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Even though the gap between pod mod systems and the similar all-in-one (AIO) devices is closing by the day, some products are still being made that help clarify the difference a bit. The Voopoo Panda AIO is one of those devices.

While the Voopoo Panda certainly shares a lot of qualities with some of the more advanced pod mod systems on the market, it has a few distinctions that allow it to stand on its own two (hind) feet.

But let’s define this a little further…


What is an AIO mod?


For the purposes of this review, and to simplify things a bit, to be considered a true AIO vape mod, the device has to have an internal battery cell, internal e-liquid reservoir, and a proprietary atomizer.  Since the goal of an AIO vape mod is to allow users the easiest, most accessible way to get acquainted with vaping, we felt these parameters were fair.

In turn, we suppose pod systems also qualify as “all in one” devices. However, these are some times “closed systems” – like the ever-popular JUUL pod mod — meaning there is no easy (or suggested) way to refill with your own e-liquid, making them a little less convenient than devices like the Panda.

Anyway, the interestingly named Voopoo Panda tries to live up to its namesake, with a two-tone color scheme (white and black definitely deliver on the vibe), soft textured exterior and curved edges to make the mod as “non-threatening” as possible. In other words, a really good starter device for a new vaper.

Of course, with any beginner device, there’s a lack of overall control, and the Panda AIO is no exception. While other beginner vape mods do a good job displaying pertinent information about how the device is operating, the Panda is display-free, except for a flashing LED light indicator on the side of the mod.

The LED itself is fine, though I can’t help but wonder what would happen if worlds collided and advanced vaping displays made their way to AIO devices like the Panda. I get that simplicity is part of the value proposition, but I have a hard time believing newcomers wouldn’t want to SEE what’s happening with their new vape mods. This is how we educate, folks.

But, instead, the Voopoo Panda AIO mod relies on a series of lame LED flashes to indicate problems, low battery, etc. I suppose this is okay, because the Panda comes equipped with a wide range of protection features, but I’m still partial to seeing more and guessing less.

On a positive note, the Panda has an 1,100mAh integrated battery. Though it’s not going to win any awards for longevity, the cell does its job for much longer than most batteries in this category. Pod mods and AIOs need to up their game a bit when it comes to battery cell technology, but this 1,100mAh cell lasted longer than most.


The Voopoo Panda Cartridge Pods

As it is with most pod mods and AIO kits, the cartridges are key. Thankfully, the Panda’s proprietary pods are solid performers, even if the included pair is a little unfocused.


On one hand, you have the pre-installed 1.2-ohm pod coil, for vapers who want an authentic, snug smoking experience. In practice, the entry-level Voopoo Panda seems like a slam-dunk buy for new vapers looking to replicate the practice they just gave up.

But the kit’s other included pod – the 0.8-ohm edition – doesn’t do much to help newcomers. The resistance is far too loose and direct-lung-hit-friendly to be considered a smart “transition” mod for the masses. Instead, it’s a poor version of more advanced vaping – a practice that has far better equipment available for about the same money.

Personal gripes aside, the pods themselves are strong performers, with the 1.2-ohm MTL coil delivering the most bang per buck. While the looser coil might make the clouds users want, the moderate battery life dictates otherwise.

Thankfully, the pods are good for several complete fills before replacement. That means a week or so of casual vaping before flavor and vapor begin to diminish, and you’re vaping a tube full of band-aids. Fortunately, I didn’t face this with either of the Voopoo Panda’s included cartridges for the duration of my testing, and only hope they keep going.

Also, filling the pods is easier than with other similar devices, which gets a “+1” in our books. It’ll never be easy getting modern juice bottles and droppers into these holes, but I expect new vapers to buy some needle bottles to compensate.

So, how does the Voopoo Panda AIO mod vape? Well, not bad at all, actually.


In other words, it’s an entry-level vape device, with a strong focus on MTL vaping, minimal fuss and an overall air of simplicity. On that level, the Panda meets and exceeds its expectations. Each tight draw (because of airflow built into the Panda’s body, NOT because of coil resistance) gave me slightly muted, but ultimately delicious flavor that only seemed to occur 3-4 days after first installing it.

I’ve conceded that most AIO and pod mod systems aren’t going to last a long time, so I need to be diplomatic in my review. But I fully expect vape companies to start making these “consumable” items a lot more long-lasting if pod mod and AIO mod vaping is ever going to truly take off. Right now, they seem like stepping stones to other devices – maybe a company like Voopoo can make the difference.

But I don’t think the Voopoo Panda device is ideal for all. While you can expect a solid performer with decent battery life and little fuss, the truth is that the Panda AIO is just passable, with “decent” ratings across the board. I enjoyed both included pod cartridges, the real proof comes when people demand more stock for rebuys. And I don’t see the Panda being the one.

Voopoo Panda AIO Features:

  • Single Button Activated
    • Self Adaptive Wattage Output
      • 8W Maximum Output
        • 1.2 ohm Pod
      • 12W Maximum Output
        • 0.8 ohm Pod
  • Refillable Panda Pod
    • Bottom Fill
    • 5ml Maximum Capacity
    • Two Pod Types
      • Nicotine Salt Pod
        • 1.2 ohm
        • 8W
        • Organic Cotton
      • E-Liquid Pod
        • 0.8 ohm
        • 12W
        • Organic Cotton
  • Integrated 1100mAh Rechargeable Battery
    • Micro USB Charged
    • Charge Time of 1.5 Hours
  • Oversized Firing Button
  • Multi Purpose Top Cap
    • Covers Pod
    • Ergonomic Mouthpiece
  • Safety Measures
    • Switch Timeout Protection
    • Short Circuit Protection
    • Overcharge Protection
    • Over Discharge Protection

Voopoo Panda AIO Includes:

  • One VooPoo Panda All in One Device
  • One 0.8 ohm Pod
  • One 1.2 ohm Pod
  • One USB Cable
  • User Manual and Warranty Card

In Closing...

The Voopoo Panda AIO is a solid vape device, but it’s not going to get it done overall. A solid B- is what I expect soon.

Score: B-