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When is a Pod Mod a True Pod Mod?

Pod Mod systems, sometimes known as Ultra-Portable vape devices, (though Ultra-Portable mods and Pod Mods are really two different types of mods) are tough cookies to review. On one hand, they’re tremendously popular, which is sort of weird if you ask me, and seem to be a great way to introduce new vapers to our little corner of the world. On the other, their simplistic design and (purposely) limited functionality that makes them difficult to discuss at length. And let’s face it, for their manufacturers they are extremely profitable. Consumers can buy them on the cheap, but the manufacturers produce them on the ‘very cheap’.


But, for whatever reason, that hasn’t changed their ever-growing status in the vape marketplace – we’re about halfway done with 2018, and it seems like new pod mods are coming to market every day. Additionally, the nicotine salt e-liquid market is expanding at the same, or nearly the same, rate as pod mods. We here at Spinfuel VAPE have no idea where this segment of the market will end up; will pod mods and nic-salt e-juice prove to be even more successful getting smokers off cigarettes, or will this all turn out to be a fad, soon to give way to an even more bizarre vaping system making promises to the severely addicted smoker?


In any case, as the most valued vape review e-magazine, we would be remiss not to review as many pod mods and ultra-portable devices as we can so that potential buyers can at least have some kind of idea what to look for, and what to expect, should they decide to go down the pod mod or ultra-portable path. Having said that, there exists not a single pod mod or ultra-portable mod that ‘does it all’, nor can any brand or model claim to be the one to release tobacco’s death grip on every smoker. As sad as it is, some people will never stop smoking cigarettes until their last breath.


3 Truths About Pod Mods

1 – All Pod Mods are low power vaping devices.

2 – All Pod Mods have internal batteries with small milliamp capacities.

3 – All Pod Mods promise more they can deliver.

3 Lies About Pod Mods

1 – Pod Mods need nicotine-salt e-liquids in order to work.

2 – Pod Mods always use prefilled ‘pods’.

3 – Pod Mods will satisfy nicotine cravings of the most addicted smokers.

A True Pod Mod Is…

The more mature the vape industry becomes the more complex it becomes. Today is market more confusing than ever, and in order to present the following mini-reviews, we need to come to an understanding of what we, Spinfuel VAPE, defines as a Pod Mod.


A true Pod Mod does indeed use some type of ‘pod’. An All-In-One Mod, or AIO Mod is not what we consider a Pod Mod, though some AIO Mods have Pod Mod traits. An Ultra-Portable Mod is not a Pod Mod, though again, they can share traits with a Pod Mod. A real, honest to goodness pod mod consists of a pod and low power, low milliamp battery, and is the device that all these high nicotine salt e-liquids were designed for. Nicotine-Salt e-Liquids contain anywhere from 20mg to 59mg of nicotine-salts. While these nicotine salts may provide a nice and smooth vape, they are very high in nicotine. You don’t use nicotine salt e-juice in a sub-ohm tank.

A Word about Ultra-Portable Mods


Because this segment of vape industry is growing so incredibly fast many people are lumping pod mods into a sometimes older, higher quality vaping device category called Ultra-Portable Mods. Mods like the SMOK PRIV One, or even the $100+ Shanlaan Laan Mod, really shouldn’t be called Pod Mods, though many vendors include them into either a ‘pod mod’ category or an ‘ultra-portable’ category. Then again, take the Vaporesso Nexus AIO Kit; this $16.95 ultra-portable (not Pod Mod), uses the sophisticated OMNI Board and sub-ohm (0.6-ohm) NX CCELL Coils yet it too is often called a Pod Mod. This very attractive Mod can be used by vapers like myself, with 3mg freebase-nicotine 70% VG blends with delightful results. Not mind-blowing clouds, but excellent flavors. (Available at Element Vape as well.)


