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The VOOPOO TOO made quite an impression on us when it arrived last week. Most notably for its form factor, which strangely allows for single- or dual-battery operation, without any change in form factor. It was an odd choice, to say the least. But when we got past the battery quirks and bold design, we found there was a lot more to like than criticize with the VOOPOO TOO 180W TC Box Mod.


We may never figure out the reasoning behind the battery options, and maybe we wish the Mod had a little more power. But at the end of the day, the VOOPOO TOO is a stylish, comfortable, altogether DIFFERENT Box Mod, and is worthy of consideration for your vape dollars.

VOOPOO TOO 180W TC Box Mod Review- Spinfuel VAPE

Initial Impressions of the VOOPOO TOO 180W TC Box Mod

As we discussed in our extensive preview, the VOOPOO TOO is largely defined by its unique looks. Not because of oversized screens, touch mechanics, LED light displays or other extraneous items. Instead, VOOPOO took a standard Box Mod, bowed out the sides, added some striking design elements, and juxtaposed the battery door mechanics to create an odd little device.


First, the designs themselves. Our test Model was described as “raisin,” but if I ever bought raisins that matched this weird, lizard-skin/paisley hybrid, I’d sue the manufacturer. At first, I had a hard time explaining the design to people, but before long, I learned to appreciate the uniqueness of the visuals – mostly when the TOO stood out against a wall of black and stainless Mods.


Of course, not all of the designs are this “out there,” but it’s clear VOOPOO wasn’t aiming to be the most typically pretty Mod on shelves. If your Mod collection is a high school dance, consider the VOOPOO TOO the punk kid who shows up with a mohawk and Chuck Taylors, yet somehow gets nominated for prom queen.


More unique is the much-discussed battery format. I don’t need to reiterate how odd I find the design, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t come to love the sliding, hinged doors. With one on each side, sliding easily in and out of place, my VOOPOO TOO quickly became a fidget spinner-like addiction – to the point where I didn’t even realize I was doing it.


(And if you’re wondering how many 18650s I dropped on the floor, there’s no concern there. The battery terminals themselves are snug and reliable. So, fidget and slide till your heart’s content.)


On a more functional level, the doors are nicely textured, and feel good in the palm. The bowed-out doors seem as if they’d make the VOOPOO TOO more cumbersome, but actually serve to sit nicely in the palm, in either hand. Overall, the TOO is extremely comfortable, despite 88 x 54 x 33 mm dimensions that imply otherwise.


The rest of the Mod is built to VOOPOO’s usual high standard of quality. The press-fit 510 is awfully solid, and all of my atomizers sat flush, with no overhang up until 26.5 millimeters. The zinc alloy buttons and fire key are all well-built, with no rattle or unnecessary play.


Finally, the 0.96-inch screen is standard issue stuff, with the basic information on display, in monochrome LED. Like I mentioned in the preview, most Mods benefit from a more elaborate display. Here, I think simplicity is appropriate, to allow the TOO’s other design elements to stand out.

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Operating the VOOPOO TOO 180W TC Box Mod

Again, the VOOPOO TOO is an extremely comfortable Mod to hold and operate. Newcomers will enjoy a Mod that fits in their hands well, with enough texture to stave off slips and drops. Likewise, one-handed operations are possible, even with the 54mm width.


The menu system is fairly straightforward, provided you’re familiar with basic vape device functionality. The GENE chip has proven itself to be a more-than-capable chipset in the past, and the results are the same here. Using a clearly defined set of clicks, presses and holds, the GENE chip gets the job done with little excess or wasted effort. While I’ve been spoiled by the efficiency of larger screens and single-page menu controls, I had no trouble diving into the VOOPOO TOO and getting things done.


Speaking of efficiency, VOOPOO claims the GENE chip will operate at 98% battery efficiency. I’m not sure if this is accomplished in the same manner as DNA devices, which are often downthrottled to stay on point, but the TOO proved to be outstanding on battery life. And it did it while being one of the fastest-firing Mods in my collection.


Advancements in vaping technology are happening at a breakneck pace, and it’s not an overstatement to say the GENE chip is on par with some of the bigger names in the industry. No, it’s not just a DNA/YiHi world anymore – and we couldn’t be happier for it.


In single-battery Mode the TOO is capable of up to 80 watts, while dual-18650s offer a more reasonable 180 watts. I found both formats to work well, though the Mod feels a TOUCH underpowered when only using one cell – almost as if the TOO was firing 5-10 watts below target. There was also slight pulsing when approaching the single-battery limit of 80 watts.


