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Medical marijuana is prescribed for people with different health conditions, starting from sleep and eating disorders and ending with cancer-related pain and Multiple sclerosis. It also helps some patients with psychological health issues like social anxiety and depression. Thanks to its two primary active compounds – THC and CBD – cannabis either relieve specific symptoms of different diseases or treats the illnesses.

There’re several ways of consuming medical marijuana. But smoking has always been the most popular one. Today, vaporizing is becoming a more preferable method as it offers several benefits. Here’re 5 reasons why you should consider vaping marijuana over smoking it.

Why vaping marijuana for medical purposes is better than smoking?
  1. Vaping Marijuana is Healthier. 

The smoke arising from the combustion of plant material, be it tobacco or cannabis, contains lots of toxins and carcinogens (cancer-causing chemicals). In fact, cannabis smoke contains higher levels of certain carcinogens. This is not the way with using a dry herb vape pen ( suggests more info).

The significant difference between smoking and vaporizing lies in the fact that the latter doesn’t burn the material. An electronic smoking device heats it to the desired temperature below the combustion point of 450°F (230°C). Heating activates the cannabinoids in the plant and releases them into a vapor without creating a single spark.

Though vaping is a relatively recent invention, it’s already researched. All studies found out that e-cig vapor is safer than smoke. The amount of potentially dangerous chemicals in cigarette smoke are 9 to 450 times higher (according to different studies) than in e-cig vapor. Consequently, passive cannabis vaping (the inhalation of second-hand cannabis vapor) is also less harmful than passive weed smoking.

  1. Vaping Marijuana is Lung-Friendly.

Obviously, inhaling anything other than air is stressful for our lungs. And for patients who have never smoked even tobacco cigarettes, starting to smoke marijuana is painful and undesirable. Using a dry herb vaporizer pen brings a more satisfying experience.

Regular cannabis smoking may cause chronic cough and phlegm production. It’s also linked to more severe consequences, such as inflammation of the airways, an increase in airway resistance, and lung hyperinflation. This makes this method of cannabis intake extremely unsuitable for patients with already existing respiratory health problems.

We’ve already mentioned that vapor is much cleaner than smoke. The absence of carcinogens, tar, carbon monoxide, ammonia, particulate matter, and other respiratory irritants associated with weed smoking make vapor more loyal to the lungs and throat.

In addition, cannabis smokers usually inhale more deeply and keep smoke in the lungs for a longer time. Vapers do it a bit different. Some don’t even inhale deeply. They don’t irritate their throat and lungs and don’t have a heavy cough during use like joint smokers.

  1. Vaping Marijuana has a Stronger Effect.

Recent research found out that vaping marijuana delivers a more powerful punch than smoking it. To study the differences, researchers recruited 17 adults who had consumed cannabis in the past year, but not in the 30 days before the study’s launch.

The experiment took 6 weeks. Each participant made one visit per week for smoking or vaping sessions. The THC concentration for both rounds of testing was 0mg, 10mg, and 25mg.

After each session, the research team examined physiological changes. The participants were asked to fill in a questionnaire to self-report their experience and complete 3 computerized tasks to check memory, attention, and reaction time.

The 0-mg dose served as the control point in the study as it obviously had neither physical nor psychological effect. But 10mg, and especially 25mg., got the participants pretty stoned. In comparison to smoking, vaping the same doses of marijuana caused significantly stronger subjective drug effects, higher blood THC levels, and impaired cognitive and psychomotor functions more.

The result can be explained by the fact that burning destroys some compounds of the herb. Heating turns out to be a more efficient way to use cannabis.

  1. Vaping CBD can be “High-Free”.

Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC for short, is one of the best-known active substances found in cannabis. Another active compound is cannabidiol or CBD. Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t produce any psychoactive effects. Simply put, it doesn’t make users “high”. It only brings a bunch of health benefits.

For some patients, this is good news. As mentioned above, marijuana use impairs coordination and reaction time. So, vaping weed doesn’t suit people who perform the work that requires much focus and attention, for example, doctors or drivers. That’s why vaping CBD oilis becoming a top choice for those who want to use medical marijuana and keep a clear state of mind at the same time.

CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant and then is mixed with some type of carrier oil to facilitate ingestion. It can be vaporized with the help of a CBD oil vape pen. To find out the right dose for you, start with the smallest dosage. If it provides a fast effect, you don’t need to inhale more. If no, gradually increase your intake.

  1. It’s more discreet and convenient to use.

Different temperature settings allow you to regulate the intensity of high. 150°C will help you reached a mellow high. To increase the potency, set your weed vape penfor 166-187°C. It’s not recommended to go higher than 229°C as it’s close to combustion temperature. That will reduce the elimination of cannabinoids.

When it comes to using marijuana on the move, vaping is easier. Traveling with a water pipe or a bong is not as comfortable as with a portable vaporizer. The market offers a wide choice of compact e-cigs developed for cannabis use. You can fill the device, put it in your pocket, and use it whenever you need.

Another benefit is the opportunity to use it more discreet. Vaporizing doesn’t produce as much smell as smoking does. People won’t stare at you as if you’re a junkie. Moreover, the clouds of vapor dissipate faster than smoke.

All in all, scientist vaping cannabis for medical purposes a gentle, efficient, safe, and user-friendly alternative method for smoking it.