The Voopoo Drag 2 Platinum Edition Starter Kit Review – I want to believe we had a hand in this. I want to believe our words about previous editions of this series made a difference. I want to believe our other reviews mattered. But even if they didn’t, our wishes were granted (they did -ed). Good became great, and the Voopoo Drag 2 was introduced to the vaping world.


Note* Our original review of the Drag 2 Kit didn’t mention a loose battery cover, keep in mind this review today is for the Platinum Edition.

Before we get started, know that this is an “A” review. (one disappointing fault in design or manufacturing kept it from earning an A+) But if you’re on the fence about this gem of a device, read on. Because maybe our words will have had an effect on you, convincing you to save your pennies for what might be an early candidate for the best vape mod kit of the year.


First, let’s see what our friends at Element Vape have to say about the 177-watt Drag 2.


The VOOPOO DRAG 2 177W TC Starter Kit continues the epic legacy of the original DRAG, presenting a highly intelligent GENE FIT Chip with multiple power output modes and an updated chassis to pair with the mesh-coil UFORCE T2 Sub-Ohm Tank. The DRAG 2 177W Box Mod is built with a modernized update to the original, implementing rounded edges for ergonomic handling and more resin dyed color options for a visually stunning display!



   Dimensions – 88.3mm by 51mm by 26.5mm

  •    Dual High-Amp 18650 Battery – Not Included
  • Highly Advanced GENE FIT Chip
  • Wattage Output Range: 5-177W
  •   Voltage Output Range: 0-7.5V
  • Resistance Range – Power Mode: 0.05-3.0ohms
  • Resistance Range – TC Mode: 0.05-1.0ohms
  • Temperature Range: 200°-600°F/100°-315°C
  • Supports Ni200, Titanium, Stainless Steel Compatibility
  • TCR Adjustments Mode
  • Superior Zinc Alloy Chassis Construction
  • Visually Striking Resin Inlay Design
  • Intuitive OLED Screen
  • Large Firing Button
  • Mode-Setting Button
  • Two Adjustment Buttons
  • Magnetized Battery Door Cover
  • Output Over-Current Protection
  • Overcharge Protection
  • Over Discharge Protection
  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • Brand Reverse Protection
  • Switch Timeout Protection – 10 Seconds
  • MicroUSB Port
  • 510 Connection
  • Available in Island, Flame, Aurora, Scarlet, Fire Cloud, Puzzle, Dawn, Ink

VOOPOO UFORCE T2 Sub-Ohm Tank Features

  • 25mm Tank Diameter
  • 28mm At Widest Point
  • 5mL Standard Juice Capacity
  • 8mL Maximum Juice Capacity
  • Superior 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Pyrex Glass Reinforcement
  • Quick Vent Channel Design – Rapid Heat Discharge
  • Short Chimney – Flavor-Focused
  • UFORCE OCC Coil Technology
  • 4ohm U2 Dual Coil – rated for 40-80W
  • 2ohm N3 Triple Mesh Coil – rated for 65-100W
  • Convenient Sliding Top-Fill Method
  • Precision Triple Auxiliary Bottom Airflow Control
  • 14mm Resin Widebore Drip Tip – Vibrant Colorways
  • 24K Gold-Plated 510 Connection


  • 1 DRAG 2 177W Mod
  • 1 UFORCE T2 Sub-Ohm Tank
  • 1 0.4ohm U2 Dual Coil
  • 1 0.2ohm N3 Triple Mesh Coil
  • 1 Spare Glass Tube (3.5mL)
  • 1 MicroUSB Cable
  • 1 Spare Parts Bag
  • 1 Instructional Manual
  • 1 Warranty Card

Right away you’ll see that the Drag 2 PLATINUM EDITION mod has been streamlined for comfort and usability. Because as attractive as recent Drag models – the Drag Resin and Drag Gold specifically – were, they tended to be a little uncomfortable for holding all day long. The PLATINUM EDITION has a silky, smooth finish that gives it much more comfort than past editions.

VOOPOO DRAG PLATINUM EDITION INKThe Drag 2 PLATINUM EDITION is noticeably smaller and stockier, with more-rounded edges and fewer sharp corners – it’s a dramatic departure for the series, yet the mod is still easily identified as part of the series. Mostly because the large, emblazoned “DRAG” logo is highly visible on the back panel of the device.


While the DRAG logo is still plastered on the side of the mod, it is no longer embossed or set in ‘base relief’. The Platinum Edition is smooth, elegant (for a vape mod), and with a more mature theme about it. This mature take on one of the best vape mods to come along in a while is the right move for the entire industry. Manufacturers need to stop making mods look like toys or appealing to teenagers.


Like previous Drag models, the resin plating is also back. And as always, it’s pretty nice – maybe not as thick or unique as other competing vape mods, but certainly better than cheap carbon inlays or stickers. But more importantly, the soft-textured panels feel better in the hand than cheaper alternatives, which get slick from the lower-quality materials.


