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Vision/Vapros Spinner 2 Kit

Ave40Once again, our friends at Ave40 have donated this Vision/Vapros Spinner 2 Mini starter kit for review purposes. We couldn’t be happier by this because we all use a Spinner in our daily vape lives. Ave40 has excellent prices, guaranteed original manufacturer products, and fast delivery. Make sure to check them out if you want to pick this Spinner Mini Kit up. $45.99.

Vision/Vapos Spinner Mini 2 Starter Kit:

The Vision Mini Spinner 2 is the Vision’s next generation of the Spinner 2 lineup. It gives you all the power and features of a Spinner 2 in a more compact form. With a matching dual coil glass tank and more, this $45 kit has become a major hit with the staff. The Kit even includes a Vision USB cable and Wall Adapter tuned to recharging all Spinner 2’s, something we’ve been waiting for.Vision Spinner

Package contents:

  • 1 * Mini Spinner 2 850mAh battery
  • 1 * BDC glass dual coil tank (1.5ohm, 2ml)
  • 2 * 1.5ohm coil
  • 1 * 420 mah USB charger
  • 1 * Wall charger
  • 1 × gift box

Vision, the company, has recently split into two separate divisions, one of which is called Vapros. When you see that name you can trust that it is indeed the same Vision quality you’ve come to expect from their mainstream vape gear. So, with that, let’s talk about the Vision Spinner 2 Mini starter kit.

Okay, so where to begin. First, the photos included in this review show how nice the packaging is. The starter kit is in a really nice slipcase. Inside the Spinner Mini 2 battery, wall adapter, USB cable and manual. The finish on the battery we received has a dark blue alligator skin pattern, thought it isn’t alligator of course ;). It’s very different from other Spinner 2’s we already have, though it feels great in the hand.

The Spinner Mini 2 battery is spec’d out to 850mAh, allowing for several hours of vaping without a recharge. The length of the Spinner Mini 2 is quite a bit shorter than a full-size 1600mAh Spinner 2, but the Fire Button is the same size and shape.

Vapros Spinner 2The upgraded button features a new battery charge indicator: White light ~ 60%-100%, Blue light ~ 30%-60%, Orange light ~ 0-30%, as well as a new upgraded and stable PCB control board.

It offers a more comfortable and ergonomic spin dial over the Spinner v1 for adjusting the voltage.

The brand new, upgraded Battery Cell give the Spinner 2 a longer lasting life span due (500+ cycles!) The cutoff time is a nice long 8 seconds. The new 850mAh capacity is also the highest capacity “ego” style battery on the market today.

At the bottom of the battery is the word Vapros, not Vision, and the voltage markings featured on other Spinner 2 batteries are absent. Instead, on one end is the minimum voltage, 3.3v and on the other the maximum voltage of 4.8v. The familiar red indicator line on the dial is there and still operates the same way, with firm clicks locking you in on the voltage setting of your choice, 3.3, 3.8, 4.3, and 4.8.


The Vision/Vapros glassomizer is a matching tank, same faux alligator pattern and color, equipped with a bottom dual coil atomizer rated at 1.5ohm. The capacity is 2ML, a good deal more than what I usually use with my Spinner’s, an X.Jet or Vision CE5 clearomizer. The glass interior tank is a very nice touch, allowing for any eliquid choices you want to make. The 1.5ohm coil is ample for producing an excellent flavor and vapor experience. Together the tank and battery look fantastic.

Real World Usage

I’ve had mine a couple of weeks now and have used it every day, along with other, more complicated gear, and I’ve had no complaints. I’m getting about 4 hours between charges with very heavy usage. The 2ML capacity in the matching tank gives me enough ejuice too lasts me about as long as the battery charge does.Spinner 2 mini kit

For the purpose of this review I pushed the set up as hard as could. Using the 2 extra coils I put 3 eliquids through it in the last couple of weeks. I vaped a high citrus flavor, a 50/50 vanilla custard flavor, and a lot of Rocket Fuel Vapes Dolly’s Blue Ribbon. Each one tasted great and the vapor production was excellent with all three. The tank is a really nice tank, with and without a Spinner battery attached.

Why Spinners?

We’ve talked about Spinner batteries for a long time. I guess the best reason we continue to mention them is that they perform so well and they feel very natural when we use them. Although the Spinner 2, both regular and Mini, are thicker than the Vision v1, they are still a natural extension for everyday vaping. We recommend the Spinner all the time, especially to new vapers and vapers looking to move up from the cig-a-like without having to go to a complicated APV.

Of course the Spinner family isn’t going to offer the types of things that other, more sophisticated devices can, but you wouldn’t expect it anyway with a battery that sells for around $30 and this excellent starter kit that sells for $45. Penny for penny though, the Vision/Vapros Spinner is a damned good battery. Just make sure that the one you buy is an authentic Vision/Vapros, there are many, many counterfeits out there and from the reports and emails we’ve seen, they don’t last very long. When in doubt, contact the vendor and get reassurances that you’re buying the real deal. If you discover you’ve purchased a fake let us know and we’ll look into it and post the offending vendor and supplier. (Vendors are sometimes victims too).


We haven’t seen the Vision/Vapros Spinner 2 Mini Starter Kit offered through our other vendor friends, and it might be a situation where it is a special order product with most vendors. That’s one reason we suggest that if you do like the Spinner 2 and would like to explore the Mini version, along with a dedicated Spinner charger (it will work with all Spinners) then Ave40 is an ideal place to pick one up.




Jason Little


Jason Little is a member of the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team and on occasion writes hardware reviews for us as well. His expertise with eliquids is well known, and when it comes to providing accurate flavor/vapor judgments as well as eliquid quality Jason’s skill is unsurpassed. If Jason offers a nod toward a piece of vape gear you can bet he’s pushed it to the limits.