I was never much of a pod user over my years of vaping. Ever since I began writing reviews about vape products that has changed quite dramatically. As goes with every job I’ve ever had being the new guy means you get to earn your stripes. Positively speaking, I’m building a wealth of knowledge and experience using many variations of pod & pod style devices. Allow me to give an unbiased look at my experience with using the VLADDIN EDEN POD SYSTEM over the past month.

But first, the (brief) official word from Vladdin.

Anytime, anywhere, be yourself. Make your own flavor choice with VLADDIN Eden, the unique refillable pod system with patented ceramic coil. Your ideal travel partner.

The Propaganda

RED - Vladdin Eden Pod System ReviewThe Vladdin Eden Pod System is a cartridge powered device, featuring an integrated 350mAh rechargeable battery, breath-activated draw firing mechanism, and comes with an auto shut-off mode if the device has been firing over a few seconds to protect the internal coils and hardware.

In addition, within the lightweight chassis, the Eden Pod System, can accomodate a single integrated and rechargeable 350mAh battery with ease. Meanwhile, the Vladdin Eden Pod System utilizes pods from within the same vaping family, adopting pods and the interior coil structure from the Vladdin RE Pod System to maximize the development of flavor and clouds.

Equipped with a draw-activated firing system, the Eden Pod System can be activated by simply drawing on the mouthpiece gently to begin the vaporization process.

Replacement Pods
Vladdin Eden Replacement Pods (Vladdin RE Pods)

Vladdin Eden Pod System Review

Vladdin Eden Pod System Features:

  • AIO Design
  • Dimensions – 77.3mm by 39mm by 15.5mm
  • Integrated 350mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Resistance Range: 1.2-1.5ohm
  • Zinc-Alloy Chassis Construction
  • Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism
  • Dust-proof Cover
  • LED Battery Life Indicator Light
  • Vladdin RE Pod Compatible
  • Auto Sleep Mode
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • MicroUSB Port
  • Available in Blue, Black, Red, and White

Vladdin Eden Pod System Includes:

  • 1 VLADDIN Eden Device
  • 1 VLADDIN RE Pod
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 1 Quick Guide

Impressions/Aesthetics of the VLADDIN EDEN

The VLADDIN EDEN is constructed of a soft touch lightweight polymer (fancy way to say plastic) in a simple draw activated open-pod system. Sealed inside the polymer chassis is a 350mAh rechargeable battery complete with a base-mounted micro USB port. In a size comparison the EDEN is about the size of – but nowhere near the weight of – a Zippo lighter. Along with a completely removable top cap which unveils the pod section below.

VLADDIN EDEN Impressions Cont…

PACKAGING - Vladdin Eden Pod System ReviewJust as these words are placed into a digital platform. I like to get my first impression of a product I receive to review in the same manner. By looking into the company website first, then into the places it retails to get a sense of how the product is presented to us as a consumer. In the case of the VLADDIN EDEN.


When I was looking at their website I was quite pleased with the unique shape and language used to describe the product. Half assuming that the chassis was constructed of a metal-alloy. That initial excitement I felt abruptly made a 180 once I had the device in my hand and realized that chassis is constructed of a polymer.


Upon first removing the top cap to placed the fresh pod I just filled into the base. The experience started to fall flat for me. I know not all polymers are created equal, and I’m best avoiding the use of the word plastic because of the negative connotation. However, I can’t help but say when gripping the top cap to remove it, the feeling is, well, plasticky. I wish this weren’t the case but that’s made of the same stuff as well. Now as much of a con that the polymer is, it does lend itself to being light as a feather.


Now compared to my everyday carry set up. The Vandy Vape Jackaroo with a 21700 battery and Kylin Mesh tank, is like carrying a brick in my pocket compared to the VLADDIN EDEN. I’d have almost forgotten the EDEN was in my pocket had it not been for the square shape of the device. So in that rather unfair comparison the EDEN does win back some points as a blissfully lightweight little pod.


RED/BLACK - Vladdin Eden Pod System ReviewI really love this new direction the vape industry is starting to adopt by including new technologies and methods that are adding protection against real world use. Something I really love about this device is the simple and useful top cap. As someone who likes to work in my wood shop when I’m not here writing vape reviews. I’m always having to find a creative way to keep sawdust from sneaking into my devices or drip tips.


The EDEN is a great example of a simple way by incorporating a cap into the design of the device. I do wish a little more thought was put into the complete functionality of it. Once removed that’s pretty much it. You now have to either put the cap in you pocket, hold onto it, or set it down. It’s a shame it doesn’t just fit into the base of the device similar to a cap on a marker. Such a missed opportunity.


Now after all my years of vaping i’ve never even touched a JUUL. I don’t mean that in any sort of elitist way either, as i’ve used comparable devices like the MOTI, and now the VLADDIN EDEN which all share a similar pod construction. However the EDEN is an open-pod system that allows you to fill up the pod with a nic-salt liquid of your choosing.

BATTERY AND TANK - Vladdin Eden Pod System ReviewAs MTL pod systems like this seem to be across the board this style tends to really fall below bar in the flavor department. I suppose when using this style pod; flavor is best defined as an essence rather than a richly layered experience. Which is about the best I could gather in an MTL pull from the EDEN pods.


On the other end of the spectrum if a nic-fix is what your after then the EDEN is more than capable at delivering when using a stronger 5% liquid in the pods. In that case, 3-4 pulls from the EDEN and any current analog user might even find themselves satiated.


The draw-activated pull eliminates any need for pressing a button or dealing with any settings whatsoever. Much closer to the analog experience when compared to most other styles of AIO/POD to sub-ohm vaping experiences.


The draw-activation of the EDEN does just that, and does it well. I hadn’t experienced any phantom-pulls from the device. The only occurrence that might have happened would be if the battery was completely depleted and needed recharging. Otherwise the EDEN performed well up until it needed to be recharged.


– Draw-activated

– Light weight

– Dust proof top cap


– Polymer chassis feels economical

– Pods are lacking in flavor department

– Wish the top cap stored onto the device when you remove it

Spinfuel VAPE Recommendation and Score

The VLADDIN EDEN Pod System is a simple and straightforward draw activated pod system. Its polymer construction may seem a bit flimsy when compared to plenty of pod devices utilizing a zinc-alloy construction for the chassis.


However, the protective dust cap does a great job of fending off any pocket lint or sawdust from finding its way into the mouthpiece when not in use. That’s if you can manage to not lose it over time. The EDEN has left me wanting more out of the pods especially in the flavor department.


If a second version can be introduced that addresses those major concerns I’d be more than happy to give it a second review and a shot at increasing their GPA with that one. As for now, the EDEN falls short in my experience of delivering a reliable and flavorful vape experience.