I really do wish Voopoo would stop slapping that logo on the back and give us a matching resin companion panel. But since I’m probably the only one complaining, don’t hold your breath waiting for this change to happen.VOOPOO DRAG PLATINUM EDITION ALL COLORS


The rest of the Drag 2 has Voopoo’s typically stellar levels of quality and precision. In other words, no odd threads, sticky buttons, strange machining or improper fits, no matter which 18650 batteries or vape tanks you use. Well, everything is great except for one part – the rear battery door.


The magnetized battery door is strong and stays connected to the Drag 2, even when dropped (don’t ask how I know). But notice I didn’t say “stays in place.” That’s because the rear battery door has a small amount of left-to-right slide that can get annoying, depending on the grip you employ.


I didn’t have any issues with batteries coming loose, but I found myself sliding it back and forth habitually throughout my testing, like the device was an unintentional fidget toy. Funnily enough, our last DRAG 2 Mod Kit did not suffer from this much sliding of the battery cover.

Standout Features

UFORCE 2 INKLike with its predecessors, Voopoo continues to get one thing very right with the Drag 2 – the vaunted GENE chipset (in this case, the GENE Fit) — which makes the mod’s 177 watts sing like a choir. Not only has this chipset powered most of the company’s premier mods, but it also remains one of the fastest-ramping, smoothest performing boards on the market. With a near-instant firing speed, and immediate detection of all atomizer types, there’s nothing you have in your collection that will cause the Drag 2 to stumble.


Plus, the GENE chipset’s famous battery efficiency, giving me extraordinary life between replacement and recharging. Seven hours was my AVERAGE longevity, which is nothing short of amazing considering the potent, powerful draws that come from the Drag 2.


Because the GENE chip series is still performance-focused but largely unchanged, the visual display is the same monochrome OLED we’ve come to know. While I’ve expressed a need for a graphic upgrade, I’m oddly more content with this format on the Drag 2. Maybe it’s the compact mod size, or just a change in viewpoints, but the mod is so gorgeous on its own, the display is fine.


UFORCE 2 COILSAlso, we need to mention the Uforce T2 sub-ohm tank, which is included in the kit, accompanied by the U2 single coil and N3 triple mesh coils. This compact but strong-performing tank would be a solid purchase on its own, but needs to be considered one of the best companion tanks in any kit released in a long time.


Both the included coils delivered deep, unparalleled flavor and surprisingly dense vapor production, even at lower wattages. And at higher wattages, they can flavorfully fog a room in no time flat. They’re sprinters, not marathon runners, though – expect each to last 4-6 days at most before the flavor begins to peter out, and 7-8 days before they tap out altogether. But while it lasts, well… there aren’t many better options out there. Replacement coils can be purchased through Element Vape as well.

Vaping the Voopoo Drag 2 Platinum Edition

DRAG 2 PLATINUM EDITION BATTERY COVERSmooth, steady and powerful are the three most common adjectives we used for the Drag 2, no matter what mode we were using. The temp control and TCR adjustments were laser-accurate, and the preset modes for ramp up were distinct and enjoyable in their own ways. But, as you’ve probably come to expect, we most enjoyed vaping the Drag 2 in wattage mode, enjoying the flawless draws, all the way to the mod’s 177-watt limit.


I’m confident that Voopoo’s primary chipset is more capable than that number, but they wisely downthrottled it to ensure smooth performance without any stuttering or misfiring along the way.


To make sure the chipset was as good as its predecessors, I ran the Drag 2 Platinum Edition through my entire arsenal of tanks and RDAs, and it handled all of them without a concern. Both sub-ohm and MTL tanks, at all levels of wattage output, performed effortlessly, with the same measured ramp up at each setting.


And, on a more tactile level, the Drag 2 was a much more enjoyable device to use for longer periods, thanks to those afore-mentioned smooth corners and rounded edges. For once, I felt good taking the Drag 2 to bars, concerts and other excursions – no painful digs into my palm this time around.


  • Smaller, more palm-friendly design
  • Smooth Platinum (shiny steel actually) feels phenomenal
  • Outstanding chipset
  • Gorgeous construction


  • Battery door is loose
  • Logo treatment is still a bit much
  • What if I don’t like the resin? (each resin panel is unique, no two are the same)

Spinfuel VAPE Recommendation and Score

We tried not to get into too much hyperbole, but the Voopoo Drag 2 Platinum Edition is a fantastic vape mod kit and a no-brainer purchase for anyone looking to add to their collections. From the precision build quality, top-flight performance at any wattage, and surprisingly adept companion tank, there’s nothing in this kit that I would change, overall.


Bottom line, if my biggest complaints are an annoying battery door and an overdone logo, you have a pretty good idea of what the Drag 2 Platinum Edition Starter Kit is bringing to the table. Neither of these quirks affected the score, since nothing got in the way of an absolutely stellar vaping experience. A “must-buy” in this reviewer’s eyes.