As for the SMOK PRIV One, it is a 60W AIO mod using a Direct Voltage Output system. The Shanlaan Laan is an 40W mod, and with the aid of the downloadable iOS and Android smartphone app, it does variable wattage and temperature control. As much as people may way to call these mods Pod Mods, especially the Shanlaan Laan, they are not.

            Not all AIO Mods are Pod Mods

            Not all AIO Mods are Ultra-Portable

            Not all AIO Mods are Vape Pens

All-in-One and Ultra-Portable Mods

Pod Mod Systems and Nicotine-Salt E-Juice

POD MOD NIC SALT COMBO SPINFUEL VAPEWhen these real Pod Mod systems started showing up at Spinfuel VAPE we filled the refillable pods with our favorite e-liquids; all 70% VG at least, all 3mg nicotine, and the pod mods worked fine. However, as nicotine-salt e-liquids became more diverse and available (and still expensive), we began using them in our Pod Mods. Vaping a nic-salt e-juice in a pod mod was an epiphany. Now we were beginning to understand why so many e-liquid brands began branching out into the nic-salt marketplace.


However, we think it’s important to point out that a real pod mod filled with high levels of nicotine-salt e-juice still won’t stop some people from smoking cigarettes alone. We now this first hand in half a dozen experiments with friends and colleagues that continue to smoke their Marlboro, Winston, and Pall Malls. No matter what, a strong desire to stop using tobacco must accompany even the highest level of nicotine salt e-liquid and the finest Pod Mod.


As for the rest of us, the high wattage, low-resistance cloud chasers? The Pod Mod concept is useless to us. That said, a true AIO-like the SMOK PRIV One, or a true Ultra-Portable like Joyetech Batpack & ECO D16, can and are used by our writers because these inexpensive, small mod kits can vape the high VG 3mg freebase-nicotine ejuice just fine.

The Pod Mod Reviews


Because there are so many of these Pod Mods coming at us for review, we believed that rather than breaking these devices down to individual reviews, that a sort of ’roundup’ type of mini-reviews, to see which of the most recent pod mods might best fit your needs; IF they fit your needs, makes the most sense.

In order to do that, and to do it in a way that doesn’t force our readers to drudge through thousands of words, we chose these Pod Mods based on the following criteria;

1 – Cost

2 – Aesthetics

3 – Adherence to the Pod Mod concept

4 – Our personal likes and dislikes of the Pod Mods in our hands

Spinfuel Vape's Pod Mod Mini Reviews

The following are mini-reviews for the pod mod devices that crossed our desks this month alone, and we left a few out.

The Kado Stealth

450mAh rechargeable battery with 2mL refillable pod cartridges

kado stealth ultra portable pod systemI may never understand the fascination of vaping out of flat, disc-type device. But then again, a few years ago I never expected to be “smoking” out of a box, either… so tastes can evolve. The Kado Stealth pod mod system is another entrant into the refillable pod sweepstakes and makes a pretty good impression overall.


The lightweight zinc alloy Kado Stealth is a slender, easily pocketed offering, with a simplified two-piece structure that makes for easy refills and no-fuss maintenance. The 2mL capacity proprietary “slim pods” are similar in nature to many other, but the capacity is ample, and the coils are surprisingly long-lasting and frugal on e-liquid consumption.


Similar to its spiritual inspiration, the Suorin Air, the Kado Stealth is a draw-activated device, making it a natural introduction for newcomers, with a smooth, slightly airy draw – interesting for a 1.2-ohm coil. It’s no vapor monster, but I was pleasantly surprised by how full each draw was on the Stealth, and by how concentrated the flavor was, even from the side-mounted mouthpiece.


All of my major concerns about the Stealth’s design come down to the fact that it’s perhaps not stealthy enough. For starters, the juice-level window is simply too dark to fill without holding it up to a light source, making it near impossible to do in public with any kind of discretion.


Secondly, the Stealth Pods fit way too snugly inside the frame, meaning even the strongest vapers will have to muscle them out of the body to refill or change pods. It’s hardly impossible, but those seeking an effortless, fuss-free experience might be turned off by the stiff fit.


