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The Vision Spinner – Power, Variable Voltage, and Good Looks!

By John Manzione

We’ve wanted to review the Spinner for quite some time and just never got around to it. People have been telling us since the beginning that they used their “trusty old spinner” over and over. But other, newer hardware kept sidetracking us. Well, no more! With these new Spinners by Vision we can finally delve into what many people believe they can’t live without and see just how good they are.


Here’s where, before I really get into the review, I tell you about our official supplier of vaping goodies, MyVaporStore. You know, there are literally hundreds of places to buy vaping hardware and accessories and over the months we’ve purchased items from a few dozen of them. Before we settled on one supplier to handle all our needs (except for eLiquids of course) we needed to vet them properly to make sure that if we talked about them, if we praised them and told you that you should buy your supplies from them, they best have great prices, genuine items (no knockoffs here), and most of all, great customer service, including fast shipping and virtually no back-ordering. We finally found all of that, and more, with MyVaporStore. These guys are amazing. And although Julia is our go-between for MyVaporStore I know that the experience, pricing, and support are better than any other vendor we’ve purchased from (of general vendors, not specialty vendors). These new Vision Spinners are from MyVaporStore, and at just $24.95 they are very affordably priced (Looking around the net I don’t see the Spinner priced as low as $24.95 anywhere). MyVaporStore – The Official Supplier of Spinfuel Magazine.

The Spinner

The Vision Spinner is a lot like the Joyetech eGo Twist.(Review Here) There are a few differences, power-wise as well as physical appearance though. The Joyetech eGo Twist has a range of voltage from 3.2 to 4.8 (in increments of .2ohms) and the Spinner’s range is 3.3 to 4.8. Why the .1ohm difference? I don’t have a clue. I’ve used both many many times and that .1ohm difference is no difference at all. They both perform well. The biggest difference is in “mAh” and it’s a difference worth talking about.

1100 or 1300 mAh

The Joyetech eGo Twist maxes out at 1100mAh, (though they are not nearly as popular as the 1000mAh for some reason), whereas the Vision Spinner maxes out at 1300mAh. In real world experience that relates to about an extra 30-45 minutes or more of solid vaping over the eGo Twist. The length of the Joyetech eGo Twist is about 4.09-inches and the Spinner about 4.5”, both are more than acceptable in length. The Spinner is thicker however, which is a positive I’ll get to below. They both dial in the voltage from the bottom, both are 510-compatible threading and both come in various colors. In fact, the Vision Spinner is compatible with just every Joye eGo series atomizers, cartomizers, and 510 cartomizers and atomizers.

myvaporstore spinner

The dial on the bottom has four markings designating voltage readings of 3.3, 3.8, 4.3 and 4.8 volts but it is adjustable throughout the entire voltage range. Turn the dial to your desired vaping voltage and there you go. It does feature a great easy-to-read numbered dial that is a lot easier to read then the various eGo Twists I’ve used and built a lot better as well.

Before I tell you my thoughts on the Spinner as a PV, here are the main specs: (direct from MyVaporStore)

510 Threaded:  The Spinner is compatible with all of our Joye eGo Series atomizers and cartomizers, 510 Series atomizers and cartomizers. Charge this battery using a Joye eGo Rapid USB Charger.

Variable Voltage Output: Voltage can be adjusted from 3.2V~4.8V

Short Circuit Protection: When a short is detected, the battery will shutdown until the short is removed.

Lockable: Press the button 5 times within 1.5 seconds to lock or unlock the battery. The battery LED will blink when switching modes. When the battery is in lock mode, the button is disabled and the battery will not power an atomizer or cartomizer.

Atomizer Protection/Cutoff Timer: If the button is depressed for 10 seconds, the batteries will shutoff until the button is released.

Battery Monitoring/Over-Discharge Protection: The device will monitor the battery voltage and automatically turn off when the battery is discharged, preventing damage to the battery by overly depleting it. The LED will blink 5 times indicating that a charge is need.

My Real World Usage and Impressions

Like many other devices I’ve used and written about the Spinner comes in what I consider to be gorgeous colors with a rubberized paint finish. I have a green one and a purple one and both are a deep, saturated color. Additional colors and finishes are Chrome, Blue, Black and White. Why no Red?

The Spinner feels hefty, but in a good way. It is a 1300mAh after all, so it is thicker than the Twist as well as a little longer. The dial feels solid, well built, like it will last a very long time. It feels like quality. It has taken me a while to get used to eGo style batteries and now that I am I find myself reaching for a Spinner more often than not.

We got in some Kanger T-3’s at the same time and I’ve been using one of them on the Spinner and together they produce a great vaping experience. Because the T-3 is a bottom coil I get a nice warm vape going at no more than 3.4-3.6 volts. Everybody I talk to loves the T-3’s for their vapor and flavor abilities and it vapes like it was made for a variable voltage eGo style battery (actually it was, in fact you need an adapter to use a Kanger T-3 on non-eGo 510 battery). This is by far my favorite set up for the Spinner.

Because the Spinner is compatible with just about every 510 atty I’ve also have a Vision STV Vivi Nova (Review Here)attached to it and it too looks great and vapes like a monster.

The Choice

The eGo Twist and the Vision Spinner are basically interchangeable, and at MyVaporStore the price is identical, despite the mAh being higher in the Spinner. Both are excellent products and the choice comes down to mAh and size. I like having the extra 200 mAh because that means less recharging time for me. Love the extra thickness too, and the rubberized, saturated paint job is beautiful.

I was perfectly happy with the Joyetech eGo Twist, and if for some reason I ran out of power with the Spinner I’d have qualms picking up a Twist and continuing on. Having said that, I enjoy the Vision Spinner more. It appears to vape better, feel better in my hand, and overall it feels like a better device. There is nothing cheap about the Spinner, except the price. So if you’re looking for a variable voltage eGo-style battery that can handle just about every 510 atty or carto you throw at it I would highly suggest you pick up at least one of these new Spinners.

MyVaporStore has a new package called the Vision Spinner Tank Combo worth mentioning. For $69 you get 2 Spinner batteries in any color they come in, including chrome, your choice of any two Vision eGo Clearomizer 2.0 or a Kanger T-3’s, an eGo Rapid USB Charger, and an AC Wall to USB Adapter. This combo will save you some money and it’s an excellent package if you’re looking for a great new device in “kit” form.


If you already own a Spinner I’d love to hear what you think, or if you’re thinking about getting one and have a question ask away. Even if your budget allows for a single Spinner and not the combo kit I would definitely suggest picking up at least one of the Kanger T-3 bottom coils. They are  perfect with the Spinner and deliver an unbelievable vape. This is what my wife uses, and although she can use whatever she wants, she uses “only” a Spinner and a T-3… and this woman is picky. P.I.C.K.Y

John Manzione