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This review of the WISMEC IndeReserve RDTA is my 50th product review for Spinfuel VAPE Magazine, I’m very grateful for the opportunity to do something I love and that I’m extremely passionate about. I dedicate 110% into every review regardless if it’s a product that I’m not that interested in or if it takes over a month of use to get in-depth answers. I put hours into every review with an honest, non-judgmental and accurate mindset. Hope everyone has enjoyed my reviews so far with many more to come in the future! Vape on!

Now that the motivational speech is done, let’s take a peek at the WISMEC IndeReserve RDTA ($24.95 at Element Vape). The idea was born from feedback received about the WISMEC Theorem such as the ability to run dual coils and more juice capacity. JayBo and Matt (YouTube product reviewer Suck My Mod) didn’t want to release a revised version of the Theorem so they created the IndeReserve RDTA instead. A 25mm Genesis-style Atomizer designed by JayBo and SMM is hand-over-fist better than the previous WISMEC Cylin RDTA (available for $19.95 at Element Vape); a failed effort to put it lightly. Creating a more conventional RDTA was a smart move and glad they were able to put their style stamp on it. Is the WISMEC IndeReserve RDTA just like any other Rebuildable Dripper Tank on the market? Let’s get hands on and find out!

WISMEC IndeReserve RDTA REVIEW SPINFUEL VAPE MAGAZINEThe WISMEC IndeReserve RDTA is made out of Stainless Steel and break-resistant Pyrex glass. I dropped the glass from about 5 feet high and it bounced twice and didn’t break; impressive with a sigh of relief! But Wismec includes an extra glass tube just in case yours does break. One thing to mention is the glass loosely fits over the bottom seal and I thought for sure it was going to leak but never did. Everything can be disassembled (a total of 7 pieces) to make cleaning and maintenance quick and easy. The fill-hole chamber that surrounds the build deck is reduced down to 20mm. So even though the device measures 25mm, you’re still getting that concentrated flavor of a 22mm RDTA but the juice capacity of a 25mm RTA.

The Three-Post Velocity-style deck has a T-shaped Positive post for the top two leads that’s peek insulated. The two smaller Negative post blocks are directly underneath the top post holes and are milled directly into the deck. With a total of 18.3mm of build space and four 2mm post holes, you have infinite amounts of open space to install a multitude of coils. The side tension grub screws used did hold down my leads without them loosening or backing out. I originally used the Orange Tri-Tool that comes with Geek Vape Tanks and I thought I stripped two of the four grub screws. Included is a hex tool specifically for these grub screws so I recommend you use that one. You have the option to run single or dual coil configurations but mine didn’t include any plugs or anyway to block off one side of the wicking slots so I ran dual coils for the duration of the review. The only difference between the WISMEC IndeReserve and the WISMEC INDE DUO’s T-shaped build deck posts is there’s no fifth hole in the middle.WISMEC IndeReserve RDTA REVIEW SPINFUEL VAPE MAGAZINE

The four wide open channels (similar to the Limitless RDTA) leave huge crevices for your cotton ends. The side-fill chamber screws over the build deck so make sure your cotton clears any of the threads. Having big open spaces instead of wicking holes make throwing cotton in so much easier and more convenient. The large 9mm x 3.5mm side fill slot makes filling the tank simple to do. Pull the top cap up just enough to expose the fill hole and fill your juice. Make sure you adjust your cotton if anything is blocking the fill slot. Everywhere I looked the juice capacity was described as 4.5ml. With my milliliter syringe, I fit a little bit over 5ml of eJuice from a completely dry tank! Also, the 510 connection pin is adjustable so attaching the IndeReserve to the new Noisy Cricket II or any Mech Mod will be a viable and safe option.

The heat sink design on the top of the WISMEC IndeReserve serves two purposes. The first is its visual appeal similar to the WISMEC Indestructible RDA and definitely adds that JayBo Designs effect to it. Second it’s a two piece adjustable top airflow that ‘supposedly’ works to cool the chamber. I can tell you with the upmost confidence after running this tank for a few weeks, the top cap and outer barrel get blistering hot; so hot that I couldn’t keep my fingers on it for more than a second. While the airflow provided is sufficient, the cooling aspect is an epic fail.

