintaining various parts of the build deck, the ceramic spring loaded center support has grooved tracks to allow for the cotton to stay in place, as well as, guide any squonked eJuice throughout length of wicking cotton.

Wotofo Profile V1.5 24mm BF RDA Features:

  • 24mm Outer Diameter
  • 5mm Build Deck Diameter
  • Deep Juice Wells
  • Superior 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Dual Clamp Style Build Deck
  • Side Secured via Phillips Screws
  • Grooved Spring-Loaded Ceramic Cotton Support
  • Single Mesh Coil Configuration
  • Wotofo nexMESH Series
    • 15ohm nexMESH Chill A1
    • 13ohm nexMESH TURBO A1
    • 16ohm nexMESH EXTREME A1
  • German PEEK Insulator
  • Adjustable Bored Airflow Control Top Cap – 3 Airflow Settings
  • 810 Resin Low Profile Drip Tip
  • Threaded 510 Squonking BF Pin
  • Available in Black, SS, Gunmetal, Gold, Blue, Rainbow


  • Wotofo Profile V1.5 RDA
  •  User Manual
  •  Extra 810 Drip Tip
  •  Bending Tool
  •  Accessory Bag
  •  Allen Key
  •  Cross Head Screwdriver
  • 3x 6mm XFiber Cotton Strip
  •  0.15ohm nexMESH CHILL A1
  •  0.13ohm nexMESH TURBO A1

Aesthetics of the Wotofo Profile V1.5

Do we really need to describe the look and feel of a dripper? Even with a rarer two-clamp mesh deck in place, this is about as traditional an RDA design as there is. That said, the Profile 1.5 is plenty attractive, and the airflow openings certainly presents a lot of control over the vaping experience.


Inside the box, there’s the 24mm Profile 1.5 RDA, an extensive spare parts bag, a squonking pin, a small information card, and three pre-cut mesh strips that easily slot into place for effortless builds.

cotton - Wotofo Profile 1.5 RDA (w/ (x Mr. Just Right) ReviewThe machining is top-notch, as is the overall quality of the build. Two rows of well-spaced side airflow slots let you know right away that this device is ready for maximum cloud production, even with no quirky, gimmicky bottom or top-cap airflow slots to speak of.


I should mention the snug way the Profile 1.5 fits together. Most new products seize a little bit. But they’re a drop in the proverbial bucket compared to this dripper. After some serious muscle, you’ll get the Profile 1.5 RDA apart, and I’m sure a little time (and errant e-liquid) will help soften these industrial-strength o-rings. But out of the box, the Profile 1.5 requires more physical manhandling than I was prepared to offer.


Once apart, the build deck jumps out immediately. The linear posts have flat clamps in place (operable with a Philips-head screwdriver) to lock the included mesh strips into a cylinder shape across the inside of the deck. These clamps were fairly easy to operate, and again, the machining was smooth and error-free.

Vaping the Wotofo Profile 1.5 RDA


Compared to previous entries in the rebuildable mesh atomizer sweepstakes, the Profile 1.5 is far easier and more user-friendly than the old guard. Compared to the now-second nature installation of wire coils, these micro-thin strips can still be a little unwieldy, but a steady hand and adequate lighting will go a long way toward making the process more accessible.

Inside the box, Wotofo was nice enough to include three similarly styled (but aggressively named) strips. They are:

  • 15ohm nexMESH Chill A1
  • 13ohm nexMESH TURBO A1
  • 16ohm nexMESH EXTREME A1

You know what? I’ve spent some decent time with the Profile 1.5 this week, and I’m still not sure I could tell the difference between the coils if asked. All you need to know is that Wotofo hooks up users with three long-lasting, high-performing coil strips that do their job, both with flavor and vapor production. And that’s more than most ever will.

Pre-Cut Strips

gold - Wotofo Profile 1.5 RDA (w/ (x Mr. Just Right) ReviewAs we referred to above, the pre-cut strips do a good job of making it easier to build. But don’t think this is something you’ll be able to slap together in a few seconds like a prebuilt coil head. You’ll still need to check the coil positioning, wick diameter, and even your screws to ensure there’s no slippage. I didn’t do this the first time, and an errant thumb managed to dislodge my entire coil strip, putting me back at square one.


Bottom line, when the Profile 1.5 RDA is fully juiced and ready, it offers a good vape. But keeping it at this level is a constant back and forth of dripping and reassembling, with relatively few “perfect” puffs in between these efforts. When used as a standard RDA, the performance is almost as good, with ample vapor output. But if you have a squonk mod, be sure to try it that way first – I’m not sure you’ll want to use it as a standard dripper after doing so.

Priming the RDA

When primed, I managed to create several notable clouds, which had good flavor and thick vapor density. These puffs go away fairly quickly, once dry hits ensue. In other words, it’s absolutely MANDATORY that you keep the ample cotton strips (also included in the box) wet at all times. Obviously, squonking makes this easier.

colors - Wotofo Profile 1.5 RDA (w/ (x Mr. Just Right) ReviewOnce you figure out the right amount of juice to have in the fairly deep juice wells, though, you can rest easy. The Profile 1.5 delivers the rich, deep flavor you’d expect from a dripper. And the smooth, no nonsense squonk performance ensures it doesn’t have to be a huge hassle.

Surface Area of the MESH

It should be noted that the tremendous surface area of the mesh naturally leads to an excess of heat on the Profile 1.5 stainless steel body. The Delrin drip tip on the. Wotofo Profile does a nice job keeping the heat away from the mouth, even during longer hits. But those sensitive to heat around their mouths may want to note this.


One other complaint (not specific to the Profile 1.5)? Why are we beginning to shrink these atomizers again? After a year of bigger and better devices, suddenly we’re back to 24mm as a standard for RDAs. While the “build” area doesn’t need to be any larger, the Profile 1.5 looks a little diminutive on today’s larger mods.


  • Rich, deep flavor quality
  • Easier to build than previous mesh strip RDAs
  • Good airflow control options


  • Still finicky to build if you’re in a cramped environment
  • The three included coils aren’t different at all
  • Hard to keep the ample wick juiced for very long

Bottom Line of the Wotofo Profile

Though they’ve been out a while, mesh rebuildables are definitely here to stay, and the Wotofo Profile 1.5 RDA is a perfect example as to why. It’s a capable dripper on its own, but with the squonk-ready hardware in place, the unique mesh strip coils allow for some truly tasty vaping.


It’s not nearly as revolutionary as the box might have you believe, but Wotofo armed the Profile 1.5 with a perfect amount of spare parts to make it a good, solid RDA purchase, during a time when they’re few and far between.

Score: B+

Wotofo Profile 1.5 RDA (w/ (x Mr. Just Right) Review