Next, there is the e-liquid gasket, which is extremely narrow and finicky. Not only will you need a needle-nose bottle to fill with any kind of accuracy, but the gasket on my test model didn’t always stay in place, leading to some minor leaking issues before I noticed.


Finally, there’s the battery. It’s hard to be stealthy when you’re constantly plugged in, and the Kado Stealth’s 450mAh battery doesn’t seem to live up to spec. I’ve used several pod mods with “smaller” batteries that well outperform the Stealth, leading me to believe there might be some cheap parts in place. I found myself recharging every hour with moderate use.


Yes, I realize most pod vapers aren’t chain vaping under testing circumstances, but these numbers are alarming in 2018, regardless of what type of vaper you are.


Still, the Kado Stealth offers a tight, effective, flavorful MTL draw for vaping newcomers, and should be a good entry point for those looking to kick cigs for good. However, more experienced vapers looking for a stealthy addition to their arsenal might want to consider a different pod mod, since the battery life will likely never keep up with their needs.

Spinfuel VAPE rates this vape gear as a Score of XXX in our in-depth reviewSpecs:

  • Dimensions: 75mm by 46mm by 8mm
  • 2mL Juice Capacity
  • Integrated 450mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism
  • Refillable Cartridge – Plug Seal
  • Replaceable Cartridge Design – Two-Piece
  • 1.2ohm Atomizer Resistance
  • Power Button
  • Lightweight Zinc Alloy and Rubber Construction
  • MicroUSB Charging Port
  • Available in Gunmetal, Champagne Gold, Blue, Green, Red
  • Note: Install and Prime Coil Before Use



  • 1 Kado Stealth System
  • 1 Slim Pods – Refillable Cartridges
  • 1 MicroUSB Cable
  • Instructional Manual

Vaptio C-Flat Executive

350mAh built-in battery with a max output of 15W and a refillable 1.5mL tank

7 c flat executive kit pass through e589afe69cacTalk about a tale of two pod mods… Vaptio’s first entry on this list was a bust, due to some foul, non-performing coils. However, the C-Flat Executive is the exact opposite, with a flavorful, potent coil setup that – while VERY similar to its spin-friendly brother – outperforms it on every level.


This stylish, ALMOST garish “executive” design certainly doesn’t look like anything else out there in the pod mod world, where most devices are either long and simple, or rounded like a medieval flute. In comparison, the C-Flat Executive is distinguished and well-built, with a hefty, but not heavy frame and easy to use pod system in place.


One odd design choice is the product slogan, “Born to Persevere,” which is a nice enough statement, had Vaptio not spelled it incorrectly on the etching it slapped on the side of the device. Good sentiment, bad execution.


In an interesting move, the Executive comes with a prefilled pod containing a strong 5mg menthol liquid, and a “fill cap” that doesn’t seem to want to come off. Plus, there’s no instructions telling users how to refill, leaving me to wonder if this is Vaptio’s attempt at building a closed system.


Thankfully, the Executive is compatible with the original C-Flat pods, so ‘refillers’ can breathe easier. But there are no spare tanks (or even a second prefilled tank) in the kit, so if you like their potent menthol brew, better start scouring websites and vape shops to find backups.


In terms of performance, the C-Flat Executive is a strong, predictable performer that offers great throat hit, ample vapor, and rich flavor using the prefilled pod. But enjoy these things while they last, since the 350mAh battery will probably get a moderate vaper to the end of the driveway before having to recharge.


Thankfully, the Executive has a passthrough while charging capability, making it a good companion at your desk, or in the car. For a night out, though? Yeah, might want to carry a few extras in that crowded pocket of yours.


I should say this – of all the pods I’ve tried, the C-Flat Executive gave me the most authentic SMOKING experience. Maybe it was the spot-on menthol, or the snug, but not tight draw. Maybe it was my ability to either use it as an MTL or direct lung performer. But all in all, the Executive is a versatile pod mod that can appeal to a lot of different vapers.

