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Introduction to the Wismec HiFlask

Is it a Pod Mod? Is it an All-in-One (AIO) mod? Is it something else entirely? Not exactly an Ultra-Portable is it, but it’s certainly not BIG. I’m going to answer this for you, just to save a little time – the Wismec Hiflask is all three. And for its size, it works remarkably well. While I’m not 100% sure the Hiflask is going to change the way companies design their vape devices, I will say that other companies should maybe pay attention – there are a lot of good ideas going on here.

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At first glance, the WISMEC HiFlask seems a little underwhelming – especially after coming in such a large, imposing package. But in reality, this compact box is simple, lightweight and minimalist, with only a tinted window section and a stark white logo providing any kind of visual interest.

Wismec did a good job rounding the edges and smoothing the lines, ensuring that the HiFlask remains comfortable to use and hold throughout the day, in either a trigger or thumb grip. And the hexagonal fire key is sturdy and rattle-free – something I wasn’t expecting on a beginner-friendly device like this.

Overall, the HiFlask feels awfully solid, even with its light weight and inexpensive materials. And unlike most mods in this category, the HiFlask has a rock-solid, 2,100mAh internal battery, meaning you won’t be tethered to USB cables most of the day. It’s not the hugest, most capacious cell around, but Wismec thought of the overall user experience, and not just weight, cost and size.

Wismec HiFlask Pod Mod System Review

WISMEC HiFlask Features

  • Size: 89 x 48.6 x 28.2mm
  • Cell type: 2100mAh built-in battery
  • Output: Direct output
  • Resistance: 0.3ohm JVUA coil
  • Charging Current: 2A
  • Capacity: 2ml/5.6ml
  • Adjustable airflow system
  • USB charging & 2A quick charging
  • Compact size for easy carrying
  • 2100mAh massive inbuilt battery
  • All-new 0.3ohm JVUA coil head
  • Colors: Silver, Black, Red, Blue and White

WISMEC HiFlask Kit Includes

  • 1x HiFlask MOD
  • 1x HiFlask Cartridge
  • 2x JVUA 0.35ohm Head
  • 1x QC USB Cable
  • 1x User Manual
  • Spare Parts

Feature Highlights Worth a Mention

In an interesting move, the WISMEC HiFlask uses a “hybrid” pod system that gives users the ability to replace the coil heads, rather than just tossing the pods entirely, and putting the device squarely in AIO territory. But Wismec doesn’t give any indication as to how long the pods themselves will last, and if replacement housings will be made available.


That said, the JVUA pod coils are solid performers – my preinstalled head lasted nearly two weeks using 50/50 blend e-liquid, never once scorching or offering dry hits. Pretty impressive considering the power the HiFlask is capable of. Unlike most AIO/pod systems, the direct voltage HiFlask can reach an impressive 55 watts on a full charge and maintains a respectable 30-35 watts when the battery starts to run low. The performance doesn’t really even wane until the cell hits the bottom of its capacity.

The airflow is controlled by a small dial on the top of the HiFlask, allowing users to adjust between wide open and nearly closed off settings. Though it would appear the HiFlask would be more at home as an entry-level MTL device, it actually performs best wide open, as a direct lung vape. (We’ll address the limited MTL performance in a bit.)

Now, no one is going to confuse the HiFlask with a 200-watt cloud-chucker, but the HiFlask will likely surprise most users expecting this diminutive, AIO-style mod to whimper along. It puts out respectable clouds, and the flavor is surprisingly rich. Hell, even the 5.6mL pod capacity seems to last longer than you’d expect. All in all, very surprising. (In a good way.)

Finally, in another nice touch, the HiFlask has a replaceable 510 drip tip, so you don’t have miss out on comfort just because you’re using a compact, all in one vape setup. I have a ton of these lying around, and this felt like a great way to put them back in circulation.

Personal Observations with the HiFlask

Rather than simply describe the vape experience offered by the HiFlask, I’m going to use this section to highlight a few concerns and “speed bumps” that negatively affected the score. While none of these are deal breakers in any way, they definitely qualify as annoyances that you should consider, even if the HiFlask price makes it seem like a throwaway mod.


For starters, I had a lot of problem figuring out what the HiFlask was really doing with power management. The battery lasts a good while, but the rudimentary LED indicator doesn’t instill much confidence in gauging levels.

After going through the usual five clicks on/off routine, you’d expect to see a color LED indicator (typically “green = good,” “yellow=waning” etc. etc.) Instead, there’s just an indecipherable series of flashes, with increased speed when battery power diminishes. The problem is, it’s so erratic, I could barely tell where my HiFlask was at. And once, after seeing only a slight increase in flashing speed, the HiFlask just died on the spot.

I should have expected this, based on how hard I was using it, but the LED let me down several times without any reasonable warning.

Another concern is the lack of any meaningful MTL performance. Though the direct lung performance is impressive (and the 0.3-ohm coil a durable contender), I can imagine MTL vapers will be the ones seeking out the HiFlask more than the rest. In that sense, the mod is a failure, because no matter how closed off the airflow is, the HiFlask never really tightens up that much, and the flavor doesn’t improve as a result.

At its most closed off, it’s an airy restricted lung vape, with little to offer a newcomer or ardent MTL enthusiast. A questionable decision by Wismec, and a missed opportunity for an otherwise impressive pod/AIO mod.

Still, it should be mentioned again just how strong the HiFlask is. While it might not be the MTL dream machine we expected, the direct lung performance really surprised us, to the point where we’re still trying to figure out how this simplified system put out such impressive results.

The Verdict

It was only a matter of time before someone married the cloud-chasing and stealthy pod vape worlds, but the Wismec HiFlask does a good job bridging the gaps. There are some quirks, and definitely some features I’d do differently. But at the end of the day, I was floored by how powerful, long-lasting and flavorful this compact pod system proved to be.

If you’re considering a move to direct lung vaping, but like the user-friendly approach pod systems provide, look no further. It’s far from perfect, but the vape performance is undeniable.

Score: B+

The HiFlask is Available Now at MyVaporStore