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Why Should You Get Into Hybrid Strains

Oh the wonders of hybrid strains of cannabis..Whether you’re a casual enjoyer or a well-educated weed connoisseur, there’s no denying the fact that weed offers something for everyone. You have options for how you want to enjoy your cannabis. Regardless of the way you want to consume the substance, your selection boils down to two major weed strains: Indica and Sativa.

However, you don’t have to limit yourself to these dominant categories. There’s another you can dive into, one that offers the best of both and, at the same time, brings an almost otherworldly experience. If you’re curious about trying out hybrids for the first time, then here’s a briefer to help you on your journey of discovery.

What are hybrid strains?

The term is pretty much self-explanatory. Hybrid strains are a cross between indica and sativa strains. Both have distinct properties and effects. Sativa strains are more of a pick-me-up which places consumers in a state of elevated euphoria. Indica strains do the opposite, offering a more relaxed effect.

By taking the best effects from each of the strains, a hybrid strain offers the best from both, depending on which of the two is dominant. Hybrid strains result from breeding male and female indica and sativa plants. Growers would also mix and match these strains with seeds from other plants to create interesting varieties.

What are the benefits of using hybrid strains?

Technically, the effects of hybrid strains vary depending on the parent plant, which is simply the dominant strain used in crossbreeding. In any case, hybrid strains offer a wide range of benefits to both new and veteran consumers.

  1. Greater variety of flavors

Due to the crossbreeding process, they go through, hybrid strains work great for experimenting and developing new flavors. One such unique variety of hybrid strains is the papaya strain. Developed by Nirvana Seeds, this variety is known for its fruity scent that goes well with the dominant characteristics of Indica strains. With traces of pepper and the distinct scent of papaya, you will have to taste it yourself and see what we mean when we say that hybrids are worth your money.

  1. Versatility for beginners

There’s no questioning the physical and mental benefits that marijuana can bring. What we can observe from using both indica and sativa plants can also be experienced through hybrid varieties. The only difference is that hybrids have varying degrees of potency which depends entirely on how they are crossbred. Due to their versatility, these strains could work well as introductory strains to people who are trying out weed for the first time.

Key takeaway

There’s still more you can learn about hybrid strains, but what remains is the fact that these varieties take the best things about Indica and Sativa and combine them into unique options. If you have a distinct flavor profile, you can opt for hybrids that are crossed with other plants to create experiences that match your preferences.

Before you shop around, though, make sure to only deal with legitimate dispensaries and research the variety you’re looking to try out. In time, you will find one you’ll love!

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