If only the battery life held up, and the “closed” system was made a little more “open” to encourage first time buyers, the C-Flat Executive could have been a winner in this roundup. But either way, it’s worth your considerationSpinfuel VAPE rates this vape gear as a Score of XXX in our in-depth review


  • E-Liquid Capacity: 1.5ml
  • Resistance: 1.0 Ohm
  • Battery Capacity: 350mah
  • Resistance Range: 0.8 – 1.2 Ohms
  • Dimensions (mm): 120.5*24.9*15.1



  • 1 x C-Flat E MOD
  • 1 x C-Flat P Tank
  • 1 x C-Flat Drip Tip
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x USB Cable

Kanger Uboat Pod

550mAh rechargeable battery with 2mL refillable pod cartridges

kanger uboat ultra portable pod kitA quick note to Kanger – just because you model a pod mod after a stealthy submarine, it doesn’t mean your vape is stealthy. But all joking aside, it was good to see the vape industry pioneers enter the pod mod fray with the Uboat Pod, and it was even better to see how this refillable system performed – mostly thanks to the ceramic coil.

That’s right, the once-simple world of pod vapes has been infiltrated by more-advanced design, and the Uboat is better for it! Each refillable 2mL pod has a 1.5-ohm ceramic coil that puts a stronger focus on flavor than most other cartridges in this category.

And, with a 550mAh rechargeable battery on board, users can expect to enjoy the Uboat’s rich flavor for longer than most pod mods can offer. My experience with this battery was mostly positive, though I felt the Uboat took a little longer to recharge than the 550mAh would indicate. Still, with two of these on hand, I can see casual vapers going an entire day with minimal fuss or refilling.

One note about the charging, though – the charger is proprietary, meaning the endless array of USB chargers you already own (and the convenience of using them) goes out the window. The included cable attachment works well enough, but this was a silly design decision that really doesn’t make a lot of sense, considering everything else in this package is so user-friendly.

The Uboat offers a truly smoker-friendly experience, with a button-free format, air-activated operation, and simple pod filling that puts the focus on the vaping, not the endless details of more-advanced products. All in all, I found the Uboat fired quickly with minimal draw power, eliminating a lot of the “sucking through a cocktail straw” effect that many MTL vapes bring to the table.

Most importantly, the Uboat vapes well. A snug, warm draw accompanies rich flavor, bringing users a fuller, more intense experience than most entry-level vapes can provide. It’s extremely comfortable to hold, is extremely discreet with minimal LED use, and easily fits in a pocket without being noticed. And no, the “submarine-inspired” shape isn’t weird or oblong – it’s a standard pod mod shape that won’t look strange when puffing in front of the bar.

Though there are no stated limitations on the types of e-liquids you can use with the Uboat, I recommend higher-nicotine, thinner liquids to accommodate juice flow. My experience using more-viscous, VG-heavy juices resulted in some dry hits and occasional burnt flavors. Maybe I was drawing too hard for testing purposes, but moderate use will likely turn up the same results.

Plus, the fill port gasket is tiny – have a needle-nose bottle handy, since standard droppers (and even unicorn tips) might make filling a messy, fruitless endeavor.

Overall, though, the Kanger Uboat is a winner in a very crowded category. The nuanced flavor and long-lasting battery makes this as good as the industry leaders, if not even a little better.

