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This Victory BCC by Vision is a bottom coil Clearomizer tank system built for eGo-style batteries is one of the most attractive vaping products to come along in a while. Featuring replaceable atomizer heads and a capacity of nearly 5ml of eJuice, it’s an impressive product. Available in several colors, and packaged in a deluxe case with three extra coils and a 10ML needle bottle, this $12.23 clearomizer is a terrific value, especially if your vaping happens with eGo batteries.

Before I talk about the actual clearomizer I’d like to go over the deluxe packaging a little. Not only is the clearomizer packaged in an appealing fashion, its also very practical packaging. The flip top plastic box features cutouts for the clearomizer, 3 extra coil heads, and the 10ML bottle. On a trip or to the office you can fill the clearomizer with your choice of eLiquid, fill the bottle, snap the lid shut and stash it in your briefcase, purse, or anywhere else you carry your vaping gear. And for just $12 a pop there’s little reason not to have a few of these all set and ready to go with various flavors you can take with you. The minute I got mine I knew I had to pick up a few more just because of the way it makes it so easy to cart them along wherever you want to go.


  • 5ml Capacity
  • Bottom Coil
  • eGo Cone Thread (an adapter might be necessary)
  • Replaceable Atomizer heads
  • Polycarbonate Tank
  • Dimensions: 2-3/4″L x 5/8″D

Bottom Coils

Bottom coil clearomizers provide a nice warm vapor with clean flavor, abundant vapor production and, because the wicks are so short, very few wicking problems. For the average Vaper the Vision Victory is a no-muss, no-fuss way of enjoying the benefits of a bottom coil vape without the hardship of tweaking wicks or the worry leaking. You also don’t have to worry about keeping your clearomizer topped off with eLiquid since it will vape nicely as the juice level decreases to near empty.Spinfuel eMagazine reviews the Vision Victory Clearomizer MyVaporStore


Taking a lesson from the ProTanks the Victory clearomizer features a mouthpiece that is permanently attached to the Polycarbonate tank (not Pyrex). Because of that, filling is a breeze; unscrew from the bottom, fill it up to the edge of center pole and screw the bottom back on.

While I would have preferred a Pyrex glass tank for high cinnamon or citrus eLiquids, the polycarbonate plastic holds up very well and makes for easy cleaning…just hold under warm running water, let it air dry and that’s it. Despite not having a glass tank the Victory delivers a true, clean taste for the various flavors I’ve tried. I do vape several cinnamon flavors without much worry, though I wouldn’t recommend something like Sin Min from FanceeJuice, Atomic from Ginger’s eJuice, or Mountain Oak Vapors Blister. Cinnamon flavors of this magnitude are bound to cause problems sooner rather than later.

The metal parts of the clearomizer are stainless steel. The drip tip is a permanent fixture and cannot be removed. Like several others here at Spinfuel eMagazine I prefer non-metal drip tips but it seems the Vapers of the world prefer a metal drip tip or don’t care either way. I just don’t like metal in my mouth. Still, I was able to enjoy the Victory regardless.

Lastly, the capacity is a wonderful feature. Nearly 5ML of eLiquid, the Victory provides a complete day’s worth of vaping without the need to refill. If you vape more than 5ML a day refilling is snap using the 10ML needle bottle.

Real World Usage

The Victory by Vision is lighter than I thought it would be until I reminded myself that the tank is polycarbonate, not Pyrex. (Though there is a Pyrex version of the Victory Clearomizer) Using it various Spinners (also made by Vision) and JoyeTech Twists seem to get the best performance from the Victory. Since I own a couple of both I spent a week exchanging the battery from one to the other and the ‘vape’ was equally good. I do admit though that the larger (diameter) of the Spinner gives an overall better ‘look’ as a unit rather than the thinner Twist, but it won’t matter much to you when it comes to performance.

Replacing the coil is easy, and you can do so without having to wait for an empty tank. Turn it over, unscrew the bottom cap, unscrew the EVOD-style coil head, replace it with a new one, screw it all back together, turn it right side up and wait a few minutes so the wick can suck in some eLiquid and start vaping away.

Out of the box it’s an eGo clearomizer, not a 510, so if you want to use the clearomizer on a non-eGo battery you’ll need to pick up an eGo-to-510 adapter ($1.50). It works, I’ve tried it with good results, though the vast majority of the time I used the Vision Spinner.

As long as you can keep your eLiquid from entering into the center pole you won’t have much, or any, problems with leaking. If you do wind up with some liquid gurgling sounds just unscrew the clearomizer from the battery and blow through the drip tip to rid the clearo of excess juice. Since it makes good ‘clearomizer practice’ to top off the tank once you get to about the 1/3 level of remaining eLiquid you increase the odds that some juice will enter and a little leaking will occur. Keeping it topped off also makes a better vacuum in the clearomizer which will give you a better draw and more vapor than running it to almost empty.

The MyVaporStore product page doesn’t tell you what the coil resistances are, so I will. The coil in the clearomizer should be a 1.8ohm coil and the 3 extra coils should all be 2.4ohms.

Replacement coils can be purchased from MVS for $1.99 each at 1.8, 2.4, and 2.8ohm. They say the coil should last 10-20 days but if you’re a heavy Vaper like I am don’t look for more than 9 or 10 days, maximum.

Since I used the Victory’s on Variable Voltage Spinners and Twists it didn’t much matter to me which resistance I was using, just spinning the dial up or down will find the sweet spot for your personal vaping as well as the eLiquids best performance. I stayed with the 2.4ohm coils and just went up and down the dial until I found the best spot in several eLiquids.Spinfuel eMagazine reviews the Vision Victory Clearomizer MyVaporStore

Bottom Line and Buying Advice

I like Pyrex, but unless I vaped high cinnamon or citrus juices Pyrex is more of a luxury than a necessity. Plus the Pyrex adds weight to a Spinner or Twist, or most other eGo style clearomizers. For the times when I want to vape a high cinnamon (rarely) or a strong citrus (more often, but not much) I can turn to the ProTank or ProTank 2 (review coming shortly).

The $12 price tag from MVS is a great price for what you’re getting, and if you have an eGo-to-510 adapter the expanded line of batteries is exponentially more, making the $12 Victory clearomizer an even better value.

Should You Buy One?   – If you buy clearomizers you’re already up there in the neighborhood of $12 a pop so the answer is a certainty. Yes, absolutely pick up a couple of them for what just might become your favorite device to hook up to your battery, eGo or not.

Victory Vision BBC (bottom coil) is a big jump from the days of leaky Vivi Nova’s and T2/T3/EVOD days of just a few months back. You should consider picking up at least 2 or 3 of these clearomizers. For eLiquid reviews as well as personal vaping I’m certainly getting a lot of usage out the ones I have, and I think you will too.

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Vision Victory BCC 5ml eGo Clearomizer
  • 3 x Atomizer Head
  • 1 x 10ml Bottle with Needle Top

 Tom McBride