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The Wofoto nexPod, a pod-based Disposable system is the first original system in a very long time. The nexPod is meticulously designed, elegantly crafted, and is presented as a real solution for the vape industry, and its customers who are tired of cheaply made, closed-system pod mods that are used once and thrown away. NexPod is best pod-based disposable on the market.

What is the Wotofo nexPod

The Wotofo nexPod is the new-for-2023 pod system that combines the advantages of a disposable vape with a long-lasting pod system. At first glance it looks like a box mod, a carefully crafted, high quality mod that does not require maintenance of any kind.

THE NEXPOD BY WOFOTO – THE BEST RECHARGABLE POD SYSTEM EVER MADEUsers of the nexPod simply slide an 8mL or 10mL cartridge to the port of the mod and enjoy large clouds of vapor of exquisite flavors. It’s a perfect care-free vape device that provides a vaping experience you would expect from open-system box mods and tanks, but at a fraction of the cost of an open-system box mod.

Users of the nexPod replace only the large, prefilled cartridge (8mL or 10mL sizes). Offering 18 different flavors, in 20mg or 50mg nicotine-salt e-liquids, the nexPod cartridges are as delicious as they are unique.

Always at the ready, the box mod itself lasts years, while the 8mL or 10mL cartridges last days (when compared to normal vaping habits of most users).

8mL and 10mL Cart’s – Puff Counts of the Wofoto nexPod

THE NEXPOD BY WOFOTO – THE BEST RECHARGABLE POD SYSTEM EVER MADEWofoto tells us that the nexPod 8mL cartridge provides a full 3500 puffs from a single pod. The 10mL version provides 5000 puffs. In my everyday experience with using the nexPod for a month I can attest to these puff numbers as being conservative.

One Battery and Unlimited Pods are Hallmarks of the nexPod

The nexPod is cost-efficient in addition to being a top performer.

The battery, contained in the box mod unit is capable of more than 400 recharging cycles. A modern Li-ion battery now lasts even longer than box mods made during the peak box mod era.  Because of this new battery the Wotofo nexPod will be in use years down the road.

Wofoto nexPod Features

The nexPod has a unique elegant and eye-catching design made from anodized aluminum finishes in several colors. The exquisite and futuristic appearance provides the nexPod device with an extraordinary lifespan and a durability not found in most modern disposables and pod mods. The nexPod is complete “rethink” of both the disposable vape and the pod mod system.

The Wofoto nexPod Cartridge Slot

THE NEXPOD BY WOFOTO – THE BEST RECHARGABLE POD SYSTEM EVER MADEThe pod slot in the Wofoto nexPod is a water resistant slot that protects the device from damage that can be caused by leakage and condensation.

The nexPod has a built-in “nexChip” that ensures a wicked fast fire response, along with all the modern and necessary safety features found in more expensive systems. These safety features include short-circuit protection, overcharging protection and over-discharging protection, plus a puff-time cut-off feature.

The nexPod Cartridges Provides Authentic Flavor Fidelity

The Wofoto nexPod features a 1.1-Ohm mesh coil designed by Wofoto’s nexMesh Technology, along with a delicious premium e-liquid. Together you get faithful flavors in clean yet large clouds of flavor-filled vapor. Like the nexPod box part of the kit, the cartridges are also anodized aluminum.

The vape juice in every nexPod cartridge is created by WotofoLab team. Its nexMesh coil made by Wofoto is known for its excellent firing speed and reliable and surprisingly good flavor output. Whether it’s the first puff of a new cartridge, or the last puff, the flavor fidelity, and vapor production is the same high quality, every time.

My Wofoto nexPod Experience

When I received my review unit, the Wofoto nexPod case included a vape pen battery as well as the box-shaped battery. Both included USB-C ports, and both were made for the nexPod cartridges. I was immediately enamored with the nexPod design, and its unique features. This felt like something big, something different, and it turned out to be something remarkable.

As I do with all battery driven devices, I charged up both the box and stick mods. As I waited for the stick pen to charge fully, I began looking through the assortment of flavors in the box.

I knew I was going to get through all the flavors, but it reminded me of looking through a box of chocolates trying to decide which one I could choose first; a caramel or crème-filled coconut.

First Flavor – It Hits Different

THE NEXPOD BY WOFOTO – THE BEST RECHARGABLE POD SYSTEM EVER MADEFor my first foray into the Wofoto nexPod experience I chose Pina Colada. As I indicated above, I chose to use the NexPod Stick, and after removing the sticker sealing up the battery connector, and the soft plastic tip sealing the mouthpiece, I gently moved the cartridge over the top of stick and lowered down into the opening. Once the cartridge was halfway in the magnetics pulled down the cartridge and held it firmly in place.

Side Note* I’ve used dozens upon dozens of disposables and pod mods over the years, along with some of the best box mods and sub-ohm tanks ever made. I’m not sure what I expected after a gentle pull on the comfortable mouthpiece, but the actual experience was phenomenal.

There was no guessing what the flavor was, despite the “icy flair” built into the flavor. It was one of the best Pina Colada flavors I’ve ever vaped. The immediate flavor was a sweet tropical blend with undertones of coconut. On the exhale was a pleasant and not overpowering menthol, or icy taste.

After 20 minutes or so with Pina Colada, I put a Strawberry Mango cartridge in the box mod part of the system. Again, a clam icy blend over a definite blend of sweet mango and lush strawberries. I loved it every bit as much as the Pina Colada.

The nexPod Box and Airflow

THE NEXPOD BY WOFOTO – THE BEST RECHARGABLE POD SYSTEM EVER MADEOn the bottom of the box mod unit is the USB-C port and a slide airflow function. This simple addition of airflow lifts this device above everything that came before. You can restrict airflow as much as you want, or if you’re brave enough, slide the airflow to maximum and take DL (Direct Lung) hits from it.