However, in dual-battery Mode, the power delivery was much smoother, with no pulsing or misfires, all the way to its stated 180 watts. Though it’s not my job to tell you how to vape, consider the VOOPOO TOO a dual-battery Mod, with an “emergency option” to work with just one, should you only have one battery available. There’s just no sensible reason to use it in any other manner.


One MAJOR concern we have is how the VOOPOO documentation claims the onboard USB is capable of balanced charging, even with unmatched batteries. We at Spinfuel VAPE do not support ever using mismatched cells in your vape devices, and strongly encourage you to not take advantage of this feature. We realize people do it, but we also realize people text and drive – vape smart, friends.

Vaping the VOOPOO TOO 180W TC Box Mod

Since the VOOPOO TOO proved itself worthy, all the way up to its stated limits, I focused this section of testing on the claims that the TOO is one of the fastest-ramping Mods in this category.


In fact, according to VOOPOO’s own website, you’ll see the following claim for the TOO:



GENE Chip Broke a Record of the World’s Fastest Firing Speed 10 Milliseconds Firing Speed, Faster than You Expected


I’m not sure if I was “expecting” anything other than a reliable Mod, but for once, this isn’t just poorly translated marketing speak. VOOPOO has created an UNBELIEVABLY fast-firing Mod. Within a split second of firing, you will enjoy amazingly powerful draws, each of them as steady and smooth as the last.


Of course, at higher wattages, this efficient power ramping could prove to be uncomfortable. So VOOPOO smartly included a “soft” Mode for max wattage vaping, which tempers the initial power – more or less building in a “curve” to smoothen draws.


When I moved the VOOPOO TOO to its 180-watt maximum in soft Mode, I noticed a definite improvement in overall vape quality. At first, the initial rush of vapor seemed muted, but it quickly got up to speed, and the results were excellent. No burnt flavor or stale cotton notes – just the experience I desired. Very nice feature, and a highlight of the TOO.


When dialed down to more standard power levels, the VOOPOO TOO is a dream to vape. Not to be redundant, but there’s only so many ways to describe reliable, smooth, efficient power.


The temperature control options are fairly standard – 600-degree Fahrenheit maximum, support for SS316, Ni200, Titanium, alongside five-slot TCR customization, and a wealth of protection measures to keep things flavorful without worry. Without going into laborious detail, the TC Modes worked well, with the only exception being some random heat limit warnings that didn’t quite add up.


Within TC Mode, I found my nickel test coils were easiest to use and enjoy, as the VOOPOO TOO easily read and adjusted for the 0.15-ohm pair. Other coils worked just as well, but the settings needed some tweaking before finding that elusive “sweet spot.”


That said, with the soft Mode enabled, I found the same quality of flavor and warmth in wattage that I did in TC. I realize people are very particular about the coils they vape, but if I told you I saw measurable improvements in flavor and vape quality using temp control, I’d be lying. By enabling soft Mode, I was able to achieve high-temp warmth without damaging my coils – or my throat.

Wrapping up, and Score…

The VOOPOO TOO is a straightforward, fantastic vape device, wrapped up in a cloak of unique weirdness. Though the battery setup will always sit funny with me, the oddball design and fidget-friendly battery doors grew on me over time. In fact, I nearly flipped a different Mod into traffic trying to slide that device’s doors open and closed.


When coupled with strong, fast-firing, reliable chipset performance, and the stellar soft Mode for higher wattages, the VOOPOO TOO quickly sheds its strange exterior and shows users just how direct it can be.

Score: A

VOOPOO TOO 180W TC Mod Specs and Contents

VOOPOO TOO 180W TC Mod Specs:

  • Size: 88 x 54 x 33 mm
  • Output Power Range: 5- 80W (1 cell)/ 5-180W (2 cells)
  • Working Voltage: 3.2-4.2V (1 cell)/ 6.4-8.5V (2 cells)
  • Battery: 1 x 18650 cell/ 2x 18650 cell (not included)
  • Output Voltage Range: 0-8.5V
  • Resistance: 0.05-3.0ohm(Wattage Mode), 0.05-1.5ohm(TC Mode)
  • Temperature Range: 200-600℉/100-315℃
  • Thread: 510

VOOPOO TOO 180W TC Mod Contents:

  • 1x VOOPOO TOO Mod
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x User manual
  • 1x Warranty card