Spinfuel VAPE rates this vape gear as a Score of XXX in our in-depth review



  • Dimensions: 61mm by 22mm by 15mm
  • 2mL Maximum Juice Capacity
  • Integrated 550mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Output Voltage: 3.7V
  • Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism
  • Refillable Cartridge – Plug Seal
  • Replaceable Cartridge Design – Two-Piece
  • 1.5ohm Ceramic Coil
  • Submarine Design Concept
  • Specialized MicroUSB Charging Port
  • Note: Install and Prime Coil Before Use



  • 1 UBOAT Battery System
  • 1 UBOAT Pod Cartridge
  • 1 Charging Cable
  • Instructional Manual

Sigelei Fuchai v3 Pod

400mAh integrated battery with 1.5mL refillable chamber

sigelei fuchai v3 pod ultra portable kitKanger isn’t the only “old school” vape company to dive into the pod mod waters. The recently released Sigelei Fuchai v3 pod system follows Kanger’s lead with a long, rectangular shape, draw-activated operation, and refillable pods.

Well, sort of refillable. While most refillable pods have limited use, due to the nature of their construction, the Fuchai pods are designed for one – that’s ONE – refill per use. So, you fill, vape, fill ONE more time, then discard – almost seems silly to even have a refill option in the first place, no?

This is a bit of a shame, to be honest, because fresh 1.5mL Fuchai pods are delightful! They offer some of the finest pod mod flavor and vapor production we’ve seen, and last a pretty long time, all things considered (at least when using appropriately thin e-liquid).

Of course, we weren’t satisfied with the “use twice and toss” approach, so we tried to refill, and found almost immediately diminishing returns, including flat flavor and limp vapor. We’re not sure what happened between the end of the first fill and the beginning of the last, but the drop off was staggering.

Looking beyond wastefulness, the Fuchai v3 is a decent setup. The Juul-like shape, decent 400mAh battery, and easily decipherable LED indicators make the Fuchai a good starter kit for ex-smokers and new vapers.

The 400mAh battery isn’t going to win any endurance awards, but casual vapers will probably get through a day on a single charge. The USB-based recharging is suitably quick and painless but be sure to use the cable included with the kit, since my experience was hit or miss with other cables.

[ED. NOTE – This is good practice no matter what vape device you’re using. Companies include those cables for a reason – only use the ones designed for your vape product, to ensure proper function and safety.]

My only concern with the available pods is the 1.8-ohm resistance, which definitely helps with juice consumption, but also makes for an excessively tight, cool vape. Only my longest draws resulted in anything close to warm vapor production. And when I did so, the hits became drier and less flavorful. Plus, the 10-second cutoff is actually more like five, leading to some frustratingly weak hits overall.

But the Fuchai v3 feels good in the hand and should satisfy less-discerning newcomers with solid MTL performance at a very attractive price point. However, experienced vapers looking for a solid pod system for stealth use or portability will probably be frustrated by the limited use of the pods, and the fairly weak battery life, as well.

Spinfuel VAPE rates this vape gear as a Score of XXX in our in-depth reviewSpecs:

  • Dimensions: 86.2mm by 18mm by 9.1mm (w/out Pods)
  • All-in-One Design
  • 1.5mL Refillable Pod Cartridges
  • Integrated 400mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Maximum Wattage Output: 15W
  • Atomizer Resistance: 1.8ohm
  • Direct Voltage-Based Output
  • Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism
  • Replaceable Cartridge Design
  • LED Battery Light Indicator
  • MicroUSB Charging Port


  • 1 Fuchai V3 POD System
  • 1 1.5mL Refillable Pod Atomizer
  • 1 MicroUSB Cable
  • Instructional Manual

Justfog MiniFIT

370mAh integrated battery and a 1.5mL pod cartridge.

justfog mini fit ultra portable pod systemJust when I thought pod mods were going to continue to get larger, along comes the Justfog MiniFIT Pod, which is barely larger than a standard USB thumb drive. And this little pod mod system definitely packs a punch that belies its size, but with the lack of dimensions comes some tradeoffs.

Interestingly, despite the diminutive size, the MiniFIT is a button-operated device, rather than going with a draw-activated setup. The plasticky frame and button construction means this isn’t the most-confident interface you’ll find, but the MiniFIT fires quickly and hits hard.

