WISMEC Amor:  $14.99-$19.99
WISMEC Presa TC40W: $39.99 – $49.99
Grade: B


If you are in the market for a small, lightweight, and affordable vaporizer consider the Amor/Presa TC40W combo.   While the Presa TC40W performs well with just about any 510 tank, when it’s used with the WISMEC Amor tank it becomes a synergistic vaping experience. Whether this synergy is purposeful or not the fact remains that while vaping with the Presa TC40W and the Amor Tank  just seems to become a single unit vaporizer, like the Joyetech eGo ONE or even the Kanger Subox. While the new Presa was recently reviewed, this review centers around the collaboration of both devices.


Both WISMEC devices, the WISMEC Amor Tank Atomizer with Airflow Control – 2.5ml works well WISMEC Amor, Presa TC 40w Setup Review,on a Presa TC40W.  Its durable frosted performs like a champ – while the frosted glass is stylish, it still shows the amount of e-liquid in its tank.  The Amor’s bottom feed airflow design and wide bore atomizer heads allow for a remarkable vaping experience.  The Amor Tank is compatible with both 0.5 ohm and 1.0 ohm WISMEC atomizers and comes with one of each.  The Amor and Presa TC40W together out performs many comparable setups, and because they are small devices they have a smaller overall footprint for stealthy vaping sessions.

The Presa TC40W is an intelligent device, and with the temperature control system from WISMEC it can use both Ni200 (Nickel), and Ti (Titanium) coils, which allows one to change its settings to the desired preferences.  The setup provides a truly, satisfying vape, to the point of giving current smokers or new vapers a real chance at stopping their destructive use of tobacco products.  WISMEC is a new company and your favorite vendor might not stock their line of products, but if you do a Google search you’ll find a vendor that does. If you don’t mind ordering direct from China you can find WISMEC products at Ave40. The Presa and Presa TC40 were both reviewed right here in Spinfuel:  Presa TC40W and Presa. Might be a good idea to read a couple of reviews no matter where you find them.


Product Features: Presa TC40W

  • Variable Wattage of 40 Watts
  • Variable Voltage of 10 Volts
  • Aesthetically Pleasing Design
  • 510 Spring Loaded Connection
  • 2600mAh Built-In Battery Capacity
  • Manual Safety Lock Feature

What’s In The Box?

  • 1× Presa TC40W
  • 1× eGo Adaptor
  • 1× USB Cable
  • 1× Manual

 Product Features: Amor Tank

  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Height (exclude drip tip – 510 thread): 47.2mm
  • Capacity: 2.5ml

What’s In The Box?

  • 1 x Amor Mouthpiece (glass)
  • 1 x Amor Atomizer Tube (frosted glass)
  • 2 x Atomizer Head (1.0ohm/0.5ohm)
  • 1 x Atomizer Base
  • 1 x Amor User Manual

WISMEC Amor, Presa TC 40w Setup Review,The glass Amor mouthpiece looks nice.  It is 12mm in diameter, clear, 16mm tall, and has a matching silver ring on the bottom.  It fits nicely into the top of the Amor Tank.  The tank itself is made of glass, frosted and see-through, can hold 2.8 ml of e-juice –just enough to last for an extended period of time without taking up too much space or looking too big.  The Amor Tank can use two different atomizer heads, the 1.0 ohm coilhead was designed for a tighter draw, excellent for mouth-to-lung vapers, and the 0.5 ohm coilhead has a looser draw that makes for great cloud chasing for lung hit vapers.

The Amor Tank’s atomizer base is one of its finest features.  One may think that with such a small tank, airflow would be compromised.  With the Amor Tank, it is not.  Airflow is most of the reason this small tank is so special.  The atomizer base has an adjustable ring allowing two air holes to open to its beholder’s choices, both being 1mm by 9mm with a small ‘stop pin.’

The Amor user manual is the size of a business card and four pages, total; it is brief and informative. WISMEC Amor, Presa TC 40w Setup Review, The manual includes a diagram of the tank and its features, showing what it looks like when taken apart for filling or cleaning.  The manual also includes 4-step instructions on how to properly fill the tank; a paragraph on adjusting the tank’s airflow in the correct manner; and a section on various safety precautions to follow when using or owning a WISMEC Amor Tank.  The manual suggests consulting your distributor for warranty information, and includes that WISMEC is not responsible for damages caused by human error.

