Smokenjoey is Back! The VUSE Rechargeable Reviewed!

Hi Folks, This is a complete review of the Vuse Rechargeable Digital Vapor Cigarette by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company— You would think they could produce a great eCigarette – Did They? Check out my review with Spinfuel eMaganzine’s very own Publisher, John Manzione. For more information, Tips and coupon codes go to

A little about this video review – I invited John Manzione to come on my show to talk about the VUSE. This was our first attempt to do a dual-screen type review, a prototype for a weekly video show we’d like to do at some point down the road. If you think you’d like to see a show with John and I discussing new products, doing some reviews, and offering our take on certain vaping news, let me know in the comments.

The Vuse comes in two varieties: The Vuse Solo, which costs the same as a disposable e-cig ($9), but the battery is rechargeable and it includes a USB charger in the Solo pack – just in case you want to keep using it. (If not, you can recycle the lithium-ion battery through RJ Reynolds.) You can also pick up the Vuse System pack, which includes two cartridges (original or menthol) rather than the one that comes in the Solo pack, a wall adapter and USB charger, and a carrying case. Additional cartridges – worth about a pack of cigarettes of vaping each – will run you about $6 for two.

After an evening using the Vuse, John was perfectly satisfied, for a while. While I haven’t yet vaped through an entire cartridge, it does seem to deliver a consistent amount of vapor even as the battery drains its charge, which was swift to say the least. The difference between the Vuse and other rechargeable “cig-a-likes” is probably unnoticeable to new vapers.   If you’re just getting into vaping to quit smoking the Vuse is one of the best “starter” options on the market, though still not all that great as a long term solution.

Should the US FDA and the lawmakers in the capital  manage to severely restrict the sale of advanced vaporizers and e liquid we will take a major hit on our personal freedoms and freedom of choice. Do not let this happen. Follow Spinfuel’s Vapers News daily, both positive and negative electronic cigarette news to stay informed on what is happening on the local, state, and federal regulations. This is the first time in American History where a product that can save millions of lives is being attacked daily. It is said that money is the root of all evil, and we can add that money is the root of all bad government decisions. Make sure your next vote is given to the candidate who believes in the most freedom.

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