However, the integrated 370mAh battery means strong draws will sap power quicker than it takes you to read this piece. A constant voltage format helps temper battery usage but make no mistake – the MiniFIT has battery longevity on par with cig-a-likes from three years ago, not a modern vape setup.

That said, the included MiniFIT pod is easy to fill, heats quickly and offers very respectable flavor and vapor production. Even using thicker, more viscous e-liquids resulted in rich, luscious clouds – unlike most pod vapes ever produce. And PG-heavy liquids gave off bright, nuanced flavors. No matter which path I chose, these pods were outstanding.

Plus, unlike some “more limited” entrants on this roundup, the Justfog MiniFIT pods were strong performers for several refills before diminishing in flavor and vapor. They’re still very much a disposable item, but it’s nice to see longevity is on the minds of pod vape companies, rather than pure profit from consumable items.

The coil resistance, at 1.6 ohms, is a little high for my tastes, but mouth-to-lung vapers should feel right at home with the experience. The draw is a little tight for direct lung enthusiasts, but ex-smokers will find their puffs feel natural and comfortable.

If I had my druthers, I’d ask Justfog to make a “MiniFIT MAX” or something similar to take advantage of these features and fantastic pods. But the limited battery capacity makes the MiniFIT a backup plan at best for casual vapers.

Those seeking more performance from a pod vape should probably have another device at the ready. The MiniFIT is great while it lasts… but an all-day performer, this is not.

Spinfuel VAPE rates this vape gear as a Score of XXX in our in-depth reviewSpecs:

  • All-in-One Design
  • Dimensions – 70mm by 21mm by 15mm
  • 1.5mL Juice Capacity
  • Constant Voltage-Based Output
  • Single Button Operation – Firing Mechanism
  • Ergonomic Trim Design
  • 1.6ohm Resistance Coil
  • Replaceable Cartridge Design
  • LED Battery Light Indicator
  • MicroUSB Charging Port



  • 1 MINIFIT Battery
  • 1 MINIFIT Pod
  • Instructional Manual

SMOK Rolo Badge

250mAh integrated battery and 2mL maximum capacity

smok rolo badge ultra portable system prism blueWhen is 250mAh not 250mAh? When it comes in the form of the SMOK Rolo Badge Pod Mod. This shield-shaped oddity managed to outlast most of the other pod mods on the list in terms of battery life AND coil longevity. Unfortunately, it couldn’t quite compare in terms of flavor and vapor. If only these companies could just get together and combine their talents, we could have one hell of a vape product on our hands.

The SMOK Rolo Badge is another in a growing line of flat, disc-like pod vapes that focus on usability and simplicity, even if the device shape doesn’t quite scream “vape me!” Where the Rolo Badge differs is in its heft, which makes the Badge seem more durable and well-made than most in this category.

Somehow, the onboard 250mAh battery managed to give me a few hours of steady vaping, using both long and short draws on the puff-activated system. And with a firing limit of 16 watts, there’s a good chance this diminutive battery was maxed out a good chunk of the time I tested the Rolo Badge.

(There’s a joke about size vs. performance that I’m simply too mature to make here. But you know you were thinking the same thing.)

One thing needs to be clear about the Rolo Badge – this is MTL territory only. Direct lung vapers need not apply, since the two included pods are of a very high resistance, and vapor production is quite limited, even when compared to other disc-like pod mods.

This would be fine if the flavor was rich and deep, but all of the liquids we used in the 2mL Rolo Badge pods were muted and dull, with more nuanced flavors hidden beneath the surface. Sure, these pods last a long time, but will you last as long as they do? I’m not sure.

Plus, the pods are insanely difficult to full, even with the included needle-nose bottle. This led to more frustration than I expected from a supposed beginner vape mod. I realize that size and portability is a prime concern for pod mod manufacturers, but there needs to be a better way.

But if you’re heading out for the day, the fast-charging, long-lasting SMOK Rolo Badge is a solid choice for longevity alone. Though the flavor and vapor are hardly impressive, this defiant wunderkind will likely keep you satisfied longer than most on this list. Even with a 250mAh battery.