In using the Amor Tank, I was not only impressed with its looks, but the size and nature of the clouds I could produce with something this small was truly impressive.

Presa TC40W vs. Presa Comparison

The WISMEC Amor Tank works on both the Presa TC40W and the original Presa.  Both WISMEC batteries have some basic features in common: 82mm tall, lockable ergonometric activation bar, OLED indication display, increase/decrease buttons, on-top 510 connection, USB charging port, 40-watt maximum power at 2300mAh, and a lustrous design.  The Presa TC40W is the more intelligent of the two devices, due to its ability to change between variable wattage, Ni200 temperature control, and Titanium temperature control.  The Presa TC40W also includes base resistance locking and stealth mode, which allows one to use the device without the OLED lighting up.  Its temperature control promotes more efficient battery and e-juice use, so you’ll wind up using less of both.

The WISMEC Presa TC40W Gift box

A description on the bottom of the box reads:

“Presa TC40W creatively adopts the brilliant temperature control system providing a healthy and low-loss vaping experience.  Also, it inherits the ergonometrically (sic) sculpted fire button/safety lock switch/temp alarm from the Presa 40W.  One can easily enjoy a prolonged vape by adjusting the working temperature of the coil under TC-Ti/TC-Ni mode.  Meanwhile, traditional wattage control (1W – 40W) is also available.”

WISMEC Amor, Presa TC 40w Setup Review,The Presa TC40W user manual is simple and to the point, 9 business card-sized pages long.  It includes a product description, a rendering to show its components/features (i.e. 510-connection, OLED screen, etc.), basic parameters (features), instructions for use, and precautionary statements.  As for its warranty, WISMEC suggests contacting the distributor.  The manual also explains the safety messages which can be displayed on the OLED screen upon improper operation or malfunction.

An intelligent device, such as the WISMEC Presa TC40W, requires a basic understanding for its operation.  Do not get discouraged, however.  If you read the manual carefully while changing the settings on the device, you will see that it is actually rather simple and easy to operate with just a little practice.  Once you change the settings around a few times, you can install, say, the Amor Tank with a Ti coil, and begin trying out different temperature settings.  You will find, once you have the settings adjusted to your preference, that your vaping experience will be well worth your while.  As I said above, Temperature Control also saves battery life and e-liquid/e-juice, and because you’ll use more eliquid with low ohm vaping temperature control systems makes vaping a bit more affordable.


WISMEC is an innovative company specializing in the design of new products.  Consisting of 11 – 50 employees, they are a select team of experts who have years of experience to compliment their creative efforts.  They are not only happy to present to you their current line of WISMEC devices, they also plan to offer newly designed products to meet the demands of customers all over the world who enjoy the benefits of using vaporizers.  WISMEC products are designed in California and manufactured in the Jiangsu Province of Eastern China.

Concluding Thoughts

The big question:  “Would I buy this setup if I wanted to get a new vaporizer?”  They answer is “Yes;” I simply like its size, feel, looks, and preferable lightweight hold.  For such a small device, it sure compares to other methods of vaping, and I can still run around with it in my pocket without it WISMEC Amor, Presa TC 40w Setup Review,being a nuisance.  The activation lever is convenient, and the screen display is a bright and easily read for its size. The Amor tank may be smaller than most tanks, but it produces excellent flavor and vapor production.  If you are in the market for a small and sleek vaporizer, this setup is well worth considering.  The original Presa has been a big seller for WISMEC, and now that it sports a temperature control system that works with both Nickel and Titanium coils I’m sure the Presa will become even more popular.

Grade: “B”

Though this is an excellent device and the design impresses me, I cannot give it an “A.”  Why not?  Because, though it does the trick and does not take up much weight or space, many other subtank VV/VW mod combinations outdo its cloud production and evaporated e-liquid inhale density.  It can also be a little tricky to use the firing bar/increase-decrease buttons for some settings changes.  Overall, for its size and performance, however, this combination is still an idea to consider for your very first VV/VW device or an addition to your other devices of mayhem.

J.C. Martin III