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I have a confession to make – despite being a middle-aged guy, I love anything with tough-looking skulls on it. Heavy metal shirts, horror movie toys, regrettable tattoos, you name it – if there’s a skull involved, I’ll have it. (Okay, maybe not the SMOK S-Priv.) But there was no doubt I’d also own the awesome-looking VZONE Graffiti 220W Box Mod.


To be fair, I wasn’t guaranteed to get the skull edition, since the Graffiti comes in three equally beautiful, graffiti-inspired designs. But I lucked out and smiled big when first seeing the gunmetal and green test model for the first time.


But we can’t vape a skull image, can we? Thankfully, VZONE also made the Graffiti a really strong dual-18650 Vape Mod, with a lot of rock-solid, well-done features. There’s nothing here vapers haven’t seen before… but most of it works really well, which is more than most modern devices can claim. And the faults it has can easily be resolved, IF VZONE makes it a priority.


Let’s dive a little deeper into the VZONE Graffiti to see what lies behind those cold and creepy skull eyes.


Initial Impressions of the VZONE Graffiti 220W Mod

I’m going to try and finish this section without mentioning the word “skull” but am making no promises. Probably because outside of the stunning artwork, the Graffiti is a strikingly average-looking Box Mod. I don’t mean that negatively, but it’s clear that VZONE wanted to make the artwork the star of the show, so the rest of this two-tone, aluminum frame is largely unadorned.


That said, the edges are smoothly beveled, and the aluminum itself is weighty and solid – the Graffiti would definitely survive a few bumps and falls before showing any wear and tear.


The side-mounted fire button and operation keys are equally unassuming. But they are very firm, with a shallow throw and a confident feel that keeps misfires and bad inputs at bay.


The rear-panel battery door is held on by two of the strongest magnets known to man. At one point, while swapping in a fresh pair of 18650s, the door practically jumped from my hands to a nearby metallic surface. It’s easy enough to remove, but you never need to worry about the Graffiti accidentally coming apart.


The only real negative I could find about the appearance was the low-rent, horizontal OLED display, which does an adequate job displaying information, but really could have been smoother and clearer overall. Maybe I’m too obsessed with pretty screens, but this was a letdown.


Finally, the skull is rad. (Damn it, almost made it through…)

VZONE Graffiti 220W Mod Specs:

  • 90mm x 56mm x 26mm dimensions
  • Takes two 18650 batteries
  • Distinctive graffiti design
  • Ergonomic feel
  • 7-220W power output
  • 7.5V max output voltage
  • 50A max output current
  • Customisable user power output curve mode
  • Ni200/Titanium/SS/TCR temperature control modes
  • 100-300C/200-600F temperature control range
  • 0.91inch OLED display
  • USB charging
  • Centrally mounted 510 connector
  • Magnetic battery door cover

VZONE Graffiti 220W Mod Contents:

  • VZone Graffiti 220W Mod
  • USB Cable
  • User manual
  • Design and Build Quality

Spinfuel VAPE Score


Operating the VZONE Graffiti 220W Mod

Built on the proprietary HW chipset, the VZONE Graffiti is capable of 220-watt output, alongside the expected temperature control suite, TCR adjustments, bypass mode and more. At this point in vaping’s evolution, there isn’t anything here that’s cracking headlines, but it has what most modern vapers need and want, and that’s more than enough.


The chipset’s menu system is linear, so anyone who has used similar Vape Mods over the last few years should be able to string together the requisite three click/long press mechanics we all know and love. For newcomers, the documentation is surprisingly cogent and well-translated, so don’t fret – you’ll figure it out in no time.


Once in the menus, things are fairly straightforward, and users should have no problems finding their desired settings and making adjustments. But, in an interesting (and welcome) move, the VZONE Graffiti only adjusts in full digits, with no awkward tenth percentages to be had.


Not only does this make scrolling faster, but also eliminates the nonsense. Let’s be real, 45 watts is no different than 44.5 or 45.2. Can we stop micromanaging things so much? I’ll give you all the temp control and preheat tinkering you want, because those directly affect how a Mod fires. But wattage doesn’t need to be this overthought. Rant over.


One minor quirk – that could easily be fixed with firmware upgrades – is that I repeatedly had trouble locking in TCR values. It would kick me back to a previous menu before finally accepting my change and moving me along. It was annoying, and I can only imagine how it might affect TC enthusiasts.

Vaping the VZONE Graffiti 220W Mod

Much like the aviator skull that graces the exterior design, the VZONE Graffiti exudes power. While its TC performance is fine (except for that TCR menu quirk), I really don’t feel like that’s the core audience for this Box Mod.


I rarely get to use dual-18650 mods that can hit 200+ watts without struggling a little at the upper echelons. But this was one of those occasions, because the Graffiti screams, from 5-220 watts, and everywhere in between. I feel like vape manufacturers are defaulting to more powerful ramp-up times, and this is a shining example, as the draws are almost instantaneous, and steady throughout.


Plus, at mid-range wattages, the Graffiti fires just as instantly, with really strong battery life to boot.


And at no point did the Graffiti ever once stutter or fail. I know there are a wide range of protection measures built in, but I haven’t seen them yet, because no matter how hard I tried to trip up the Graffiti, it just shrugged it off like it was no problem whatsoever.


Temperature control was a little less inspiring. While the preset modes do their jobs, and locking resistances and temperatures is perfectly easy via the onboard menus, the oddball TCR quirks and occasional misfires make it a more “hit or miss” affair.


I used a number of different test coils on a range of RDAs, and the results were mostly good, with fast ramping and smooth, stutter-free draws. Its performance is certainly not bad by any means, but the hiccups keep this mode from hitting the same lofty standards as the straight power performance.

Wrapping Up

Despite the fantastic, authentic street artwork, the VZONE Graffiti Mod is a surprisingly straightforward Vape Device.


The basic, compact box design, dual-18650 format, and antiquated menu system were a little vanilla for a product aimed at grabbing your attention. And the TCR mishaps were a little alarming, no matter what the Mod looks like.


But on the flip side, the gorgeous artwork, unbeatable power performance, and incredible battery life still allow the VZONE Graffiti to claim a very good score. Let’s hope a firmware upgrade resolves some of these errors, so more vapers can put the Graffiti on their own short lists.