Spinfuel VAPE rates this vape gear as a Score of XXX in our in-depth reviewSpecs:

  • Dimensions – 73.3mm by 50mm by 12mm
  • Integrated 250mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Wattage Output Range: 10-16W
  • Voltage Input Range: 3.3-4.2V
  • Direct Voltage Based Output
  • Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism
  • LED Light Battery Indicator
  • Fillable Pod System – Replaceable Cartridge
  • 2mL Juice Capacity – Side Fill Slot
  • Horizontal Coil Atomizer
  • Air-Driven Pod System
  • 8 Seconds Cut-Off Protection
  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • Low Voltage Warning
  • MicroUSB Port Charging System
  • Proprietary Magnetized Connection
  • Plating Edition – Black, Chrome, Gold, Blue and Rainbow
  • Rubber Paint Version – Rubber Black, White, Yellow, Blue, Red, Pink
  • Gold & Multi-Color, Blue & Multi-Color, Belgium, Rasta Green Red



  • 1 ROLO Badge Mod
  • 2 ROLO Badge Cartridge
  • 1 MicroUSB Cable
  • 1 E-Liquid Injection Bottle
  • Instructional Manual

Smoant S8

370mAh rechargeable battery with a well-engineered 2mL refillable pods

smoant s8 pod ultra portable kit side viewIf you’ve read this far, you’ve probably figured out that battery life is a key factor in my approval or disapproval of pod mods. But, those familiar with my reviews also know there’s always exceptions. And the Smoant S8 is the exception for this roundup.


And even though this isn’t a “best of” list, I have no qualms about saying that the Smoant S8 is my favorite pod mod to date. Better than Juul. Better than the Suorin Air. Better than all comers. Because it’s probably the only vape device I’ve ever used that satisfies to similar levels as some of my full-fledged mods.


Yes, there’s a 370mAh battery on board – and not even a particularly good one, to be honest. But beyond that, the look, feel, build quality and vape prowess of the S8 is simply unrivaled. Its two-piece, snap-together structure has enough heft to reassure users, while being sleek enough to stay out of the way.


More importantly, the S8 might be the only pod I filled without leaking, spilling and swearing a blue storm. It’s still a snug fit, but Smoant made it easier for newcomers to “fill and forget” than most others.


And, though most pod mods have safety measures built in to keep newcomers from using their devices incorrectly, the Smoant S8 has a full-featured suite of safety protections in place, alongside passthrough capability, fast recharging, and an open, airy draw-activated system.


Speaking of which, that’s where the S8 shines brightest. Throughout my time with the pods on this list, I ended up returning to the S8 most often, thanks to a slightly looser, lung-friendly draw quality, phenomenal flavor and surprisingly rich vapor for an entry-level device.


Yes, the S8 works best with high-nic, low-viscosity e-liquids – such is the nature of pod vapes. However, when pushing the S8 a little, it handled VG-heavy juices like a champ, with no burning, scorching or misfiring. It wasn’t quite as good as the PG-heavy blends, but there is plenty of versatility to be had here… and a lot of enjoyment along the way.


The 370mAh battery life is a bummer, for sure. But I hope Smoant is reading this and taking notes for its next round of pod mods. While you’ll need to keep a cable handy for lengthier trips, no pod on this (or any) list is going to match the vape quality provided by the S8. In fact, it might be the one pod mod I keep around for regular use.