WISMEC IndeReserve RDTA REVIEW SPINFUEL VAPE MAGAZINEThe top adjustable airflow slots consist of two 11mm x 2mm kidney shaped holes that can be adjusted by spinning the top section that plugs into the top. It produces a decent amount of airflow but adjusting it is wonky. With the heat sink layers on the top section, seeing where the airflow holes match up isn’t challenging but once the top section is installed, you can’t see what the airflow setting is at. Most of the time I look at the top cap and line up the airflow slots when putting it together. The inner airflow section plugs into the barrel and has a nice conical shape putting out some concentrated flavor profiles. I line up the kidney shaped slots with my coils so the air comes straight down, hits the coils and comes back up through the middle. Then the top adjustable airflow section that the drip tip installs into pushes into the inner section and is held in place by one O-ring. Simply twist the top cap in either direction will adjust the airflow.

The 14mm Delrin drip tip is press fit into the top cap/airflow section and tapers down into a 7.9mm wide chimney. You could use any 510 compatible drip tips if you’re not a fan of the included option. The barrel that has a deep JayBo engraving on it is held on by a plethora of O-rings; four to be exact. Two towards the top and the quite large awkward double O-ring that hugs above and below the fill hole. The double O-ring is connected together by two thin pieces of material which like to slide around when screwing the fill-hole chamber down; which I broke but luckily an extra is included. The barrel slides on and off way too easily when lubricated but has just the right amount of restriction when dry. I consistently have some residual juice squeezing out the sides when sliding the barrel and top cap on but that’s to be expected with side fill tanks. Thanks to the top airflow system, leaking is never going to be an issue other than that.

WISMEC IndeReserve RDTA REVIEW SPINFUEL VAPE MAGAZINEWith the WISMEC Theorem and the Cylin RDTA, WISMEC included their signature NotchCoils. But now they’re producing and including a pair of spaced Clapton coils which I prefer ten-fold over NotchCoils. The dual Clapton coils are wrapped around a 3mm rod, twisted into 5-wraps and read around the 0.25Ω mark. They were really easy to install and performed great right around the 75W-85W power range. At first I thought the top airflow wouldn’t give me the type of draw I prefer but the pulls were awesome! You will get some spitting and popping when running higher wattages but the flavor is just fantastic. The only real negative is the scorching hot top section and barrel when vaping as low as 70W. The drip tip and glass section stayed surprising cool and didn’t transfer the heat from the Stainless Steel to the device I was using (the Praxis Banshee 150W with a review coming soon). Just be careful not to burn yourself since I almost did several times.

The huge channels make wicking the WISMEC IndeReserve RDTA extremely easy! After feeding the cotton through the coils, I cut them so they drop a few millimeters under the build deck. I drip some eJuice and position the cotton so the threads wouldn’t snag any of my wicking. Sometimes the cotton felt over-saturated and I was getting bad spit back. To remedy this, I clipped the cotton ends shorter and it worked much better for me that way. Everyone has their own style of wicking an RDTA and I know there’s a ton of different ways to accomplish the same end result. WISMEC includes a fluffy piece of Organic cotton to wick up the Clapton coils for the first go-round. Never once did I get a dry hit or inefficient wicking and I know you won’t either.


After running the Clapton coils for a couple weeks in the WISMEC IndeReserve RDTA, I installed some Taiji coils (22ga and single Clapton wire twisted together) with a 3mm diameter. SMM and Jaybo claim you can fit up to 4mm coils in this build space but I hardly doubt that. The fill-hole chamber that screws over the build deck barely cleared my Taiji coils. After a day or two of heavy vaping, my coils ended up shorting out since they expanded a bit and made removing the chamber back over the coils difficult. The included Clapton coils were fine and I never experienced the same clearance issues. Using a standard gauge wire, I’m positive you could fit 3.5mm ID coils without having the same problem I did.

Final Grade – B+

“Besides the blistering heat radiating off the top half of the WISMEC IndeReserve RDTA, the machining is top notch and everything from building to vaping is easy enjoyable. Our good friends at Element Vape have the IndeReserve for only $24.95, an inexpensive option to achieve a high level vape experience!” (If single coil builds are more your flavor, pick up the WISMEC Theorem at Element Vape for $19.95 as well)

Team Spinfuel