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Waynes World Comic Trolls Outgoing FDA Commissioner Over JUUL Comments

We’d love to see public health tell the truth about vaping…


Hey, it might happen!

Wayne’s World Comic Trolls Outgoing FDA Commissioner Over JUUL Comments

Yeah.. and monkeys might fly out of my butt!


Playing off the 90’s comedy movie “Waynes World” starring Mike Meyers, Dana Carvey and Rob Lowe, a vape lifestyle company has summed up the current status of JUUL and the vape industry in one hilarious comic. made this parody depicting the classic scene where Rob Lowe, a prototypical douchebag TV producer, is explaining to Wayne and Garth that they are bound by contract to feature their executive producer on their show. In defiance, Wayne and Garth launch into a hilarious parody of how corrupting money and influence pervades mainstream media and culture.


In this case, though, the comedy is all-too real, and the corrupting money is hurting the vape industry.


The comic aims to draw similarities between the scene from Wayne’s World and the sell-outs at JUUL. Within just a few short years of being in business, JUUL sold out to Altria for a record $38 Billion. To the rest of the vape industry, it became clear that their intentions for the JUUL device were not solely harm reduction. They were in it for the money, and they had deep connections with big industry and Silicon Valley elites that helped them get the deal done.


To pour salt on the wound, JUUL began secret shopping their own retailers and pulling popular JUUL flavors from vape shops just to pay fealty to the tobacco control hysteria. Their actions left hard-working vapreneurs in the dust with thousands of dollars of inventory they no longer wanted to sell. Why would they? JUUL was clearly not an ally to their small business.


The narrative from the FDA leading up to and following the Altria deal seemed all too coincidental. Tobacco Control zealots, including the FDA, screamed about child appealing flavors while demonizing JUUL as “Big Tobacco’s next big addiction scam”. Scott Gottleib, the acting FDA commissioner at the time, couldn’t stop bashing vape flavors for causing a teen vaping “epidemic”.


When the dust settled, JUUL was left with a pile of cash and a dozen and a half allies in Washington.


It’s like people only do things because they get paid. And that’s just really sad…


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Waynes World Comic Trolls Outgoing FDA Commissioner Over JUUL Comments
Waynes World Comic Trolls Outgoing FDA Commissioner Over JUUL Comments