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What We Need to Know About the Cannabis Flower/Bud and How to Use It – Though new technologies are coming into the limelight to help manufacturers design multiple products that could deliver the benefits of cannabis, smoking the flower or bud continues to be the most preferred and common way of consuming cannabis all across the world.

The flower, sometimes also referred to as “bud”, is the part of the cannabis plant that can be smoked because it has been cultivated, harvested, dried, and cured. The cannabis flower is the most popular choice because it is pretty versatile. Therefore, you can consume it in a number of ways, such as by rolling it into a blunt or joint or smoking it through a bong or pipe.


The rapid onset of smoking weed is probably one of its many benefits. Once you smoke it, you will be able to feel the effects almost instantly. Effects could continue for one to three hours. However, they might vary from one person to another.


Methods of Smoking Weed


Most of the weed smokers in the world know how to roll a blunt or joint, but there is no harm in discovering new ways of enjoying the beautiful cannabis flower. The method you choose will depend on the smoker’s given situation, environment, and preference.


Let’s look at some of the popular methods of enjoying weed.




This is probably the most common way of smoking weed. You will find many benefits of rolling a joint. You will require very few tools to do so, such as your bud, rolling paper, and a grinder (optional).


Rolling papers are known to be pretty inexpensive, and you can find them in any convenience store.


Most rolling papers are created from wood pulp material. However, you will also find a variety of them on the market that are specially made for stoners, such as hemp-based papers, longer-sized papers, etc.




This may not be as common as smoking a joint, but it is still a convenient way of enjoying cannabis. A blunt is basically an emptied-out cigar that you fill with cannabis bud and then re-seal it.


Similar to smoking a joint, a blunt will also require a blunt wrap and cannabis bud. You can find all types of cigars in convenient stores; hence, it is easily accessible. The only downside of having a blunt would be the consumption of tobacco along with the cigar wrap.




This is one of the easiest ways of enjoying weed. Pipes are easy to use, compact, and small, making them pretty convenient for any weed smoker. You will not need water or power to use a pipe. All you have to do is break the flow, fill the empty bowl, and light it up. If you are travelling or want to be discreet, pipes can be really reliable and practical for cannabis smokers.


If you are looking for cannabis products online for your next travels, weedcenter will offer you an elegant gallery of products.




Another popular method of smoking cannabis would be with the help of a water pipe, also known as a “bong”. Bongs use a filtration technique that has a chamber filled with water. There is also a downstream connecting a small bowl for cannabis and a water chamber.


Bongs can help in calming the harshness and heat of inhaling smoke. The water chamber’s liquid will filter particles present in the smoke. The water level has to be right above the downstem’s open end in order to filter the smoke properly. As the smoke passes through the bong, the pipe’s length will also contribute to the cooling action.


Bongs come in many different shapes and sizes. Some are more advanced thanothers. You will also find glass bongs on the market that are meant to accommodate ice in the chamber in order to let the smoke cool down before it gets inhaled.


Bongs with a glass percolator also have an additional filtration system that allows the smoke to be filtered multiple times, providing the user with a cooler and cleaner hit.

Glass Pipes and Bongs

It is important to note that glass pipes and bongs get caked with residue when used for a long time. Therefore, an occasional deep clean is recommended to restore the pristine state of the device in order to enjoy the cannabis flower in the most pleasant manner.


A glass bong may be the most popular one, but you can also find lower quality ceramic bongs and acrylic bongs. You could also look at DIY options, like the gravity bong.

Gravity Bongs

Gravity bongs could be of two different types. The most common one is known to comprise of a plastic bottle with the bottom portion cut out along with a bowl mounted to the cap. You will also require a larger container with water. You will have to partially submerge the bottleinside the water while the bottle is slowly raised, and the bowl is lit. It will create pressure that will fill the small container with smoke. Once the weed turns into ash, the bowl is unscrewed, and smoke can be inhaled through the opening present in the bottle.




The cannabis flower does not have a standard dosage structure, unlike other kinds of cannabis products. The total concentration of cannabinoids determines the potency of the flower. It is often expressed in the form of mg/g. It is best to start with a small dosage and increase it gradually.