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What Are Hybrid Cannabis Strains?Hybrid cannabis strains exhibit traits of both Sativa and Indica plants. In reality, most cannabis sold today is a hybrid that is either Indica- or Sativa-dominant rather than pure Indica or Sativa. This is due to the scarcity of “landrace strains,” or original cannabis strains that retain their natural features, in today’s cross-breeding worldwide market. Today’s hybrid cannabis plants might be tall with bushier leaves, short with thin leaves, or have several other distinguishing characteristics that indicate they are a more current cultivar than a landrace strain.

Types of hybrid cannabis seeds

There are three common types of hybrid seeds, namely:

  1. Sativa-dominant hybrid strains: These are cannabis strains with more Sativa genetics, but they aren’t pure Sativa and will still have some Indica features, making them hybrids.
  2. Indica-dominant hybrid strains: Indica hybrid strains lean more towards the Indica end of the spectrum while retaining some Sativa characteristics. Even if they lean more towards one side, they are still an Indica/Sativa hybrid.
  3. 50/50 hybrid strains: This type of strain is fully balanced, with equal amounts of Indica and Sativa qualities, hence the name 50/50; half and half.

Popular hybrid cannabis strains

Here are our top hybrid cannabis seeds available:

Garlic Breath

Garlic Breath strain seeds are an Indica-dominant hybrid (60% Indica, 40% Sativa) cross of GMO and Mendo Breath F2. Because of their distinct characteristics, Garlic Breath seeds can be likened to classic Indica such as Northern Lights. Grow Garlic Breath seeds inside for the best, most predictable outcomes under steady lighting and heat. It is also vital to try to practice frequent topping to boost the overall yield of your cannabis. Garlic Breath strain features spade-shaped minty green nugs, bright orange hairs, and an amber crystal trichome coating.

Cereal Milk

Cereal Milk cannabis is a cross between Y Life, a Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie phenotype, and Snowman, a Sativa-dominant Cookies phenotype. Cereal Milk is a limited-production strain with hard-to-find seeds. If you get your hands on some Cereal Milk strain seeds, you can expect to grow plants that are 60-80 inches tall in a greenhouse and more than 90 inches tall outside. Few individuals have tried Cereal Milk because it is a new strain. However, this cannabis strain needs 8 to 10 weeks to develop blossoms. Furthermore, Cereal Milk may be unpredictable outside, so if you find some, use it cautiously.

Wedding Pie

Wedding Pie seeds are an Indica-leaning hybrid of Wedding Cake and Grape Pie (60% Indica and 40% Sativa). Due to their Indica dominance, Wedding Pie strain seeds grow short and bushy plants with layered foliage and rich resin-packed nuggets. Wedding Pie seeds grow extremely bushy and produce an abundance of rich trichomes, giving the entire plant a crystalline appearance. In colder climates, each massive cola divides into a slew of smaller, spade-shaped nugs ranging from green to deep purple. Each flower also features sandy orange to amber pistils and a tiny layer of resinous trichomes, giving it a stunning, glittering white luster.

Coochie Runtz

Coochie Runtz is a cannabis hybrid strain formed by crossing Runtz with another unknown strain. The Coochie Runtz strain is a colorful Indica/Sativa hybrid with an equal mix of Indica and Sativa. These cannabis seeds will grow into stunning cannabis plants with large, thick buds coated in a rainbow of hues. Coochie Runtz is a mold and mildew-resistant variety that thrives in warm, humid areas, making it a good choice for indoor growers.

Outdoor growers may plant Coochie Runtz cannabis seeds in a sunny location with well-drained soil. After the final frost, sow the seeds in the spring. You are recommended to water regularly and fertilize once a month. Clip back the tips of the plants when they are around 6 inches tall to stimulate bushier growth. Also, the plants will be ready for harvest in October.

What Are Hybrid Cannabis Strains?Pink Cookies

Pink Cookies seeds are a hybrid of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. Pink Cookies seeds will blossom in 7 or 8 weeks. With trichomes and brilliant green and dark purple leaves, this strain has a frosty appearance. Expect orange hairs in one of cannabis’ most appealing strains. One advantage of growing Pink Cookies seeds indoors is their modest height. Pink Cookies seeds seldom grow taller than 80cm; thus, you don’t need to top them. It may be tough to grow this strain outside. However, you may harvest adequate yields if you maintain the right humidity and temperature.


Zookies strain seeds were produced by mixing Animal Cookies and Gorilla Glue#4. Having a growing Zookies garden is a wonderful experience. Because it tends to grow both tall and wide, this plant requires a lot of space. Both indoor and outdoor environments need careful planning and execution. Mediterranean temperatures are suitable for growing the Zookies cannabis strain. The first week of October is usually the best time for harvesting. Zookies seeds grown outside require a good amount of space to thrive.

Indoor cultivation of the Zookies strain needs high-stress training methods to optimize available light and space. Zookies plants may grow up to 8 feet tall when grown outside and 6 feet tall when cultivated inside. During harvest time, you will get dope-looking buds with a deep green backdrop, dazzling light sienna, and orange pistils.

Hybrid cannabis seeds generate some of the most pleasant and prolific hybrid strains available today by combining Indica and Sativa traits. For many growers, a well-balanced hybrid seed strain delivers the greatest attributes of Indica and Sativa traits in one excellent strain. If you are searching for some cup-winning hybrid marijuana seeds for sale, then Premium Cultivars has a prize-winning selection.

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