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I’ll be upfront about this sudden popularity for Pod Vape Devices like the Warlock Peas; I don’t like them, and I don’t use them. As a heavy Vaper for more than 6 years, that is to be expected, I think. I like powerful devices that throw out clouds of vapor that would make the gods on Olympus blind to the events around me.

Having said that, a few weeks ago I gave my housekeeper a Warlock Peas because she smoked tobacco cigarettes. Not in my apartment, but she would take a break and head out to my balcony for a few minutes. I asked her to give a try…, even tossed in a few bottles of e-liquid… and today, she is 100% cigarette free thanks to this weird little Pod device by RofVape. Just thought I’d toss that in before the review below. – Dave

Warlock Peas Pod Vape System Review - Spinfuel VAPE
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RofVape Warlock Peas Review

Pod systems are odd to me. Especially when they offer performance that rivals pen-style vapes, but in a package that limits capacity and battery life. The Warlock Peas pod vape system is arguably the best I’ve tried to date. And the quality of the vape it provides was extremely high. However, a few problems prevent this from being an A+ review – mostly the limitations I just mentioned.


Let’s take a closer look at the Warlock Peas pod vape system, to see if this is the right device for you – or someone you know looking to transition to more advanced vaping.

Initial impressions of the Warlock Peas pod vape system


When I previewed the Peas, I never once said the device name aloud, and only now get the “joke” – Peas Pod. Get it? Yeah, it’s a unique name that might not translate to some audiences. But I credit RofVape for trying something unique.


Moving on, the presentation and overall look of the Warlock Peas pod system is stellar. From the well-designed packaging to the sleek, attractive mod shape, the company has put together an all-encompassing setup that should ease the minds of new vapers unsure of how to get started.


In short, everything an ex-smoker or new vaper needs is in the box, short of a power source and a bottle of juice. RofVape ensured every element was covered, including a handy (and necessary) needle-tip bottle for more precise pod filling. Trust us, trying to fill without it wasn’t enjoyable.


Users will also get two 1.5mL capacity, 1.8-ohm cartridges, a USB connection cover and even replacement gaskets for the pods to prevent leaking. It’s just a highly complete and thoughtful system, especially at this price point.


The Peas device is 110mm long and suitably narrow, but not as compact as a cig-a-like. Longer and fatter, with squared-off edges and subtle LED activation lighting, no one will mistake the Peas for an actual cigarette. But it’s more than compact and slender enough to carry in a front pocket without anyone being the wiser.


Perhaps my favorite part of the Warlock Peas is the integrated USB extension which eliminates the need to carry a cable to charge. Sure, you’ll still need a USB connection, but the more streamlined a product can be, the better things are for most of us.

Operating the Warlock Peas pod Vape System


Using the Peas brings us back to the olden days of vaping, when a person’s biggest decision was which cartomizer to attach. Using a puff-activation setup, users simply inhale through the airy mouthpiece and the 400mAh battery (which was incorrectly reported as 280mAh in the preview) activates instantly, without an ounce of lag or delay, especially when compared to similar pod systems occupying store shelves.


The rest of the system is just as easy to operate. The Peas uses simple pods, each with 1.8mL capacity, and coils that RofVape claims can last up to five refills. In my testing, I didn’t get quite that much longevity, with 3-4 seeming more accurate. While the flavor was rich and enjoyable right from the outset, I noticed muted results by the third refill, with distinct “off” notes by the fourth.


Of course, this could be a result of using the coils in a testing scenario, rather than less frequently like a smoker. However, modern coil technology creates heads that last weeks, not days, and the Warlock Peas seems a little underwhelming in this department.


Filling the Peas was tricky without the included needle-tipped bottle, so don’t toss that out with the box. Using a standard dropper or wider-tipped bottle caused countless spills and leaks all over the pod surface. However, the needle slid right into the slot, and the chamber fills easily.


The extra rubber gaskets included in the box were welcome additions, since they are tiny and can be lost easily if not careful. Though I’m just one voice, I’d recommend RofVape attach the gasket in the next iteration, to avoid dropping and losing them forever.


Charging the Warlock Peas pod system is as easy as finding a USB port on a computer or wall adapter. Because of the small-ish battery capacity, the Peas recharges very quickly – often within a half hour or less. This is good news, because the 400mAh battery simply isn’t large enough to keep a vaper going for a day, even if they only use it intermittently.


We’ve seen cig-a-like batteries with larger capacity than 400mAh, so this was a little disappointing. I would have readily traded a heavier or bulkier form factor in exchange for longer duration.

Vaping the Warlock Peas Pod Vape System

Let’s lead off this section by answering the primary question – yes, the RofVape Warlock Peas vapes great. The smooth, airy draw was restrictive enough to satisfy ex-smokers, while remaining open enough to make the Peas a viable stealth vape for casual mod users who need a high-performing backup device.


After filling and installing the 1.8-ohm cartridge with a 70% PG e-liquid, I was immediately floored by how vibrant the flavor was. It had been a while since I vaped less-viscous juice, and enjoyed how bright and clean each puff turned out to be.


Though I couldn’t detect much of a difference, RofVape indicates an automatic airflow system is in place, depending on which way you hold the Peas. No matter which side of the device I held facing “up” the Warlock Peas draw was nicely balanced for multiple types of vapers.


Vapor production was better than expected, even with the thinner juice. Using both MTL and restricted lung draws, I was able to create respectable clouds in my office, even though this is hardly the intended use for the Peas device. I imagine smokers could easily slide right into using the Peas, though high-wattage vapers might need to resist the urge to draw deeply.


But this is where I began to get disappointed. As enjoyable as the experience was, it was far too fleeting. Within an hour of moderate vaping, I was forced to charge my Peas due to low battery. Again, I was testing, so more casual users might be satisfied with the longevity, but this seemed awfully low for a modern vape device.


Also a little disappointing was how quickly the Peas pods went through e-liquid. The coil did a great job absorbing the juice, and required very little break-in time. But it seemed I was filling the pods as often as I was charging.


Even with higher nicotine e-liquid, I would hesitate to use the Peas as my primary vape device if heading out for the evening. Which is a shame, because when it’s charged and full, the Warlock Peas is as good as any pod vape available.


I should say that the integrated ASIC circuit board was reassuring. Though I didn’t experience any warnings beyond the persistent low-battery flashes on the LED, it was nice to see an entry-level mod with such advanced protection.

Wrapping Up, and Score…

Despite my gripes, I remain impressed by the flavor and performance of the sleek RofVape Warlock Peas pod vape system. The vibrant flavor and ease of use make this a tremendous starter setup for new vapers, and an enjoyable backup for those on the go. If RofVape can address the capacity issues, the Peas would be a contender in a crowding pod vape market.

Score: B

RofVape Warlock Peas pod system specs:

  • 110mm x 20mm x 10.5mm
  • Refillable 1.5ml capacity pods
  • Coil made from 304 stainless steel with an organic cotton wick
  • 1.8ohm resistance
  • 7W output wattage
  • 3.3-4.2V working voltage range
  • 400 mAh battery capacity
  • Unique USB charging
  • ASIC integrated circuit board offering safety protection
  • Automatic airflow switch


RofVape Warlock Peas pod system contents:

  • 1x Peas Battery
  • 2x Peas Atomizers
  • 1x Needle Bottle
  • 1x Battery Cap