I think using the device as a DL unit would be easier with the 20mg nicotine-salts over the 50mg nicotine salts. The throat hit with a DL hit using the 50mg cartridge pack a wallop.

During the next couple of weeks I spent a lot of time with each cartridge/flavor and developed several favorites. When the time comes to reorder more cartridges, I’ll know which ones I want more of and which ones I don’t.

Purchasing New Cartridges/Flavors

Vapers can order and reorder individual flavors, replacement box or stick mods, or the complete kit at Wofoto directly. The nexPod is also available at several local vape shops and online vendors. Some vendors sell packs of 10 cartridges at considerable savings, and when buying in packs or bundles, you can choose each flavor you want in any combination you want.

A Video Demo of the Wofoto nexPod Kit

Best New Vape Product of 2023 (and its only June)

Over the years I’ve been excited to review hundreds of devices and e-liquids from dozens upon dozens of brands. I can honestly say that I haven’t been this delighted with a new product in a very long time.

The nexPod system, the Stick Pen and Box Mod, the large capacity cartridges, and each and every flavor, is the best idea, brilliantly executed and priced exactly right. Available in Black, Silver, Blue or Red, I would recommend the Wofoto nexPod to every Vaper I know.

While there is still 6 months left to 2023, it’s a safe bet that the Wofoto NexPod is, and will be the Best New Vape Product this year.

Grade A+ –

John Manzione

The Current List of Available Flavor Cartridges

Guaranteed to satisfy the tastes of true vape enthusiasts, the nexPod offers the following flavors in both 20mg and 50mg nicotine-salt e-liquids.

Sakura Milk

The mellow milk mixed with the fragrant cherry blossom. Each puff will bring you under the splendidly blooming cherry trees as if you can see the cherry blossom petals flying all over the sky.

Caramel Tobacco

The rich and mellow tobacco aroma with a touch of sweet caramel flavor provides an unforgettable experience that will satisfy the cravings of the true tobacco admirers.

Strawberry Lush

The refreshing taste of juicy watermelon is blended with sour and sweet freshly picked strawberries. This summer mix is dripping with juicy flavor!

Strawberry Mango

Sweet and sour strawberries and rich and fragrant mango flavor, like a refreshing glass of juice, quench your thirst for a delicious mix of fruits.

Strawberry Cone

Ice cream loaded with fresh sweet strawberries creates a tasty experience, that will bring the childhood memories of your favorite dessert.

Grape Apple

The combination of fresh and crunchy apple and sweet and slightly tart grape flavors will make your mouth water. This refreshing flavor is made to provide the perfect vaping experience.

Mango Pear

The balanced blend of fresh crunchy ripe pears and sweet and tangy mango, deliver a truly magical taste that everyone should try.

Forest Berries

With every inhale and exhale you’ll get a mouthwatering mixture of blueberries and raspberries. This aromatic forest berry flavor with a rich and alluring scent will ruffle up your taste buds instantly.


Smooth, bold, clean, and refreshing. The scent and flavor of mint will flow from your first inhale to the last exhale, soaking into your heart with a fresh breeze of intense chill experience.

Monster Ice

Need a little power boost? Here is the flavor of your favorite energy drink. Icy and refreshing.

Purple Razz Ice

The secret mixture of grapes and forest berries is sweet and sour, fresh, and full of aroma. The juicy grape with a cool taste is the perfect choice for lovers of refreshing tastes.

Strawberry Yogurt

Fresh strawberry flavor blended with iced yogurt. This flavor is a mixture of refreshing fruit notes on the inhale and creaminess on the exhale. What can be better?

Mango Yogurt Ice

The tropical mango fruit is highlighted by the smooth chilled yogurt and takes this flavor to another level.

Mango Gummy

Do you have a sweet tooth? Then this sweet and rich mango gummy flavor is perfect for you.

Three Melons

Watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew flavors mixed perfectly in it and create a dreamlike party of melons.

Tropical Ice

The mixture of fresh guava and tangy passion fruits will flood your mouth with their signature tropical flavor tones on inhaling. On exhaling, the slight blend of guava and passion fruit will last to a perfect ending.

Pina Colada

Refreshing and sweet pineapple juice mixed with mellow coconut milk flavor and a splash of rum. This flavor is perfect for a hot summer day on the beach.

Watermelon Lychee

Thirst-quenching sweet watermelon combined with mouthwatering lychee creates a wonderful vaping experience and leaves a delightfully sweet aftertaste.

The nexPod Specs:

POD Option:

  • 8.0ml liquid, 3500 puffs/POD
  • 10ml liquid, 5000 puffs/POD

Battery Capacity: 650mAh
Charging Port: Type-C
Adjustable Airflow on Box mod
Short Circuit Protection
Overcharge Protection
Low Voltage Protection
Water-Resistant POD Slot

Wofoto nexPOD Essential Box Contents:

nexPOD Lanyard 1pc
nexPOD Device Body 1pc
Flavored Pod 12pcs (including Mint/Purple Razz Ice/Pina Colada/Monster Ice/Strawberry Mango/Three Melons/Watermelon Lychee/Forest Berries/Grape Apple/Caramel Tobacco/Mango Gummy/Tropical Ice)

Wofoto nexPOD All-Inclusive Box Contents: (Best Value)

nexPOD Device Body 2pcs (box and stick)
Flavored Pod 18pcs
Disposable Mouthpiece Cover 20pcs

Wofoto nexPOD Prefilled Pod Kit Contents:

nexPOD Device Body 1pc
Flavored Pod 1pc

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