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NJOY Artist Collection E-Liquid, Skyladon and Bambino RDA

by J. C. Martin, III


The NJOY Artist Collection is now a renown line of highly regarded e-liquids that are being enjoyed by tens of thousands of vapers.  Known for their unique flavor combinations, here are a few thoughts on how they worked out with WISMEC’s Skyladon mechanical 18650 mod with the infamous Bambino RDA as its atomizer.  That’s right, this is one of the first hybrid reviews in Spinfuel’s lustrous 4-year history. And why not? I was given the NJOY Artist Collection, a collection of eliquids I’d never tried before but always wanted to, and I was about to begin my review of the WISMEC Skyladon and Bambino RDA. Made sense to me.

Descriptions of each of the five flavors are below, as well as some information on the Skyladon Bambino RDA combination.  The NJOY Artist Collection eliquids are available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg nicotine content choices.  Their suggested retail price is $23 for a 30ml bottle, a steep price to pay for sure, but considering what went into creating this special line up of high quality e-liquid you know it isn’t cheap to make, bottle, package and distribute.

The NJOY Artist Collection of E-Liquid

The first photo shows all five exciting flavorsNJOY Artist Collection E-Liquid, Skyladon and Bambino RDA, by J. C. Martin, III

Each flavor is definitely unique.  Whether you prefer custard flavors or fruity or even sour blends, the NJOY collection has something for you.  Though each e-liquid flavor combination may seem complex, the flavor choices blend in a manner that provides for a scrumptious and unique flavor. Not all vapers will enjoy every flavor, but like I said, there is something here for everyone.

Samba Sun

NJOY Artist Collection E-Liquid, Skyladon and Bambino RDA, by J. C. Martin, III    Samba Sun is an exciting e-juice which combines Sweet Clementine, Marshmallow, Ripe Peach, and Apricot flavorings.  Designed by Jeremy of Good Life Vapor, Samba Sun is sure to impress.  Jeremy is a world-class drummer turned master vapologist.  The VG/PG content of Samba Sun is 60/40.  If you enjoy tangerine flavored e-juice, this flavor is similar, yet better.  The marshmallow flavor is not its most notable flavor, though the peach-apricot combination smoothly dominates the wonderful vaping experience Samba Sun provides.  Samba Sun is an excellent choice of e-liquids to experience.


Dragon Scape

NJOY Artist Collection E-Liquid, Skyladon and Bambino RDA, by J. C. Martin, III    Dragon Scape is unique e-juice flavor combination consisting of Indian Spice, Asian Tea, Belgian Café, and English Custard/Madagascar Vanilla.  I found Dragon Scape to be a wonderful blend, one would have to try this e-liquid in order to appreciate its exceptional qualities.  The tea and custard flavorings are definite positive attributes to this blend, as it is also spiced just right for my tastes.  Created by Randy of P.O.E.T., Dragon Scape is a marvelous e-liquid, indeed.  The VG/PG content of Dragon Scape is 70/30.  If you love custard flavored e-juice and want to experience how it can actually be combined in a preferable manner with Asian Tea, you should definitely give this e-juice a try. Drippers note, the 70% VG makes for exceptional eliquid for your RDA.

Sacré Coeur

NJOY Artist Collection E-Liquid, Skyladon and Bambino RDA, by J. C. Martin, III     Have you ever tried out an e-juice and thought it was great, because it tasted like strawberry pop tarts?  Sacré Coeur is even better, and quite possibly my favorite of the five of NJOY Artist Collection line of e-liquids.  Designed by flavor-blending master Anne-Claire of Vaponaute, Sacré Coeur combines Wild Berry, Rhubarb, European Custard, Almond Torte, and Bourbon Flavorings.  For those who prefer flavorings that do not include alcoholic tastes, be not afraid of the bourbon flavoring, as it is unnoticeable.  The berry flavors really empower the classy experience of Sacré Coeur, as it tastes like delicious berry pie.  Sacré Coeur is made with a VG/PG content of 50/50.  This ENJOY e-liquid is a great choice for those who enjoy creamy fruit blends.

Hedon’s Bite

NJOY Artist Collection E-Liquid, Skyladon and Bambino RDA, by J. C. Martin, III     Created by George of Mr. Goodvape, I personally enjoyed the uniqueness of Hedon’s Bite separately from other NJOY Artist Collection flavors, as I like Honeydew Melon e-juice sometimes as much as custard-like flavorings.  This e-juice did not only provide the sweet and enjoyable essence of apples and honeydew melon, it also reminded me of apple-flavored jolly ranchers.  As George is a professional chef and supreme flavor mixologist, we all appreciate his amazing contribution to the world of vaping, Hedon’s Bite.  A sour flavor, Hedon’s Bite ingeniously combines Tarte Green Apple, Sweet Pink Apple, Dark Caramel, and Honeydew Melon flavorings, with a 60/40 VG/PG combination.


NJOY Artist Collection E-Liquid, Skyladon and Bambino RDA, by J. C. Martin, III Paramour was designed by Daniel of Flavorz, known as the enigmatic High Priest of Vaping.  Successfully combining Light Pear, Bright Peach, Smooth Vanilla, and Light Cinnamon, Paramour is sure to impress even the most stringent eliquid connoisseurs.  Paramour is made with a 50/50 VG/PG blend and provides for a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience.  I enjoy vaping with Paramour, as it is hard for me to decide if I like this flavor combination even more than Sacré Coeur.  If you like peach cobbler, you will love the exquisite e-liquid Paramour.

Now, with the NJOY Artist Collection overview complete, I’ll move on the vape gear.

Notions on the WISMEC Skyladon Bambino RDA Combination

The WISMEC Skyladon Bambino RDA combination is one classy mech mod.  The Bambino RDA is designed by Jay Bo, a world renown RDA specialist.  The Bambino RDA is only 19mm tall, and has a 9mm inner diameter mouthpiece.  It has a central positive connection post, with a coil hole 2mm in diameter.  Its negative connections are made possible via two large screws on the outermost parts of its base.  The Bambino RDA has a nicely proportioned drip deck, too, which incorporates two separate troughs.

The Skyladon and the Bambino RDA, which are made of steel for both looks and durability.  One positive attribute of the Skyladon mech mod is its engraved and plated firing button which uses magnets instead of a spring.  One can set the mod down on a flat surface without worry of the vaporizer activating, and the device also does not have a pesky lock ring.  It also comes with an adapter for its 510 connection, which decreases its overall height.  Sleek and stylish, the Skyladon Bambino RDA combination leaves no room for complaints.  The first photo of this combination is of its gift boxes.

About NJOY

NJOY was a leading company in the rise of the popularity of the e-cig industry and is famous for their cartomizers.  Delivering innovative vaping products and unique e-liquid combinations, their NJOY Artist Collection line of e-juice combinations have been very successful.  As NJOY products are made available all over, they are easily able to be found wherever you happen to be.  A great deal of effort was put into the design and manufacture of the Artist Collection line, as you can tell from the CEO interview here in Spinfuel, as well as you can read about in the Spinfuel team review of this high-profile line of e-liquids.


In conclusion, the high end NJOY Artist Collection achieves its goals.  Designed by the most famous master vaping mixologists, these flavor combinations are sure to satisfy.  Each with their unique mixture combinations, they provided for an enjoyable vaping experience with the Skyladon Bambino RDA combination, which I recommend a dual 26 gauge 7-wrap coil build for.  Naturally, the higher VG blends afforded more vapor production then the 50:50 blends, but each of the eliquids in this collection performed well with the Skyladon Bambino RDA set up.

J.C. Martin III