Spinfuel VAPE rates this vape gear as a Score of XXX in our in-depth reviewSpecs:

  • Dimensions: 86.6mm by 48mm by 12.8mm
  • 2mL Maximum Juice Capacity
  • Integrated 370mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Output Voltage Range: 3.3-3.4V
  • Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism
  • Refillable Cartridge – Plug Seal
  • Replaceable Cartridge Design – Two-Piece
  • 1.3ohm Resistance Coil
  • LED Battery Light Indicator
  • MicroUSB Charging Port – 0.5A Charge Rate
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • CPU Protection
  • Charging Protection
  • Low Battery Protection
  • Overuse Protection
  • Overheat Protection
  • Note: Install and Prime Coil Before Use



  • 1 Smoant S8 Pod Battery
  • 1 S8 Pod Cartridge
  • 1 Needle E-Juice Bottle
  • 1 MicroUSB Charging Cable
  • Instructional Manual

Joyetech Exceed Edge Pod Mod

650mAh integrated battery and a 2mL cartridge - 1.2ohm EX MTL Coil.

joyetech exceed edge ultra portable kit all 5 colorsElement Vape calls the Joyetech Exceed Edge an Ultra-Portable Mod, though it’s a prime example of a Pod Mod, an excellent one at that. Featuring a 650mAh internal battery, 2mL refillable pods, and a 1.2-ohm (plus-ohm) EX MTL (Mouth-to-Lung) Coil, it fits the definition of a device that shines when used with nicotine salt e-liquids.  At the cost of $20, the Exceed Edge defines the modern Pod Mod. You won’t win any cloud chasing contests, but the flavor fidelity is spot-on, especially for a Pod Mod, and its size and weight makes it a comfortable and stealthy choice for Pod Mod users.

The Joyetech EXCEED Edge Ultra Portable is definitely an ergonomically designed pod mod with higher power than the average pod mod, featuring 650mAh integrated battery and a 2mL cartridge. It’s 1.2ohm EX MTL Coil exceeded my expectations. The EXCEED Edge is built trim and slim, using durable PETG material construction and a futuristic design. The Joyetech EXCEED Edge has a single firing button mechanism like most pod mods, and its 650mAh battery and LED light indicator for battery assessment gives this pod mod a longer than expected battery life and an early indicator for when it’s time to recharge. The EX MTL Coil provides a nice balance between flavors and decent vapor production.



Spinfuel VAPE rates this vape gear as a Score of XXX in our in-depth reviewJoyetech EXCEED Edge Pod Mod Kit Features:

2mL Juice Capacity

Dimensions – 110mm by 26.5mm by 20mm

Integrated 650mAh Rechargeable Battery

Direct Voltage-Based Output

Single Button Operation – Firing Mechanism

Heat-Resistance PETG Construction

Futuristic & Trim Design

1.2ohm EX MTL Coil

Replaceable Cartridge Design

LED Battery Light Indicator

MicroUSB Charging Port

Available in Black, Orange, Yellow, Red, Silver, Dazzling Rainbow

Joyetech Exceed Edge Pod Mod Includes:

  • 1 EXCEED Edge Battery
  • 2 1.2ohm EX MTL Coil
  • Spare Parts
  • Instructional Manual
  • Warranty Card

In Conclusion

Each of the above are true Pod Mods. Each are capable of using nicotine-salt e-juice without blowing away the person using it. And they are all inexpensive devices with simple functions. For those of you looking to try your hand at this Pod Mod business, the above are excellent candidates. However, if you are looking for a small device that gives you more options, than you don’t want a Pod Mod, you want an Ultra-Portable Mod, or an All-in-One AIO Mod. Confusing? Indeed.


Let me reiterate – this was NOT a “best of” article, nor does this represent an exhaustive list of what pod mods are out there. But with the flood of new pod mod vapes appearing nearly every week, we wanted to consolidate the latest options into a nice little comparison piece to help you make the best decision should you decide that a Pod Mod is in your future…


Though these devices are functionally similar, as you see here, there are plenty of advantages and disadvantages to each. Hell, sometimes a battery rating isn’t even an accurate judge of long-term performance and enjoyment.


Thanks to their low cost, it’s much easier to jump into the pod mod fray than other more advanced areas of vaping. And, should you be tempted, we encourage you to try some of these devices and form your own opinions. We also encourage you to share them in the comments, and on our social media pages. Let us know what works for you, or what you think would work for you.