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Skyladon – Bambino
$18-$20 – Skyladon
$8-$10 Bambino
510 Spring Loaded Connector
All Stainless Steel Construction (both)
Magnetic Firing Button
Hybrid Adaptor
Grade: B (both)


Probably the least expensive mechanical mod I’ve ever used, the Skyladon is from a new company called WISMEC. Our previous Skyladon WISMECreview of a WISMEC device was the ever-popular thumb mod called the Presa. Also in this review is the perfect companion Dripper, the Bambino, also from WISMEC..

The Skyladon is an inexpensive all stainless steel mechanical mod. The main features, or selling points of the device are its spring-loaded connector in the top cover and the magnetic fire button on the bottom. As for its styling feature, it has unique grids on the top cover for improved heat dispersion.

The Bambino is a rebuildable dripping atomizer( RDA ) designed by Jay-Bo, a rather famous designer in the industry. It’s all stainless steel construction makes for a good looking, small, Dripper with six air-inlet holes to create terrific airflow. It’s “vortex” flow design aids in a wicked vape experience, especially when used with the inexpensive Skyladon mech mod.

Features – Skyladon

All Stainless Steel Construction Throughout
510 Spring-Loaded Connector
Magnetic Fire Button
Hybrid Adaptor: Includes a spare part for top cover. You can also adjust the length of mod by replacing the adaptor with top cover.

Diameter: 22mm
Length: 93.4mm
Color: silver
Battery type:18650

Standard Configuration
1× Top Cover
1× Battery Tube
1× Bottom Cover
1× Fire Button
1× Hybrid Adaptor (Spare part for top cover)

What’s In The Box?

• 1 x Top Cover
• 1 x Battery Tube
• 1 x Bottom Cover
• 1 x Fire Button
• 1 x Hybrid Adaptor (Spare part for top cover)

Features – Bambino

• 303 Stainless Steel Construction
• Rebuildable Heating Coil with 3 posts for single and dual coil builds
• Vortex Flow Design for a wicked lung hit
• No Threading – The Bambino uses O-Rings for a tight fit
• Deep well for longer lasting vaping
• Coil Deck is deep and prevents bleeking. (leaks)

Impressions – Skyladon

I really don’t have much to say about this inexpensive mechanical mod. I stopped using mech-mods earlier this year in favor or Bambino WISMECregulated high wattage devices. That said, for Vapers looking for an easy way in to the world of mechanical mods the Skyladon looks and feels like a high quality, durable mod for a price that just about any vaper can afford.

Battery life seems on par with other single 18650 battery mods I’ve used in the past, the spring-loaded connector makes a nice flush fit for several drippers I’ve used with it, and it’s 22mm diameter allows for a nice flush fit for the exterior as well. Assembling the fire button takes some concentration but shouldn’t be that complicated for anyone familiar with bottom firing buttons.

Impressions – Bambino

The Bambino is smaller than it looks in photos. It also hits like a Mack Truck. I built a dual coil (1.0) and working within the well was fast and easy. Posts are placed in easy to use positions with the center post rising up substantially more than the others. Fits the Skyladon perfectly.


Recommended for mechanical mod users looking for pick up a dependable quality mech mod on the cheap. I can also recommend the Skyladon for Vapers looking for their first mechanical mode because it is reliable, but most of all it won’t hurt the wallet. At about $20 the Skyladon is a great backup device as well.
The Bambino makes an excellent accessory for the Skyladon. The finish of both products match perfectly, making for a look of a Skyladon by WISMECsingle unit. The price can’t be beat either. For mech mod drippers, both devices make a superb choice without a large investment. Nothing fancy going on with looks, but the Bambino will never die. Reminds me of the same sort of vape I got with my old Derringer. Whether used with the Skyladon or on another device altogether, the Bambino is simple, but effective, and definitely worth becoming a member of your Dripper collection.

Grade: B (both)Why a B? – Don’t expect too much ‘fancy’ going on with the Skyladon or Bambino. This mechanical mod/Dripper combo won’t turn any looks for uniqueness or styling. However, when you can spend around $20 for a mech mod that won’t die out on you under extreme conditions, how can you find fault with it? As for the Bambino, it’s already a famous Dripper among the faithful, and this version is every bit as good.

Tom McBride